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LoC Dream skill changes
« on: 08 December 2017, 12:41:51 »
Warning - may not be up to date!

Player Skills

Distortion Wave: Removed Physical damage and replaced with vitality damage
 Chaotic Resonance: Removed physical damage boost replaced with vitality damage boost.
 Distort Reality: Removed physical damage, replaced with vitality damage
 Distort Reality – Temporal Rift: Boosted electrical burn
 Lucid Dream: Added chance of electrical burn damage to attacks.
 Trance of Empathy: REMOVED
 Trance of Terror: New skill replace trance of empathy. Adds chance of fear, petrify. Adds vitality damage and electric burn damage to attacks. Chance of ADCtH.SummonsNightterrors: Smaller versions of Nightmare. 2 summons to start, 3 summon limit @ lvl 16. Synergized Melee attackers. Strong against vitality and lightning, weak against poison and pierce. All Nightterror Special Attacks require 2 summoned Nightterrors to activate! (note: summoned doesn’t necessarily mean alive, they will synergize with the corpse of a fallen comrade)
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Negative Energy Locus: Chance of life leech and causes extra damage to demons.
◾Level 5 ~ Terror Surge: Short wave attack that causes electrical burn vitality damage and chance of fear.
◾Level 21 ~ Become Ethereal Nightterrors
◾Level 26 ~ 4 summon limit

Nightterrors ~ Hypnotic Gaze: Moved from Nightmare, added electrical burn damage.
Nightterrors ~ Singularity Field: On hit chance to activate, increases total speed and adds dodge for a duration.
Nightterrors ~ Synergy Bolt: Big vitality and lightning burn damage with ADCtH and chance to petrify. Big.

 Inherent Petskills
◾Level 1 ~ Dreamdeath Detonation: Large Radius dealing electric burn and vitality damage when your nightmare dies.
◾Level 1 ~ Psionic Beam: Pew Pew Pew. Deals Electric Burn, and Vitality damage. Along with %reduction to enemy health and a chance of slow.
◾Level 5 ~ Dream Surge: Fires 10 projectiles dealing, you guessed it, electric burn and vitality damage.
◾Level 11 ~ Psionic Chain. Psionic Beam hits multiple enemies.
◾Level 21 ~ Becomes Ethereal Nightmare
◾Level 21 ~ Eye of Hypnos. Monster lure with a big taunt aura then a 3 meter Sleep aura. Monsters run up and…bam: asleep.
◾Level 26 ~ Nightmare Surge: Replaces Dream Surge with 18 projectiles that have a greater range, additional physial damage, shorter cooldown. Bang!

Nightmare ~ Static Field: Party aura that adds vitality and electric burn % boost for a duration.
Nightmare ~ Master Mind: Added Fear and Conversion resistance.


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