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Music / Re: What Music are You Listening to now?
« on: Today at 17:59:49 »
Just found this amazing band:

This is the closest thing to Ancient Greek music i've ever heard. Check their channel, they have several albums, all of which are based on Greek mythology.

I loved the Sylvan MI hardcore vid, very fun.

Really loved the Ascocaphus model
Thank you :) That video was my main inspiration for starting the new difficulty modes. After 2 days of working on it, the skeleton of the system is almost set. Here is the next video preview showing it in action:

It's heavily based on quest files. Also, i think each challenge should give a slight bonus to the player stats, to compensate somehow for the increased difficulty. LoC is already a very hard mod, so for example the Petless challenge will be impossible to beat without some bonus... Only i'm not sure what the bonuses should be yet. any ideas are welcome.

Edit - the latest source files are now on Nexus

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 20 July 2024, 18:32:50 »
I got an idea of implementing four different gameplay modes via quest editing:

1. Hardcore mode - when you die for the first time, you get extreme penalty to all stats, so it's pointless to continue
but this mode unlocks only IF you pick up a special quest item.

2. Petless mode - if you pick up another quest item you get extreme penalty to all pets, but a buff to your character, basically all pets will have -1000% health or something, so they die instantly on summon.

3. Potionless mode - if you pick up yet another quest item, you get a quest token that deletes potions automatically from your inventory on pickup, so even you can find them or buy them, you can never use them.

4. Pet only mode - finally, if you pick up the last quest item, you get an extreme % total damage penalty to your character, but a slight bonus to pets. This will make it impossible to kill things by yourself, unless your pets do it for you.

All these modes will be completely optional and wont affect you normal gameplay if you don't pick up the special quest items.

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 20 July 2024, 07:52:21 »
Another long gameplay video, showcasing the granted skills and stats of the Dryad MIs, and some tweaks on the Dryad enemies themselves. For this one I decided to go petless and potionless, just to make things a bit harder :)

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 18 July 2024, 17:43:28 »
Preview of the MIs:

Forum News and Info / Re: Birthdays
« on: 18 July 2024, 05:05:29 »
Happy birthday @Bumbleguppy ! I wish you good health and luck. All the best to you, Master Yoda :D

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 17 July 2024, 21:59:41 »
The latest source files are now on Nexus. What is done today - Dryad MI armors are added to the loottables and droppable, remains to add stats to them, and add the MI weapons too. Also i think to revive the old Ascacophus boss that i made for SV before (never got included) and buff it so it fits the difficulty of LoC.

Edit - While i was checking the new MI bow with my Ranger toon, i saw that the texture of the Grizzly bear (2nd tier) is kinda glitchy, so i wanted to tweak it a bit. I ended up changing all wolf and bear pet textures. Here is a preview of their new looks:

First tier - Feral Wolf, Brown Bear

Second tier - Grizzled Alpha Wolf, Grizzly Bear

Now with this done, i can go back to the MIs :)

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 16 July 2024, 11:04:24 »
Ok, a lot of pet bonuses are added to affixes, but more remain. I needed a little break, so i went back to reworking the dryads.
Here is their new look:

Edit - Part 2:

All enemy Dryad champions now have the Tree Form skill, to make them tougher and more lore friendly. It will be also granted from their MI armor to the player (ignore the fact it is granted by common armor here, MI versions aren't ready yet). Now to add something more fun - Guardian Treants, aka modified Ascacophi :)

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 14 July 2024, 03:38:06 »
Here is a long gameplay video of my Guardian char titanquesting in Egypt:

What is going on lately - i noticed many affixes on items aren't giving pet bonuses - especially rare ones like Veteran's, Relentless, etc. Last 2 days i'm working to correct that, but it will take some more time. While i'm on it, i gave a buff to some Magical affixes that i never use, for example:

Pupil's/Scholar's/Mentor's... - now also gives some Energy Leech Resistance along with the X Energy bonus. Has pet bonus.
Tough/Sturdy/Durable... - also gives some Bleed Resistance along with the X Armor bonus. Has pet bonus.
of Endurance/Life/Survival... - gives some Life Leech Resistance along with the X Health bonus. Has pet bonus.

The work on affixes continues, stay tuned :)

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 12 July 2024, 14:27:07 »
The big question though is - when can we play it!   :)
If everything goes as planned, I'll aim for an early release at the beginning of August. Many things will still be unfinished, but it's better than making you wait for too long :)

Edit: Added drop sounds to MI items today

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 12 July 2024, 03:11:36 »
A big chunk of work was done today, and the latest source files are uploaded to Nexus. What is new:
- Fishing system is updated to the latest version
- Added Transmog mod to LoC
- Fixed and updated a lot of animations, re-added the hand buff effects when casting spells, fixed Flex animation
- Added a new skin pack to Helos vendor
- Other minor fixes

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 10 July 2024, 15:42:12 »
Ok, here is the latest stuff.

First, the new Golden Fleece torso is ported. Preview ingame:

Second, i'm working on an overhaul of all enemy Dryads in the mod. The armors used by the Nature pets are remade into a MI set:

Male version, using a "male dryad" (aka Dendrite) skin:

I think to replace the mage enemy dryads (those with long dress) with male Dendrite druids. Also i may add some ascacophuses to the dryad pools, they would fit well.

Stay tuned :)

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 08 July 2024, 01:11:02 »
That's exactly ow I envisioned the look when I was first reading Greek Mythology oh...50 years ago? Yeah, half a century. of course, it was a children's edition book, but still...great look! :)
I'm glad you like it, Bumble. I got some inspiration from this picture:

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 08 July 2024, 00:52:46 »
Thank you @Amaryllis and @sauruz for the kind words :)

Btw sauruz, we lost contact on Discord, I may send you friend invite again in the near future :)

What is done for LoC lately:
 - i've added the correct base attack speed (numerical) to all weapons, as it is in EG and SV.
 - shown affixes for MIs and Unique items
 - added tag links for lore descriptions on MIs and Uniques (descriptions themselves will be delayed, because there are too many to add and i don't want to burn out at this early stage)

Another thing that is WIP - i decided to rework the Golden Fleece armor once again, this time making it a torso as it is the original idea by @Bumbleguppy . Here is an early preview:

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC 2024 - Development Thread
« on: 03 July 2024, 23:37:56 »
Just passing by to say that the mod is being worked on. I had a depressive period that lasted more than usual, but is now subsiding. I'm more than happy to return to LoC again :)

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