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New Projects / Re: A Few Bug Fixes And Some More
« on: 15 May 2021, 19:18:21 »
XPack 3 monkeyman rock fall skill projectile "Records/xpack3/effects/projectiles/monkeyman_atlasrocks.dbr" has an fx template in the Projectile Telekinesis Effects -> explosionEffect entry when that entry needs an FxPak template. It's an easy fix and the monkeyman rocks won't just thud uneventfully on the ground.

Added Formicid Egg Clutch monster generators.

The tricky part is getting the timing just right in the skill config so the spawns keep coming.

So, you used a set of dedicated (hidden) affixes for those Gaian items, so that they get a bonus to more than 2 skills, huh ?
Yes. I have an entire system dedicated to adding +1 - +4 of all player skills as a suffix. It is quite the nightmare of huge numbers of files and directories, I can see why the devs didn't do it where Diablo 2 was famous for it. I remember shopping for +skills affixes in Diablo 2 for hours lol.
So it does sacrifice the vanilla generated staff suffixes for a skill, so you can't get "of Fire" or anything on those staves. On the other hand, you can pick up a ring with +2 to summons skills in early Greece though.

SO since, as you can see from the last video, I have come across the dreaded slow-cast bug again....I decided to do SOMETHING about it. I know the bug is in the game engine, but since there's nothing I can do about that I decided to try to work with what I have.

My idea of the bug is this: the PC file has the spell cast speed set to 2.8. I thought, what if the bug is of the nature that it bypasses the PC file and gets the speed data right from the animation table speed for that animation? No better answers are coming my way, so I started from that assumption.

I took the time today and set the PC cast and attack speeds both to 1. Then I went through all the player animations and calculated the speed combining the old PC file speed * the animation table speed. So for example, buff self in the animation table was set to 0.7 so I set it to 1.96 (0.7 * 2.8) .

So far everything is going okay. I will continue to test as some special attack animations are not easy to determine if they were using the attack speed multiplier of 0.74 or the spell cast speed multiplier of 2.8. I've made my best guess based on the templates of the skills I know for certain use those special animations.

Is there a reason that the PC file had these multipliers I am not familiar with that solves problems I've never had because that was a solution for them? I dunno, maybe....guess I will find out the hard way lol

Wanted to showcase some of the new cast animations (well, not NEW new, just with added effects for different masteries).

Yeah, I've thought about this as well.

I wonder how far you would have to go as far as replacement.

Would you have to replace the statues in the map? What quest file would you have to use to open the portal to Rhodes? etc.

Ha ha, just spent the last hour changing the XP Potion to "Steamed Ham" complete with icons and buttons:

When you use it, Superintendent Chalmers yells "Good Lord what is happening in there?!"

Zeus's lightning?!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your monster camp!?



Just Typhon. He was so heavily modified he even has a unique template. A lot of his original behavior was controlled in the game engine and can't be accessed, like when he gets his powers from those statues etc.

I don't even add his monster files to my database.

His passive file is up for grabs and doesn't crash when you edit that, just his monster file in the database.

I have heavily modified Surtr lol

EDIT: Yeah, I am stealing the bossconversionimmunity since it has 3 levels for difficulties. That means removing it from a million other files, but no problem lol

Created an animation for buff and projectile cast with new particle effects on either one or both hands for Rune, Dream, Earth, Storm and Nature for unarmed, One Handed, Dual Wield, Spear, Staff, Ranged one and two handed and it looks great. Had to sacrifice the Taunt animation on one handed, spear and dual wield but I'm okay with that since it's my mod and I let my pets do the taunting.

Had to keep my Flex animation though lol, it makes me laugh.

Did I mention I tried to make a custom chipset? The Place of Truth dungeon needed a new look, so I recolored the egypt temple chipset to dark gray and black. You need the texture referenced inside the mesh as the only chipset database file just assigns the meshes to the chipset and that's it, no base texture override like with everything else. So I made custom mesh files for EVERYTHING and it was tedious lol

Something was wacky as you couldn't path at all in game and the portal to connect with the outside didn't even register in the editor AS a portal. Lots and lots of work and time down the toilet. I hate when that happens. Oh well.

Things are going great otherwise. I am playtesting a Druid again and just got to Atlantis in epic. I have the game in "windowed" fullscreen mode and the ArtManager open on my other monitor so I can edit as I find things in-game. I could never go back to the single monitor days to do any kind of computer work, browsing the web or watching videos yeah, but work? More monitors is better.

Tested petgamebalanceattributes and they did fix that bug from the old days and now I can edit it. Now I am starting the process of moving to the new bossgamebalanceattributes.dbr

I am keeping the custom skill file that's in every bosses file (except Typhon, that crashes my game every time) because the new file doesn't have racial defense and I need that to make pets less effective against bosses. But I am stripping out all the HP and damage and everything else from my boss file and just leaving the race defense. Haven't tested it yet, but I think the new boss global file will need some buffing for bosses heh heh.

Looking good from my side over here. Good job!

Weird, I was JUST looking at the sand falling effect mesh right as I got email notification of your reply. Spooky.

I was looking at it because all mine are green for some reason. I didn't change them from my first mod so I don't get what happened.

It uses some weird shader that makes the falling effect not an animation or anything.

I decided to just up the delay time on the falling rocks to 24 seconds so at least it isn't constant screen shaking, best I got.

The dune raider skill uses the volcanic orb projectile, right from the earth effect directory not a special drop telekinesis projectile. Hmm, I will try that.

EDIT: Well, it isn't what I wanted, but at least they aren't so annoying lol. Funny, if I use the dunraider style projectile, I can't get the screen to shake no matter what setting I use lol

So I had to play around with it, there are a couple that drop only like 2 or 3 rocks but straight down, so I had to place a lot of them in the map just to get coverage. Then I made one that is the full blown Meteor style for the boss area(s).

Modders note: One tip with invisible monsters, use an idle animation for everything: attack, spell attack, run, idle...except buff self/other and give it monstershrineattack animations for those. Set the same animation in a special animation slot and reference that in the invisible monster's skill special animation slot. Otherwise it's going to attack the player/pets....even if it does no damage, it spoils the look.

There is a cave I wanted to do something with for the big Djinn sister boss, I already added things to the two others. Since this is Stone themed, I thought why not do the same thing I did with the fires on the map but instead do a cave-in simulation for flavor?

So I created a skill_dropprojectiletelekinesis skill and gave it to an invisible monster. It works like a charm, doesn't stun or even do very much damage, but it certainly sets a mood lol

But when I tested it, it had a terrible screen shake effect. So I went to the skill and look at the Effect settings...I didn't set it. Okay, maybe the fxPak effect file adds it. Nope, didn't add it there.

So I look in the new level 7 skill Meteor and it's not set there either, but it also has a terrible screen shaking effect.

So I did a text search to see if the game did something similar as with the vendor icons in that maybe there is a default screen shake database file that it references, no such luck finding one though.

I copied the skill template and renamed it, set the skill to it and tested, still has a screen shake,

I've come to the conclusion that the "Class" "Skill_DropProjectileTelekinesis" has it inside the game engine as no setting in art manager can stop the screen shake effect.

I would have just liked to have a choice, so the only thing I can do is have a long delay between castings. But I'm really feeling defeated again by the game engine. Sigh.

MeMes / Re: Funny pictures
« on: 30 April 2021, 05:46:09 »
My family always had a Boxer while I was growing up  ^-^. They are affectionate and loyal and just as goofy as this picture. Gotta love 'em!

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC Ragnarok / Atlantis development
« on: 29 April 2021, 04:23:36 »
OMG, I just had the craziest time today with modding.

You know the new Dark Obelisks in Gadir in the Atlantis DLC? They spawn one embalmed priest ghost when you first encounter them. It's a really cool mesh, too...very spooky and great for establishing the mood.

But they don't summon any more monsters. Like, ever.

So I was buffing them with Deathchill Aura and a free version of Dark Covenant and testing in game when I noticed, they never summon one more monster.

In their file they use the Monster Shrine animations from the original game, but looking in the XPack 3 directory, there are new animations for this shrine and the attack animation looks pretty cool, so why didn't they use that?

Opened up the animation file and again, there was no "LeftHandHit" or swipe callback. So I just copied the callback points from the original, timed the hit using my original disc version of Viewer and saved it in my mods assets. Still didn't work.

Anyway, discovered that for some unknown reason, this mesh needs the Attack Speed in their monster file set to greater than zero. All others have 0 attack speed as the skill uses the spell attack animation, but this one couldn''s a mystery why.

So I set it to 1 and bingo, cool new animation and spawning ghosts that converted my pets and they started killing each other...but it worked!

If you want these Shrines to spawn more ghosts than one ghost, you don't need to add the new animations, though they are cool, the critical problem was the attack speed in the Character Bio > Character Parameters > Character Speed needs to be set to a positive non-zero value and you're good to go. Everything else in their file is fine.

I'm going to be completely frank, I think the devs slapped the summon skill in the "initialSkill" slot in the skill configuration because that doesn't require the attack animation to cast and they didn't realize the problem. So you encounter these with one ghost spawned, take them out and you're none the wiser that it can't cast a second ghost at all. Pretty clever to just push to production like that lol

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 29 April 2021, 02:46:47 »
Yes, hello...I would like to order one of those helmets on the right there for my character. :)

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