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What's your first video game/s as a child?

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oh yes classic

if you're aware, tank is also battle city. i have it listed on mine

Oooh dat tank game hahaha! I was very bad on it lol.

This is very possible to be the best 2 players game (player vs player) ever created, 2 very skilled players where skills and effort are in line of perfection will give incomparable experience and even the best known games until today will be envied. I believe this is the first game I played when I was 5 or 6 years old, even if I had no idea how to play it back then, but I did hit the line of perfection later and I had opponent who was near my skills.
So I can say that this is the best 1v1 game for which other people just don't know.
In this video I'm not sure if creator is newbie player or he is trying to show all possible bugs in game, his skills are like 3years old child  :))

Super mario bros. I think i was 5y old, somewhere before 2000 (1996 or so). My cousin was playing the water level and i remember the fascination. Ooooo man that game was dooope


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