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Around the world / Famous life quotes
« on: 04 May 2021, 02:05:23 »
Nature is talking to you, are you listening?
“Drink water from the spring where horses drink. The horse will never drink bad water. Lay your bed where the cat sleeps. Eat the fruit that has been touched by a worm. Boldly pick the mushroom on which the insects sit. Plant the tree where the mole digs. Build your house where the snake sits to warm itself. Dig your fountain where the birds hide from the heat. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time with the birds – you will reap all of the days' golden grains. Eat more green – you will have strong legs and a resistant heart, like the beings of the forest. Swim often and you will feel on earth like the fish in the water. Look at the sky as often as possible and your thoughts will become light and clear. Be quiet a lot, speak little – and silence will come in your heart, and your spirit will be calm and full of peace.”
Saint Seraphim of Sarov

MeMes / Re: Funny pictures
« on: 30 April 2021, 04:32:02 »

Humor / Re: Funny Videos
« on: 22 April 2021, 03:05:30 »
I'm trying but failing to understand, what does it means? Watched South Park in past, but again no idea whats the point..  :-X

Poseidon IT / Re: Path of Poseidon
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:20:17 »
Active Skills:
Chain Lightning
Send out a bolt of lightning that has an 80% chance to jump to another foe when it hits. Closely grouped enemies can be devastated. Cooldown:12.0
Storm Trident - Brother's Favor
Launch three bolts of lightning by focusing the power of mighty ocean storms. The shock is quite powerful up close and against tightly packed groups of foes. Anyone hit has a chance of catching on fire. Cooldown:0.4
Though Poseidon commands the legendary ocean storms, true mastery of lightning is the domain of Zeus, Poseidon's brother.
Raise a terrible thunderstorm to strike foes with bolts of lightning. Cooldown:40.0
Call on a powerful storm of rain, hail, and strong winds to whirl around you for a short while. Grants immunity to Cold damage while active. Cooldown:28.0
Water Prism
Create a shield that effects friend and foe alike, disrupting projectiles badly. With more training, allow allies to move more fluidly than enemies within the shield. Cooldown:30.0
Summon Charybdis
The fabled whirlpool appears even on land at Poseidon's call, destroying and pulling in enemies. Cooldown:30.0
Create Geyser
Hurl a ball of magical water that burrows under the ground then erupts in a massive column that is powerful enough to shatter bones and send foes flying. Damages friend and foe alike. Cooldown:25.0
Unleash a torrent of ocean waters to wash enemies away. Cooldown:3.0
Earthshaker - Focus of Storms - Focus of the Ocean
Enchant your hands with the power of Poseidon, the Earth-Shaker, increasing the power of your weapons, staves and bare-handed attacks.
Further imbue yourself with the power of storms, adding lightning shock to your attacks.
Add a chilling magic to Earth Shaker and slows and freezes enemies.
Poseidon was not always the god of the seas. Before he was assigned that duty, he was the god of earthquakes, called the "Earth Shaker" with his mighty trident. Summon his power and create a destructive earthquake that can topple even the strongest foes. Cooldown:180.0
Mystically expose foes to the elements, dehydrating and weakening them temporarily. Cooldown:16.0
Impale - Precision
Thrust with a spear or trident so powerfully it strikes down several foes in front of you. Cooldown:16.0
Lunge more efficiently, using less mana and striking more often.
Horse's Endurance - Poseidon's Favor
Falling Star
The guide of sailors and a wonder of men, the stars can be friend or foe. Through Poseidon's will, cast down a star to smite your foes. Cooldown:240.0
Reanimate Polyphemus
Call for the service of one of Poseidon's children, the mighty Polyphemus. Blinded by Odysseus and his men, then later killed by an unnamed hero. Through total devotion to Poseidon, you can call for the ressurection of Polyphemus as your faithful servant. Polyphemus gains more and better abilities as you increase his level. Cooldown:120.0
Blessing of Poseidon
Gain the blessing of Poseidon. Poseidon only grants this blessing to the truely devoted and it cannot be cast on others. Absorbs only Shock and Cold damage.
Stance of Antaeus
Son of Poseidon and Gaia, Antaeus was a giant of legendary strength but because of his connection to the Gaia he was only strong while touching the ground. Heracles defeated Antaeus by lifting and crushing him. This stance is the embodiment of Antaeus. Absorbs all types of damage.
Stance of the Pindos
Pindos are a stubborn greek horse breed reknown for their stamina and determination. This stance is the embodiment of Pindos.
Stance of the Skyros
Skyros are a fast greek horse breed that are usually used as workhorses in the mountains. This stance is the embodiment of Skyros.

Poseidon IT / Path of Poseidon
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:20:01 »
Walking this Path is to pursue becoming the Avatar of Poseidon. Powers over oceans and storms, the blessings of horses, and many skills relating to Poseidon's children are gifted to a devoted follower.
Religious Warriors, Cultists, Priests, Fanatics, Sea Druids and Wizards are just a few of those who swear fealty to Poseidon.
-Powerful Summon
-Strong Offensive Spells
-Incredible Crowd Control
-Strong Weapon Enchantment
-Natural Burning Resistance
-Skills are not versatile
-High energy cost for skills with small energy pool
Path Level
-Bonus % to Strength
-Bonus Health
-Natural Vitality and Lightning Damage Resistance

Khloros IT / Re: Path of Khloros
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:19:11 »
Active Skills:
Call Spiders
Call poisonous spiders. Cooldown:45.0
Call Crows
Call a murder of crows. Cooldown:30.0
Call Locust
Call a swarm of hungry insects. Cooldown:45.0
Earthen Skin - Fury of Beasts - Pale Inspiration
Bolster allies with more toughness.
Call upon the fury of beasts maddened by Khloros' call, enraging all nearby allies.
Increase all nearby allies' speed, health, and elemental resistance.
Pestilence - Boils
Unleash a disease that kills foes painfully. Cooldown:8.0
Infected foes also suffer from terrible boils all over their bodies.
Venom Spray
Project spurts of venom at your foes over a distance, devastating living enemies. Cooldown:0.0
Poison Affinity - Death Chill
Add a deadly poison to your weapon and increase the effectiveness of all your poisons.
Your poisons are more effective, bringing the chill of death closer.
Pale wind
Summon the winds of Khloros to cast down living foes. [COLOR="DimGray"]Cooldown:60.0
Putrid Cloud
Summon a cloud of rot and flies the eats away at living flesh. [COLOR="Orange"]Hits four times. Cooldown:0.2
Rider's Blade
Enchant your blade with the Pale Rider's touch, making it ethereally light and deadly. Cooldown:35.0 Requires a Sword.
Plague Blade
Infect many foes with poison using your sword. Cooldown:6.0 Requires a Sword.
Cold Iron
Infuse the power of Cold Iron into your blade each swing, devastating some rare foes. Assign to Left Mouse Button. Requires a Sword. Assign to Left Mouse Button.
Scourge Strike
By stabbing a foe with your sword, you transfer the pale green death to them. Most foes cannot survive. Cooldown:8.0 Requires a Sword.
Blessing of Khloros
Protect yourself or others from the undead and poison with Khloros' Blessing. Grants immunity to Poison damage. Cooldown:4.0
Passive Skills:
Cloak of Hades
Imbue yourself with the legendary Cloak of Hades. The Cloak invisibly protects you as if you wore an (additional) suit of armor.
Death's Skin
Enemies who attack you suffer from a debilitating chill.
Khloros' Hand
While wielding a sword, receieve some gifts of Khloros. [COLOR="Orange"]Requires a Sword.
Pale Touch
Your attacks drain and freeze the life out of foes.
Planar Body
Phase yourself out of this plane slightly, making yourself hugely more resilient.
Worldly Bonds
Connect your spirit to this plane more potently.

Khloros IT / Path of Khloros
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:18:23 »
Become the vessel for the fourth horseman of the apocolypse. Skills involve plague, summoning beasts of the earth, and the sword.
Messengers of Death, Plague-bringers, and any kind of sickened Warrior or Sorcerer can follow this path.
-Nearly Invincible Pets
-Strong Passive Abilities
-Crowd Control
-Strong vs. Physical Damage
-Natural Poison Resistance
-Resistance to % Life Loss
-Few skills harm Undead
-Poor Kiting Ability
-Fire Damage Vulnerability
Path Level
-Natural Physical Damage Resistance
-Bonus Health
-Lower running Speed

Lichdom IT / Re: Path of Lichdom
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:17:12 »
Active Skills:
Skeleton Fighters
Through study of the dead, one who walks the Path of the Lich may summon skeleton underlings. [COLOR="DimGray"]Skeletons of the same level are equal, regardless of visible equipment. Cooldown:1.5
Skeleton Mages
Summon skeleton casters. They gain more and better spells as you increase their level. Cooldown:3.0
Cursed Skull - Volatility
Throw a skull that spews poison and destroys undead. Very fragile, but releases an additional burst of poisonous fumes when destroyed. Cooldown:5.0
Increase the deadliness of the poison that your Undead Skull spews, also making it harder for enemies to concentrate.
Summon Wraiths - Wraith Dominance
By calling on the underworld, wraiths can be forced into the realm of the living to do your bidding. These spectres cannot kill living foes, but they can spread fear and panic while softening them for the kill. They also cannot be harmed. Cooldown:40.0
By refining your control over the barrier between the living and the dead, you can summon Wraiths more often.
Necromancer's Aura - Fortitude - Terror
Through mastery of the dead, you can enhance the abilities of all those around, including your minions.
By toughening bone and numbing flesh, those effected by your aura are more resilient.
The horror of death and decay overwhelms your foes. Any ally enchanted by Necromancer's Aura has a chance to cause dread and panic in any foe they strike.
Circle of Death
Place a dark ward on the ground that drains the life out of all who pass within and causes some to flee in terror. Cooldown:30.0
Black Hand - Slaying Ward - Chilling Ritae
With an unholy ritual, you enchant your hands with the touch of death, draining the life from anyone you strike.
Enchant your weapon with a vile ward against living.
Empower your Black Hand ritual with a Ritae that slows foes on contact.
Death's Grip
ttack an enemy's very essence, putting them in a near-death state or killing them outright. Cooldown:60.0
Bone Shard - Fragility
Throw an enchanted bone shard that carries a deadly curse, poisoning living foes and destroying undead. Cooldown:0.0
Enchant thrown bone shards so they turn to dust on impact, spreading the curse in a small radius.
Aura of Decay
A foul energy whirls around, attacking anything that touches the caster with powerful negative energies.
Unholy Blast - Vitality Feedback - Chill of Death - Soul Leech
Focusing your dark energies, you unleash it in a burst of decaying power. Cooldown:2.5
The touch of darkness causes an arc of negative energy that drains the life of enemies and feeds it to the Lich.
Drain the life and mana from any foe hit by Unholy Blast, pulling it into your essence to replenish yourself.
Passive Skills:
Rot Skin
You slowly rot your own skin, becoming tougher. One of the many hideous abilities of a Lich.
Rite of Thanatos
Through an archaic rite of the death god, you bind your soul to your body in preparation for the Ritual of Lichdom. This is a painful, draining Rite that sacrifices part of your life essence to Thanatos, the god of death.
Ritual of Lichdom
Once this dark ritual is completed, your body dies but through use of the Rite of Thanatos your soul remains bound to your body. Major undead bonuses upon completion at Ritual level 30.

Lichdom IT / Path of Lichdom
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:16:35 »
Sacrifice in exchange for great power. Are you willing to give up your very life to become a Lich? Summoning undead, killing with a touch, and casting horrific spells are possible.
Evil Warriors, Powerhungry Sorcerers, and anyone who craves immortality is lured to this path.
-Armies of Skeletons
-Incredible Passive Abilities
-Strong Enchantments
-Few skills harm Undead
-Slightly lower running speed
-Can never deflect projectiles
Path Level
-Natural Armor
-Bonus Intelligence and Energy
-Natural Cold Resistance
-Lower % Health

Sekhmet IT / Re: Path of Sekhmet
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:15:20 »
Active Skills:
By chopping at your enemies' vitals, you can cut them down quickly. Apply this skill to your left mouse button. Requires an Axe.
Heavy Cleave
Slam your axe into a single target, eviscerating most foes in a single swing. Cooldown:12.0 Requires an Axe.
Swing your heavy bludgeon weapon furiously, making it very difficult for foes to concentrate. Apply this skill to your left mouse button. Requires a Bludgeon.
rutally smash your foes, crushing bone and rupturing organs. Cooldown:1.5 Requires a Bludgeon.
Parry - Riposte
Deflect and block your enemies attacks with your sword. Cooldown:6.0 Requires a Sword.
Counter attack foes who attempt to attack you while you parry.
Rush forward and thrust. You can use distance to your advantage with the spear. Apply this skill to your left mouse button. Requires a Spear.
A complicated manuever only possible by masters of the spear, twirl the spear with precise stabs and cuts to attack multiple foes at once. Initially this attack cannot pierce armor but with training it can. Spear Mastery and Strength initially benefit this skill, but with higher levels of Flourish dexterity does as well.Cooldown:1.0 Requires a Spear.
Skilled Shot
Aim for vulnerable points and organs to drop your foes more quickly. Dexterity and Bow Mastery increase damage. Apply this skill to your left mouse button. Requires a Bow.
Power Shot
Pull back the bow string as far as it goes and unleash a powerful bolt that causes massive damage and even has a chance of piercing straight through the foe. Strength and Bow Mastery increase damage. Cooldown:5.0 Requires a Bow.
Shield Slam
Stun your foe with a quick slam of your shield. With enough force, this can kill. Cooldown:4.5
Use your shield to deflect any incoming projectiles; from arrows to fireballs. You cannot block melee attacks while you do this. Grants immunity to Piercing damage. Cooldown:4.0
Focus entirely on dodging for several seconds. This is more effective if you keep moving. Cooldown:7.0
Lioness' Rage
Fill your heart with the bloodthirst of Sekhmet and send fire through your weapon. You will regenerate and be immune to projectiles while charging with a melee weapon. Ranged weapons have a splash radius. Cooldown:24.0 Any weapon.
Blessing of Ra
Call upon the blessing of your creator, Ra, the Sun God. Grants immunity to Fire damage. Cooldown:8.0
Precise Stance
Take an aimed stance, hitting only your enemies' weak points.
Defensive Stance
Take a cautious stance to weather a storm of attacks.
Offensive Stance
Take a combative stance, good for slaughtering your foes.
Passive Skills:
Axe Mastery
Used to split wood, or split skulls, the axe is always effective. Easy to use, but the axe requires both strength and finese to master. Additional bonuses at Axe Mastery level 75.
Bow Mastery
An elegant weapon, the bow is nearly useless in the hands of a novice, but with careful aim and years of practice, a master can become one with the weapon. Additional bonuses at Bow Mastery level 75.
Hammer Mastery
The bludgeon is the most ancient weapon. It is simple, effective, and deadly. With extensive training, a master can become even more destructive. Additional bonuses at Hammer Mastery level 75.
Sword Mastery
The sword is very effective in striking enemies down, but it is also a powerful defensive tool in the hands of a master. Additional bonuses at Sword Mastery level 75.
Spear Mastery
Anyone can wield a spear, but true mastery of the weapon comes only with years of practice. Additional bonuses at Spear Mastery level 75.
Shield Mastery
A shield is a valuable defensive tool, and by perfecting its use, one can become nearly untouchable.

Sekhmet IT / Path of Sekhmet
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:15:01 »
Walk in the footsteps of the Lioness Sekhmet, Daughter of Ra. The Egyptian Goddess was addicted to war.
This path attracts a huge variety of Warriors, Rangers, Knights, and Kensei.
-Armor More Effective
-Large Health Bonus
-High Damage
-Weak Crowd Control
-Vulnerable to Cold Damage
Path Level
-Small Armor Bonus
-Bonus Health
-Bonus Offensive and Defensive Ability

Dokkaebi IT / Re: Path of the Dokkaebi
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:13:57 »
Active Skills:
Strike many foes blind, causing them to miss with attacks and spells. Cooldown:15.0
Chaos Storm - Wild Focus - Rending
Call on a storm of mystical nature that has chaotic effects, sometimes sending enemies into a panic, and other times rending them limb from limb. Cooldown:16.0
Specialize in the calling of Chaos Storms, becoming able to call them more often and for less mana.
Any chaos storm you summon is incredibly dangerous, having a random chance of inflicting massive damage. The storm must by chance inflict the same type of damage at the same time Rending randomly gives a bonus to that damage type.
Unleash a blast of chaotic magic, dazzling bright light and color. Enemies suffer a variety of ailments, some deadly. Cooldown:0.0
Dokkaebi Gamtu
The invisible "Goblin Cap" allows a follower of the Path of Dokkaebi to become invisible as well, creeping along until suddenly appearing and striking a foe, petrifying them with supernatural fright. Requires a Melee weapon. Cooldown:6.0
Goblin's Grin - Goblins Laughter - Goblins Smirk
Grin at your enemies, mocking their defenses with goblin magic. Cooldown:0.0
Laugh at your enemies with goblin magic, weakening their resolve to attack you. Cooldown:0.0
Smirk at your enemies with goblin magic, disheartening them with your confidence. Cooldown:0.0
Phantom Arrows - Persistence
Cast the image of arrows flying from your bowstring. These illusions are so convincing that enemies feel like they are really getting shot with arrows. [COLOR="DimGray"]Since these are only illusions, the base damage of the bow you use does not matter, but any magical prefixes/suffixes will still be effective. [COLOR="Orange"]Carries all weapon enchantments and bonuses as if firing real arrows. Cooldown:0.2
Whenever a Phantom Arrow hits a foe it has a chance of continuing on instead of disappearing, potentially hitting many foes.
Use the Earth's Milk to cure and heal yourself or friends, even protecting them from bodily harm for a short time after. Absorbs Poison, Vitality, and Bleeding damage. Cooldown:5.0
Taunt - Humiliate
Tease and mock your foes into chasing you, slowing them down and making them easier targets. Apply this skill to your left mouse button. Any weapon.
Cause the enemies you taunt to be demoralized, attacking with much less strength.
For a brief while, act completely unpredictable and random in your movements, making it much more difficult for enemies to hit you. Cooldown:20.0
Conjure illusions to distract foes. Cooldown:9.0
Stance of Chollima
Named after a winged, mystical horse said to be too fast to be mounted, the Stance of Chollima allows you to sprint very fast.
Stance of Kumiho
Named after a many-tailed fox capable of powerful illusions and curses, the Stance of Kumiho is good for dancing around your foes and avoiding them.
Stance of Gwisin
Named after departed souls, ghosts, the Stance of Gwisin makes you much harder to hit, at the cost of dealing much less damage.
Passive Skills:
Mudang Training
The rigid training of a shaman builds discipline and strength of mind. Shamans can defend themselves with their staves. Requires a Staff.
Plams of Yulryeo
Focus the power of the ancient god whose rebirth created all the land, oceans, and sky.
Teachings of Yuin
A ruler of a thousand years, Yuin taught the people valuable knowledge to survive in the harsh world.
With cunning, wits, and natural trickery, a follower of the Path of Dokkaebi can develop supernatural reflexes.

Dokkaebi IT / Path of the Dokkaebi
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:13:38 »
Trick and deceive your opponents, tormenting them while staying out of reach, assaulting their senses and minds. Do not mistake this path as harmless though, many skills have a chance of painful chaotic damage.
This Path attracts Shamans, Gypsies, Thieves, Spies, Illusionists, and anyone who takes delight in spreading chaos.
-Avoiding Damage
-Curses and Diversions
-Potent Kiting Ability
-Natural 5% Dodge Melee
-Mediocre Damage
Path Level
-Bonus Health and Energy
-Receives extra Physical Damage
-Natural Total Speed increase

Venefici IT / Re: Path of the Venefici
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:12:50 »
Active Skills:
Skyfall - Gravity - Hammer
Call the energy of the stars to strike down your foes in a violent shower. Cooldown:3.0
Harness the power of gravity to pull the energy from the sky, giving them enough speed to punch right through foes.
Increase the inertia of the falling energy to pummel your foes.
Evulse - Potency
Send out an arc of power that rips the target towards you if they can't keep their footing. Cooldown:16.0
Add energetic feedback to Evulse, sending a shockwave out from the target.
Dark Sphere - Feedback
Launch a slow-moving sphere that tears apart any foes who are unlucky enough to get hit by it. Cooldown:1.5
Your Dark Spheres lash out randomly after each foe they hit.
Energy Rift
Open a rift in the fabric of the universe, rending the earth below and tearing foes apart. Allies are protected by the Veneficus' will. Cooldown:35.0
Force Javelin - Slam
Hurl bolts of force that can shatter your enemies. Cooldown:0.1
Your hurled Bolts of Force hit harder and have a chance of stunning.
Shield of Will
Through force of will, protect yourself for a mere second, sending damage back at your enemies. Absorbs all types of damage. Cooldown:6.0
Infuse your mana into an ally to assist them.
Through strength of will alone a Veneficus can mend their own flesh and bone. By refining this technique a Venefici can become nearly immortal for several seconds. Cooldown:60.0
Power Barrier - Kinetic Protection
Through intense, consistent focus, the Veneficus is protected from harmful energies. Absorbs all types of damage.
Slow down fast-moving attacks such as spears and arrows so they are much less dangerous. Strong brute weaponry like clubs and axes are uneffected.
Focus of Will - Tenacity
The potency of a Veneficus' willpower resonates not only within, but to others as well. Absorbs all types of damage.
Through sheer determination, the Veneficus can ignore some bodily harm. This powerful resolve toughens nearby allies as well.
Harness Mana - Charge - Drain
Channel the power of the universe into your body for use in spellcasting.
You bind yourself to your inner energies, connecting spirit and body.
Draw mana from anyone who hits you. The trauma of this process can stun them.
Sight Beyond - Power Echo - Awareness of Energy - Solid Body
With sharp focus of mind, the Venefici were able to perform superhuman feats.
By freeing your mind of its mental shackles, a Veneficus can absorb the energy of attacks or avoid them altogether.
As the Veneficus travels deeper into their own mind, they can unlock more and more of their inner energies.
Brace your physical body against harm, binding yourself together with pure energy.

Venefici IT / Path of the Venefici
« on: 29 March 2021, 21:12:31 »
Deal with magic in its purest form. Walls of force, shockwaves, beams of energy, tricks and incantations. Most of the spells require a great deal of study to unlock.
This Path attracts Wizards, Sorcerers, and any manner of powerful magic users.
-Versatile Deadly Spells
-Magical Enhancements
-Potent Energy Recovery
-Reduced Dexterity Requirement for Armor
-Low Health
-Vulnerable to Poison Damage
Path Level
-Bonus Intelligence and Energy
-Energy and Life Leech Resistance
-Natural Energy Absorption

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