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wow Linda Hamilton is back

i didn't like the last terminator but i googled and read that James Cameron, the brains of the original is once again leading this film

hmm this could be good

btw, i thought i saw Ronda Rousey and Optimus Prime there

I think this is some kind of fan made trailer, but after searching for more info about it, they want to bring back old crew (probably it will be without Edward Furlong because he is very problematic person).


Just watched for almost 3 hours "Blade Runner 2049" movie from this year, and I must say this is very overrated movie with very stupid and unfinished story. It was interesting to watch it most of time, but there is no real point in this movie. After being Sherlock Holmes most of the time, searching for proofs in his thoughts, he finally found Harrison Ford after 2 hours of movie, exposed him, then saved and lead to his daughter without some special explanation.


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