Author Topic: Advantage of staff when using Psionic Beam (Psionic Touch)  (Read 254 times)

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* In this video, i tested to figured out do attack speed of Psionic Beam and Marksmanship are the same when using staff and bow (that have the same attack speed) or not. I used to thought its will be the same, but actually it's very different clearly.

* Testing method:
- Invest to skills into Marksmanship and Psionic Beam has the same 100%bonus to projectile speed, and some into Woodlore +bonus to all skills from gears, the bow has the same showed attack speed as staff = 199%.
- Casting Study Preys, then attack right away after that. Counting how many dmg showed on the screen in Study Prey duration.
- When Study Prey's icon dummies disappear, stop counting and get results.

* Result: From what i've seen (maybe 100% accurate, but very close) Staff + Psionic Touch/Psionic Beam hits about 38 hits on dummies, while Bow + PT/PB hits 24, and Bow + Marksmanship hits 22.
 Since Psionic Beam's description is very unclear compared to what really in game, knowing this can be clear more about builds optimizing and compared the benefit between builds.

* Thanks to @suicial_godot on steam that debates this topic so i made a test to check what really happen in game. Because it's very different to skill description, so may this "mechanic" can be fixed in future patch. Just enjoy it before things change.
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