Author Topic: [Tuturial] How to add Ghostly/Semi-transparent effect on Meshes  (Read 9185 times)

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In this guide, i will try to explain how to make a mesh with a ghostly theme , i hope it can help you!

Attention - Maybe there is another way to do it, this is how i did to make it work on my side, if you know another way feel free to share it.

What is a ghostly mesh ? the best exemple are the wraith monsters models, ( wraith are those ghostly undead found near Megara ) , there is Lost Souls monsters as well ,from Hades act, but they dont look very good for this work, and the wraiths colours are better to play and easy to understand.

In this exemple , lets try to make a Ghostly ShadowStalker.

1) Using MeshView open Wraith.msh

2)Using MeshView open ShadowStalker.msh

Note: In Order to have meshes from those monsters use Arc.explorer - select steam/titanQuest/resouces/creatures

3)Now we want to the shadowstalker have same theme look as the wraith so, copy the shader parameter from wraith msh and place on shadowstalker ( with same numbers and fields), like this

4)Lets make some cool texture and the glow for the shadowstalker , in this case i used Photoshop, you can use any editor program as gimp/paint net so on.
 ( for exemple)

Note:To have creatures texture, use same way to get the msh , Arc.explorer-TQ-resources-creatures

5)After we are done with the texture for Shadowstalker , lets open the wraith texture

Now the factor that makes the semi-transperent aspect, is the ALPHA

Check the ALPHA of the ShadowStalker and the ALPHA from the Wraith. while one is blank the other have somekind of light grey colour

6)Copy the background colour of the wraith  ALPHA and place on shadowstalker ALPHA
(Note: only do that step for the TEXTURE and not for the GLOW)

7)After that process, save the texture and the glow, open on your modifed Shadowstalker msh, place both of textures in their right fields, and if everything was done well, you should have something like this

I know this can sounds litle hard  to understand, but its more easy than it looks. If you have any question/problem plesea let me know , i will try to help you out.

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Re: [Tuturial] How to add Ghostly/Semi-transparent effect on Meshes
« Reply #1 on: 24 December 2019, 12:56:40 »
This worked beautifully. Thank you very much!

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Re: [Tuturial] How to add Ghostly/Semi-transparent effect on Meshes
« Reply #2 on: 02 October 2023, 02:53:49 »
Hi, i follow all of indications, i use wraith mesh for the example, and i create the TGA texture, i create a limos, and i want the limos haves a ghostly effect, but when i put the texture on it, the ghostly effect don't work, but the same ghostly texture works on the wraith :(


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