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The first Four-Dimensional house in the world :))


--- Quote from: nargil66 on 15 January 2020, 15:40:14 ---The first Four-Dimensional house in the world :))

--- End quote ---
If you watch closely at the bottom middle part, you will see a wheel like on ships. I was thinking a lot what could be purpose of it and the most logical answer is to rotate entire building, because it will be moved from time to time on side and to keep it be up and to not fall down, so constructor decided to give it a try to rotate entire building with huge success. Important to mention is newest technology with which he got sunflower effect, so it has something like clock and entire building is following sun, rotating every day, amazing, isn't it?  :))

Aliens are among us  :o

Medea Fleecestealer:
Good grief!   :o  I assume it's carrying young and hope it doesn't really have that many legs.


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