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Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 26 June 2021, 00:38:00 »
I think its better you give more information about if you have any timmed summons or convert one, maybe one of then were blocking the chest to open

Edited: I bellieve the Melione commander from the Noisy diversion chest is just one time event.

I might have had Lich King summoned.

Mana regen equation is lifted from Soulvizier and is half int and half mana pool.

This issue is really weird for me. On my legendary character, with no gear on, 796 energy and 736 int, I have 2.0 energy regen. With a ring on, which has +180 energy, it still stays at 2.0. That character is somehow bricked. I went to my normal character, which I made before this one, and tried increasing only the energy pool or only int. Total energy works and increases the regen but int doesn't. I made a new character went rune weapon and dumped all points into int, still no increase.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 25 June 2021, 12:15:30 »
The Order of Prometheus had a blank quest reward (epic) (I assume it's the same bug as with the other quest)

Zombie Bone has an empty "Grants Skill:" completion bonus

No golden beetle in the Tomb of Thuyu on Epic. Also, what happened to that lightning boss that used to be in the Tomb of Thutmes?

One bone pile on Epic Orient I think spawned a mantis or something with just a code tag. Not sure what it was exactly, died too fast. Haven't seen it again.

Deathblossom has +2 to invalid skill profile. Breastplate of Otus and Greaves of the Nemean Lion have +4 to invalid skill profile.

Had a weird bug with the Noisy Diversion quest in Hades. I think because I killed that monster for the quest that spawns a majestic on death before accepting the quest, the chest was locked and stayed locked even after talking to the npc. Also the chests after killing the Undead Typhoon were locked as well. Restarting the game fixed fixed the typhoon chests but the quest chest was gone.

EDIT: Aphotic Maw has +2 to invalid skill profile x2

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 22 June 2021, 06:28:43 »
New possible bugs/features (some of these I had encountered before I downloaded the latest version so apologies if they've been fixed)

The Butter Finger Centaur quest gives only 3k xp

One Essence of Anubis' Wrath gave no completion bonus

The Han Xin Terra Cotta hero in Jade Palace is tagged as a beastman

You can unspec all points from Brimstone before unspecing from Stone Skin

You can walk in the river between the Pellana Valley and the Spartan Road

One mystery shrine and one shrine of elements I found between Sparta and Tegea on Epic gave no buffs

EDIT: Don't know how I haven't noticed this earlier but putting points into intelligence doesn't increase energy regen, wtf?

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 17 June 2021, 22:46:17 »
I always play ssf as well. Only bosses I had to skip were the cave cyclops and that blood worm in Egypt. God that blood worm thing was unkillable. Way too high dmg and hp leech/regen/whatever it has. The Wusao one was pretty tough as well, but I managed it somehow. Didn't even get an epic as a reward tho, lol. Starting Act IV atm.

Is Earth Rage the lvl 21 skill for Core Dweller? What does it do? Also, its description is tagSkillDescriptionSFM106. Core Dweller changes its texture to Magma Elemental texture before 21. Magma Sprite keeps the same texture all the way and both it and Magma Elemental have no yellow names. I haven't seen Magma Sprite cast any new ability since I got it above 21. Does it get a new one then?

Stone Form has 0% chance for burn and fire retaliation.

Got blown up by a trap from a mysterious orb. Didn't know those had them as well lol. A bug maybe?

Found a Marid hero with Ifrits in the Natu La Ridge cave, seemed out of place. Also an Ifrit hero with Djinnies in the Quinba Bamboo Forest cave.

Certain majestic chests don't unlock when you have Cinderbone from the ordnance summoned. Disbanding him fixes it though.

The Terra Cotta soldiers in Chang'an palace stand frozen in place for like a second even when you're in melee range and are also untargetable from a distance. Idk, seems odd to me.

Some ordnance amulets have "tagOrdnanceClass" names in schematics. ( bone charmer and runes+ something classes )

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 16 June 2021, 23:11:29 »

@TimeWaster Oops, I thought you meant player skills, I am just so stressed out I'm not reading properly. Anyway, in order to prevent stun lock form mobs, I gave some monster lightning skills a 20% chance to stun instead of 100% chance. Lightning bolt didn't have any so I just added some.

Centaur War Horn doesn't have stun in normal difficulty.

Interesting. Thanks for clarifying. Don't know how I never noticed that Centaur War Horn doesn't stun in normal, that's mb.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 16 June 2021, 18:00:42 »
Certain monster skills don't stun: war horn, lightning bolt, lightning ball, probably some others...

Spawns from necromancer monsters don't die when the caster is killed. Is this intentional? They used to die automatically before, if I recall correctly.

Is xp the only reward from the place of truth quest now? In the earlier versions you would get an epic staff or something. Doesn't bother me too much, just asking.

Honestly, I don't like that skeleton archers are a temporary summon now. Skeleton warriors and archers were pretty weak as is and spirit mastery altogether. They die all the time and constantly resummoning them is a pain. Now I see no point to level them at all. This is just my opinion, though.

Wolves from call of the wild have a completely gray texture when they are lvl 21+ and when you mouse over them, the tooltip still displays them as lvl 20.

You can climb this hill here.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 15 June 2021, 15:30:30 »
@TimeWaster Please see this thread regarding posting screenshots on the forum.

I posted it exactly like that, except I didn't use that image resolution. Is that the problem? My apologies.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 15 June 2021, 00:47:41 »
Greetings @Bumbleguppy,

I've been lurking around the forums for your mods for a few years now and always enjoyed playing lilith/loc. Figured I would post some bugs and suggestions now that I'm playing this new version. I really appreciate and respect the work you put into this.

I'm not sure if this is still a thing or maybe you fixed it, but I was able to put points into the killbot mechashield passive skill before I had 4 points in the rogue mastery.

The wolves weren't the only pets capped at +4. Horn of Apollo archer from warfare also seems to be capped at +4.

I was able to buy mi from the ninja merchant in Knossos even before I completed the pirate quest.

The mi seem to be way more common drops than usual, at least in Greece. Got like 4 or 5 full gorgon sets on one run through Greece.

Question about the cyclops boss you added in Greece. He seems way too strong and impossible to fight that early in the game. Are you supposed to come back to him later? I hate backtracking in tq, so it might just be me, but him spamming that rock throw attack which deals like 1.4k damage and with that huge aoe seems a bit too strong.

The 'of the tinkerer' suffix doesn't seem to do anything.

Venom Sac has one completion bonus that is +1 to invalid skill profile.

There seems to be an invisible wall here on this path, as you can't go down here.

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