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Art Manager / TQAE New mods broken ?!
« on: 14 February 2021, 13:59:10 »
Hey there !
Sub to this forum on the advice of MedeaFleecestealer

Here is the problem :
- I start a new mod from scratch - when I try to play it : several differents things might happens as
x character don't move at all
x character is teleported to the start of main campain
x character is unable to cross cave entrance
x ui shows but the screen is all black (mini map too)
x one time it work properly but the next attempt was a black screen.

I only tried to do basic stuff and here is my procedure :
- Open art manager
- "Mod" "New" "Namewithoutspace"
- Close the Art manager
- Open editor
- Select the "Namewithoutspace" empty mod
- Select folder Maps and create new world withoutspace
- Add new terrain (not changing anything about size)
- add new grid (for underground not changing anything about size)
- select the terrain, go to the editormode tab : place the spawnplayer object + a athenscatacomb_caveentrance
- select the layout tab and clic on the underground
- return to editormod tabe / grid and place some floor and the feature entrance : greecenatcave_featureentrance from set greecenatcave.dbr
- Save all and quit editor
- restart editor and build all path and all maps
- save and quit editor
- restart editor and link the portals together (all green all good.)
- rebuild the path and maps save and exit
- start the art manager and select the "Namewithoutspace" mod
- Select the .wrl file, right clic and auto-creat asset.
- select source tab and right click on the map "build"
- close the art manager and start the game...
- See troubles mentionned above..

I did that exact same thing several times for several results can't even imagine why...

- I did verified steam files
- i did uninstall and reinstall
- i did uninstall + clean all files from mydoc and steam folder and reinstall
- i almost throw the computer by the window (maybe this is the thing ???)
nothing helps... any idea ?


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