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Seinfeld is the way of life, it covers wide range of situations in which we can be funny or stupid and many fans are literally fanatics. The real fans are like sect, its easy to notice this if you are part of facebook group Genius Seinfeld Quotes xD (I am member).
So Jerry Seinfeld is comedian and he made amazing tv show with his friend which is probably the best tv show ever created. TV show follows 4 interesting characters and their crazy life and everyone always choose favored one.
This topic is for funny people or people who want to become funny. Almost every episode is very funny and outstanding, with few amazing parts. In case you don't understand what is this about start watching this tv show and your life will be changed in positive way, that is my promise  O0
I'll post 1 quote and 1 funny cut scene, so you will understand.

--- Quote ---"We don't want some jerk sitting in front of us, it'll be like, Hey! big head can you move out of the way? I didn't pay a cover charge to stare at your bald spot."
--- End quote ---


Unemployed and living with their parents, living it up eating blocks of cheese the size of a car battery  C:-)

"Do you know why a priest crosses himself?
-To get to the other side!

Its not from the Seinfeld tv show, its Jerry's appearance from Benson (1980).

Am I the only fan of this kind of humor?  >:D


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