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Installation and Tools / Viewer.Exe dont open/load
« on: 23 March 2020, 16:05:44 »

From the last days 2 days, it seens my Viewer.exe dont open anymore, it was working well with no problems.

I already checked the integrity game files , (un) installed the game, updated drives, turn off the antivirus, but it seens nothing is affecting the viewer.

The paths in Artmanager are  set on right path. While the editor and pse editor are working fine.

Also theres no error or whatsoever , it  try to load but nothing shows up.

Does anyone know whats the cause and how to resolve it ?

Art Manager / Skill projectile problem
« on: 15 March 2020, 03:11:02 »

I got a problem maybe anyone can help me solve it.

I Have a monster that cast a tornado skill projectile, but ingame he skill effect dont appear or its invisible. I will post the SS below of the skill. I can hear the skill effect and the monster does the skill animation but no projectile.

If anyone knows whats the issue, i will be very gratefull.


In this guide, i will try to explain how to make a mesh with a ghostly theme , i hope it can help you!

Attention - Maybe there is another way to do it, this is how i did to make it work on my side, if you know another way feel free to share it.

What is a ghostly mesh ? the best exemple are the wraith monsters models, ( wraith are those ghostly undead found near Megara ) , there is Lost Souls monsters as well ,from Hades act, but they dont look very good for this work, and the wraiths colours are better to play and easy to understand.

In this exemple , lets try to make a Ghostly ShadowStalker.

1) Using MeshView open Wraith.msh

2)Using MeshView open ShadowStalker.msh

Note: In Order to have meshes from those monsters use Arc.explorer - select steam/titanQuest/resouces/creatures

3)Now we want to the shadowstalker have same theme look as the wraith so, copy the shader parameter from wraith msh and place on shadowstalker ( with same numbers and fields), like this

4)Lets make some cool texture and the glow for the shadowstalker , in this case i used Photoshop, you can use any editor program as gimp/paint net so on.
 ( for exemple)

Note:To have creatures texture, use same way to get the msh , Arc.explorer-TQ-resources-creatures

5)After we are done with the texture for Shadowstalker , lets open the wraith texture

Now the factor that makes the semi-transperent aspect, is the ALPHA

Check the ALPHA of the ShadowStalker and the ALPHA from the Wraith. while one is blank the other have somekind of light grey colour

6)Copy the background colour of the wraith  ALPHA and place on shadowstalker ALPHA
(Note: only do that step for the TEXTURE and not for the GLOW)

7)After that process, save the texture and the glow, open on your modifed Shadowstalker msh, place both of textures in their right fields, and if everything was done well, you should have something like this

I know this can sounds litle hard  to understand, but its more easy than it looks. If you have any question/problem plesea let me know , i will try to help you out.



As the year is almost ending, and i doubt there will be anyhting new for the game in next days , i was thinking in doing litle feedback about whatt happend with the game during this year.

Note: this is based on my opinion, you can agree and disagree at your will

Lets get started

In  9th May , Titan Quest had new brand expansion "Atlantis", wich brings a new side adventure with new monsters/areas/ itens and 2x new skills per mastery. All sounds good in paper...right? But it was a disaster in many aspects.

1-Most of newest areas had and still have low performance, which can cause crashes. *Tartarus arena*

2-Most of the itens (legendarys) didnt drop ingame and if they do they were blank. ( i think they still dont drop (?))

3-Lv 40 skills,  its seens it were copy past from something else, like doppleganger on dream mastery, while some are kinda bad ( lighting dash), and the rest *Phalanax*

4-Mods, duo of "brand new modding tools" all the mods or 90% of then didnt work on current version of the game, i beleive, you can judge me, caused a serious damage , specially on modding community. The worse thing is they took nearly two month to "fix the issue" , sadly older mods do not work anymore, for exemple lith.

After the release, the game had six patches, wich it resolve ( well more or less) some major problems but sadly it brought more bugs ( like the freeze invisible effect).

Was 2019 good for Titan Quest ? Well...Yes and No.

It is good to see the game getting updates and having more content, but in the way it was show and implemented was not the ideial. I still like and love the game, as you know nothing is perfect , being honest i hope in 2020 be more focus in fixing the major problems and balacing the current content , than doing more expansions.

What do you think ? Was 2019 good for TQ ?


With Atlantis xpac, we can change the Main menu screen with the ones from previous Titles ( Titan quest - Vanilla, Immortal throne and Ragnarok);

Wich one you like the most ? And why :-)?

I like the Immortal throne one, i think its because all the time i played from CD version, the dark Theme, the souls... it feeled more dynamic you see,  plus the music was neat

Art Manager / Custom monster sounds problem
« on: 25 July 2019, 13:08:37 »
I got a problem ( as always )

The plan is replace a monster sound with custom one.

What i did

-Have a Wav/mp3 file
-Build in Artmanger
-Imported vox/death/alert sound dbrs
-Replaced the sounds with the ones i added.

The issue is the monster i changed the voices sounds are muted ( they not casting any kind of sounds)

What im missing here ?

Texture & Skin Modding / How to put made glows in Meshes (?)
« on: 28 June 2019, 22:06:23 »
Im having problems with putting made glows in meshes, im wondering maybe im doing the process wrong ? It looks like half works and other half doest work and appear ingame as blur white texture.

This is how i do it.

Made a glow texture and save in targa.
Save in Artmanger the targa file ( build )

Open MeshViewer tool
Open mesh creature that i want to change ( for exemple orthrus)
Check Shader option, go to glow option and  change the path, using the .tex file ( on my game is glow/glow/newcolour.tex)

Save mesh, after i use encryptor tool to merge new meshes into the ones i have. Replace the glow.arc in my mod resources folder

Open creature dbr- Actor variables - insert new msh- select new texture-hit build

I open the arc explorer to see if my glow is working.

Maps and the Editor / Mini map Problem
« on: 12 June 2019, 09:49:48 »

After i reworked a coastal cave after Megara, the game map is showing as this

I rebuild the map/pathing as well , its 1st time i see this issue.

Does anyone know whats the reason ?

Art Manager / Its possible to create new Character race names ?
« on: 01 June 2019, 12:36:07 »
As in title, its is possible to create more race names ? like beasts/demons and so on ? I know the names are in game text Strings

Maps and the Editor / Atlantis Editor problem
« on: 19 May 2019, 17:59:15 »
Hello, I do have a problem and i need help

With the recent Atlantis update , all my changes i did on my mod into the editor are gone ( from music , change the light in some dungeons and my custom caves are gone) , i mean in the editor and ingame i can see the entrance of the caves, maybe i didnt copy the right file ?

I do have xpac 3 map in my mod

Also  have my last backup before the ATlantis

ps: my new proxies are working fine and showing in the editor ( this the only thing that works)

Edited : I was able to bring back one of my maps into the editor by ( re import option in the editor) but now, i cant move the map grind, well i cant move any map grind

Atlantis / Titan quest Atlantis Feedback
« on: 12 May 2019, 11:54:26 »
It was a nice suprise seeing this lovely game gets a another offcial expansion, this time the Hero journeys into the mystical city of Atlantis.

This is just my personal opinion about new dlc, sometimes can be wrong

Story: Its short and simple to understand, but i enjoyed. 8/10

Quests: There are about 10 minor quests, if im not wrong, their objectives is get the X Item or Kill X monster, nothing bad agaisnt it, BUT the main issue i have is how easly you can miss the quests, since the npcs dont have any exclamation mark sign, so its about hit or miss. The quests rewards is exp and gold , one of then rewards you with a complete relic. 50/50

Monsters: This time i can say TQ Nordic/pieces nailed with the new monster design, they have more polish than the ones from Ragnarok, we got mosquitos/lions/Aquatic monsters, every single one is different and well made. 7/10

There are 2x our 3x monsters that could needed bit more working , for exemple the octopus, found only in Atlantis , have same texture and abilities of Epiales, just have different name.

Environments: Every single places you visit are well shapped , i loved the Journey into Atlas Mountain, its gorgeous.  Easy 10/10 for me

Itens : I didnt played much the new act, just one single gameplay, so i cant say much about it, but i can say there are few interesting MIS, for exemple The coralman Mi gives +1/2 to defense and dream mastery. but sadly their stats are poorly added. 6/10

Music: For me the music from Atlantis didnt had great impact like Ragnarok, I wish they added epic sad chorus ambient music around ATlantis city for exemple . 4/10

Bosses: there are few of then but every single one is interesting, have unique skills and animations, i like their fights. 8/10

The bad thing i can say about this new DLC is technical issues, from crashes and terrain conflicts,( im sure it will be fixed soon ). Aside from that. Its a solid adventure :)


Changelog for Atlantis.
Atlantis DLC

A new questline with new areas, new enemies and new loot
Expanded Masteries - unlock a new tier of skills in each Mastery
Tartarus Endless Mode to really test your character’s mettle
Casino Merchant to gamble your gold for extra loot
New powerful relics, craft up to two into one item
Find & brew a new type of Potion

Titan Quest Improvements

DirectX 11 support including color grading, ambient occlusion, and soft particles
with DirectX 9 legacy mode

Custom settings for displaying combat damage and effects
‘Quick-Cast’ option to cast all spells directly at the cursor
Colored items backgrounds that show their rarity
New loot filters for valuable yellow items or only green and above
Large shared Relic Vault to store your characters’ Relics, Recipes & Artifacts
Quick transfer of items to and from the stash by right-clicking
Improved Arcane Formula highlighting of owned ingredients
Improved item tooltip highlighting of supported skills
Bulk buying of Potions (10 at a time) by shift-clicking
Item comparison for items on the ground.
Default Taunt skill for everyone

Select All Pets can now handle more than five pets
Magically enhanced skill numbers are now in a more readable color
Projectile and weapon trails no longer disappear.
Fewer limitations for assigning skills to mouse buttons
Support for fourth and fifth mouse buttons
Numpad support for entering passwords
Key to hide the UI for screenshots
Force move keybind to run towards the cursor position

Option not to play intro videos
Cinematics menu to watch videos
Selectable menu background scene
Options menu tooltips
Improved borderless window mode

And much much more.

Art Manager / Breath Attacks
« on: 03 May 2019, 11:09:31 »
Im going crazy over here

Heres what iam trying to do

-I want give a orthrus a ice breath attcks, since hes got animation and a fire wava attcks, i tought it should be easy.

What I did

1) Open Yeti_ice breath skill anm with note+++, went to the bottom and copy

   frame = 20
   entity = "Records/Effects/Boss Effects/343_Yeti_Icebreath_FX.dbr"

2)Open a orthrus fire breath anm, and replaced the fire attack with the one of the yeti. It look like this

Open the game, the monster cast the breath but does this

I even created from a orthus_firebreath.fx, changed the flame effect with the yeti and open the orthrus_flamebreath.dbr replaced the effect with the one i made.

Still doesnt work and act like in the picture.

Can anyone help me ? :-\ :( :(

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Titan Quest Bosses
« on: 28 April 2019, 15:59:14 »
What your opinion about Bosses ? Any special detail you would like to see ? Specially in Greek ones

For now i can say they need have more element resistance/mana

Modifications / Creature skill help
« on: 30 March 2019, 15:13:13 »
I dont sure if this right place to post this, but im lost.

Heres my question, i want to give a boar  a rush type skill, but hes dont casting anyhting. What i did right now

Changed controls to - records\controllers\monster\controller_beastaggressive01.dbr

Skill tree- records\skills\monster skills\monster_charge.dbr

Skill configuration- records\skills\monster skills\monster_charge.dbr , 100% chance, long range

He have 1000 mana and 1 sec spell cast animation

What im missing ? any help is welcome

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