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Titan Quest Immortal Bow Haruspex Guide by Plutonium


Immortal Bow Haruspex Guide
I have finished the game with my Immortal Bow Haruspex for some time now, so I decided to make this guide. You can`t do much wrong with this build, but I thought it was still worthwhile.
Attribute Points
I went for 1 : 1 dex : str till I reached around 450 dex and then put all the points in strength.
Skill Points
I started out with Hunting and Climbed the tree putting 2 points in the mastery and 1 point in the skills available when leveling up. I maxed wood lore and put one point in all the other useful skills in the process. When I reached the top of the tree I spend a couple of levels putting points in Volley and Scatter shots. I ran in some minor mana problems and had to equip some rings with Hecate`s to counter that.
Level 20
Now it was time to climb the dream tree, I wasn`t rushing it as I was doing it with the hunting tree, but was still putting 1 out of 2 skill points in the mastery and putting the other points in the most important skills, maxing out scatter shots and study prey and putting some in Puncture shot and art of the hunt as well. At the fourth tier of Dream I spend points in ToC, which took care of my previous energy problems and at the fifth tier I put points in Temporal flux.
Level 40
Between level 40 and 60 I was maxing the dream tree. I also maxed puncture shot and the Lucid dream tree. At the start of Legendary I took monster lure and did a lot of gorgon sisters and hydra runs.
Level 60
After this you can max the marksmanship tree and grab some points in sleep or DR/TR, but this isn`t going to make a major difference.
Endgame gear:
Weapon: Bramblewood bow with Incarnation of Achilles
Head: Hallowed helm of Immortality with Incarnation of Heracles Might or Trackers Hood
Torso: Any Veteran`s armour socketed with Mechanical parts with flat DA bonus or Alexander`s Cuirass with at least 15% Ctap
Arm: Stonebinders Cuffs with rage of Ares or Phobos (when wearing Alexander`s and Hallowed Helm)
Legs: Batrachos Greaves socketed with something that gives you flat DA as a Completion bonus
Rings: 2x Apollo`s Will
Amulet: Myrmidon`s Pendant
Artifact: Knot of Isis
The gear is relatively easy to come by, you don`t need the trackers hood, Phobos, Myrmidon`s Pendant or the Apollo`s Wills to make this work. You can Farm the Gorgon Sisters for a Veterans Gorgon Sash with at least 20% Ctap and for the Stonebinder`s Cuffs. Then you can farm Soronis for the Batrachos Greaves and the Bramblewood bow. That are only two places to farm to get the stuff you need to get immortal and have the best bow in the game, with also taken care of at least +3 skills.
This is arguably defensively the best build in the game, Myrmidon`s Pendant and a Hallowed Helm will give you max stun resist and almost max vitality resist on top of the 2k DA and 100%Ctap. Against groups of monsters you are also offensively top notch, because of study prey + scattershots
You are not the fastest of killers against single bosses, a conqueror for example would do much better. You are actually faster at boss killing on Xmax as on Vanilla TQ.
You are vulnerable against reflecting damage monsters (Toxeus, Typhon, Draconians)
Strong AOE effects can still kill you, beware of Dactyl`s and Toxeus.


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