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UPD 30.05.2020
Version 1.1 (both normal and hard mode)
* Blood puddle now appears instantly after cast
* Both Menoetius and Perses movement speed increased (+20%)
* "Withering" and "Bloody harvest" skills now have racial bonus against Plants (+100%\+50%)

I would like to report some issues I noticed with Menoetius:
He isn't responsive to "Pet Attack" skill at all. He does behave well  when I use the pet select button, but when I click the "select all pets" button, the game freezes for one millisecond. This doesn't happen in vanilla, I just checked. Other than this, the pet is fine. I started a Nightmare maker build and I will further report any bugs that I find if it's necessary.

Thank you for the feedback. Will try to do something with this, but i think i cannot do much since the "Pet attack" skill doesnt open properly and probably unchangeable.

Looks promising, but why pets are so big? Its harder to play. Which mastery is replaced? :)

About links on forum, I have to tell you to follow few tips:
- Always use spoiler when posting links/source for downloading
Code: [Select]
[spoiler] LINK [/spoiler]- About images/screenshots use Imgur or similar 3rd party hosting, in this case I noticed your source is https:// and no www, so not sure if its trusty source
- yadi,sk is unknown source to download something and personally I would never click unless some friend from CZ/SK region confirm its trusty. Try to use at least 1 more way to provide content, use google disk or similar free online storage to share with others.

Changed images link to Imgur and download links to Google disk. Pets are growing with the levels put in them, on the screenshot they are level 20. It replaces Spirit mastery as it says in the beginning :)


About mod
Hello everyone. I decided to try myself in modding so this is what i created so far.
This mod currently replaces Spirit mastery with Tartarus, along with adding new summoner relics and (in the future) having its hardcore version with reworked bosses and new monsters.

Tartarus mastery
"The Demonologist has a lot of tricks in arsenal, but mainly specializes on the slow and painful damage like bleed and life leech as well as on summoning different creatures from the depths of Tartarus.  At higher levels the Demonologist can control the battlefield by opening the rift of Tartarus in the needed location or by summoning the bloody rain to drive enemies insane and give allies an otherwordly power."

The highlight of the mod. This mastery has a vast amout of different skills but mainly focuses on duration damage types like bleeding and life leech as well as on summoning different creatures to fight on your side. You have two permanent pets with a lot of upgrades - titans Menoetius and Perses who were banished to Tartarus,  the boiling blood AOE that deals more damage with time and can be upgraded on mastery level 40 to summon demonic tentacles for a short period of time, weapon enchantment focused on DOT, new shield and bloody rain to buff your team, various AOE spells and other skills.
So it is possible to play with this mastery as you wish, you can focus on one aspect of the mastery or mix them all up.

The mastery bonus on max level is
+80 Intelligence
+70 Dexterity
+1400 Health
+320 Energy

New relics

Besides new mastery this mod adds new relics for petmasters: Essence\Embodiment\Incarnation of Hades' Grip. By combining the full relic you can get one of the three summonable creatures with different stats and abilities according to the relic level (Pets from Epic and Legendary relics have more abilities and overall better stats). To prevent disbalance his relic has player health penalty, so be careful if you want to have an army of pets!

Hades' grip relics replace the old Persephone's tears relics.

Titanic difficulty

The main idea of this part of the mod is making enemies more challenging not by increasing their stats or number but by adding new abilities and mechanics to them. Currently Hades and Surtr are heavily changed, they have different phase mechanics like killing summoned creatures to destroy the boss shield or completing boss last phase without any skills. Enemies from Muspelheim have been drastically changed. Some bosses from Act 2 and 3 were changed, new regular monsters from the same acts were also added. New monsters are very strong and have a lot of skills in their arsenal, so do not expect to complete this version without dying. I am going to finish this version as soon as possible, but for now this is all that i have done.


New mastery and relics

New mastery, relics and hardcore monsters(work in progress)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Legion of Champions: Atlantis
« on: 29 February 2020, 14:15:38 »

How is the work going? Can you upload the newer version for TQ:Atlantis?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Legion of Champions: Atlantis
« on: 11 December 2019, 19:35:02 »
Besides summons, all this new monsters and environmental challenges (like volcanos) is super cool. You are doing devs work here. Will you upload new version? I found some bugs: mandrake does not work, the level are always 0. Hades scepter is bugged, when it summons ghosts 3rd time the game crashes. Also, why do golems have "runeword : explode" skill? It does not work on melee.

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