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Soothsayer, aka, the pet master!
Some background first! My main build is Soothsayer (currently level 48 at the end of legendary act 1). I played a bit around with an assasin (level 36) and an oracle. I will probably try an archer next. I played EQ and WOW, and always did pet class so… I couldn’t just go the ternion way! I had to make a dedicated pet-man!
The main concept of the build is to have so many pets that you will (almost) never get attacked. The two buffs for the pets (heart of oak and strenght of the pack) are there too.
And it works. I might not have the DPS of an oracle, but I can go tru the game easily with no real trouble, not even archers! I know outsider could do the job alone a lot of the time but it’s overkill when you’re not constantly farming typhoon!
So I cast the lych, 2 wolf and my sylvian babe and we go fighting the evil guys. As soon as I see someone, I stop moving and wait for the lych or the wolf to engage. The I move a bit closer so that all pets are engaging the ennemy. Also, pathing with pet isn’t perfect so I find it best to stay in the middle of the group, only moving away when a big attack is on the way from a boss. It might also help out with the fact that you need to stay close if you want all the buffs to apply to everyone (like heart of oak).
If situation goes fubar (or for boss fight), I can call the emergency outsider. Refresh help during prolonged fight if something happen to my outsider. I can literally sit back and let them solo any mob in the game, typhoon, hydra, talos, whatever. I only die when I start to fight with my pets or if I run too fast in a fight before my pets get the aggro.
I have yet to find the skeleton hero (texon?) tho. I bet situation could be a bit worst since he is soooo fast (from what I saw with my oracle).
I didn’t invested in wraith shell yet since losing the lych king isn’t critical with this build. There is other pets making a buffer between you and the lych king so if he dies you have a lot of time to cast him back.
Alternative skill that are interesting when pets are maxed are: ternion for some diversity, regrowth to heal your pet, dark covenant for the damage boost to your pet and possibly the plague debuff to soften up the bad guys. I guess you could invest a bit in wraith shell because lych king is almost always the first to die. But I’d rather use mana potion (to cast him back) than use skills points!
No specific gear is needed. Mana regen gear is a good thing. If you go the ternion way to help out your pets, elemental damage is good. Nice thing with this build is you can do what you want with your gear. You could even get some movement increasing gear if you want or those pieces that give you free skills!
Problems with this build: you will need mana. Pet use mana. Currently with 14 mana regen per second, I still need to use a few mana potion. Typically, 2 mana potion for each epic typhoon run as a reference.
My final word: this is my solo newbie setup. I don’t think any other setup is more appropriate to newbie. Compared with oracle, you need split second timing with squall or you’re dead. Compared with melee, you need the good gear, good resistance, good everything or you’re dead.
Obviously, people in multiplayer will go crazy and hate you, but you can always start some other melee character for multiplayer like I did!

– Guide by norm6669

Other Suggestions

The healing skill is most useful if you can get its recharge to zero, because then you only need to spend maybe 6 to 10 points between the skill itself and the cascading upgrade to get a lot of use out of it. Otherwise it’s a bit of a pain, because it’s never as effective single-cast as you need it to be and while you’re running around focussed on waiting for it to reload you’re being killed.
And if you go Ternion, then Plague isn’t very useful because infected enemies tend to be killed off faster than the Plague spreads. It’s a good plae to put extra skill points, however, as it works wonders against bosses (although you have to keep re-casting it in a long fight becaus there’s nothing for it to bounce infection off of).
Anyways, my build is something like this:
– Max Ternion and its upgrade
Functions as my main attack
– Max Liche King and Wraith Shell, one point into Death Nova, none into Arcane Blast
Functions as my only summon, very powerful tank (he is in fact nearly immortal with level 19 Wraith Shell)
– Max Heart of Oak and the resistances upgrade
The resistances help free up some equipment slots that you could otherwise use for pure resist gear in legendary
– Max Plague and the -resistances upgrade, one into the slow upgrade
Take down bosses with legendary really quickly with this, and the slow stacks with slow on my equipment
– Max Dark Covenant and its upgrade
Not only for increased damage and mana regeneration, but also so you can run faster when farming bosses
– One into Spirit Ward and if you want, its upgrade
Mostly for skeleton archers in legendary; it’ll keep them from one-hitting you and you’ll be guaranteed to one-hit them
– “Enough” into Regrowth, enough into Accelerated Growth to get zeor recharge, and 2 to 4 points into Dissemination
I think I have it as 8/1/4 or 8/2/4
– One into Death Ward
For kicks, and because it just might save your ***
– One into Summon Outsider
Put extra points here if you want, because apparently he learns new skills at higher levels but they don’t show up in the skill description; so far I’ve gotten him to use Storm Surge
– One into Refresh
But of course; for Summon Outsider and Dark Covenant mostly
Equipment I am very particular on. My element of choice is cold; I’ll explain below.
You could use a rare staff to get incredibly high Ternion damage, but that would only be useful against bosses since you’ll be able to kill most enemies in one or two volleys with my equipment set-up already, and my boss-killing strategy lies in -resists.
– Hecate’s Rod (staff)
Cold-based; +2 Spirit skills and 10% damage converted to health works incredibly well with Ternion; the elemental resists and 15% total speed are both very useful
– Hesione’s Golden Veil (helm)
+50% or so cold damage, elemental resists, and -15% or so recharge
– Archmage’s Clasps (arm)
Large amounts of faster cast, -recharge, and attack speed; also has a chance to give -resists, but the chance to activate is so low that I don’t consider it useful
– Polaris (amulet)
Not only does the +% elemental damage increase your damage, but the flat +elemental damage does as well since you’re using a “weapon attack”; the -recharge is nice, but the main killer mod here is the 20% to reduce resistances by 40 or so; when you’re using Ternion, it triggers pretty often in normal combat and should pretty much always trigger against bosses
– Celestial Band (ring)
Gives a much-needed 30% elemental resists and an equal amount of +% elemental damage
– Vestment of the Overlord (armor)
Either that or Calypso’s Cover, which I’ve never been able to find; wearing either will give you a total of +4 Spirit and +2 Nature
– Arctic Ring (ring)
Arctic is a rare prefix (and actually very rare; I usually get mine from vendors). This is a big deal in my equipment setup, because it slows targets hit by Ternion by 30% and has a flat 60 cold damage; multiply that 60 by your equipment and intelligence and you end up with like 600 more DPS; also fits in well with the staff’s +20% cold damage; combine Plague and this ring on a boss and you halve their speed instantly and by the time both wear off, they’re dead
The relic I chose for the ring was an Incarnation of the Monkey King’s Trickery, which has -12 enemy resistances, a small amount of resist all, and some other stuff I don’t really pay attention to. The completion bonus I prefer is pierce resist.
– Archmage’s Leggings (leg)
Because there aren’t really any good legendary mage leggings, I would guess these would be the most useful since they’ll play off the Archmage’s Clasps for a +150 life, +150 mana bonus
I personally use a Sage’s Jeweled Wraps of the Pegasus which has +266 mana, 17 resist all, +17% elemental damage socketed with an Incarnation of Amun’Ra’s Glory for +180 health, +180 energy and with an 18% resist all completion bonus.
Gives good +skills and between your equipment and Plague, you can pretty much drop enemy resists by 100%. Acceptable resistances, good speed, and you can get away with never having to use any kind of potion, ever. You should have enough life to just run to Typhon in legendary. I think I have 2300 to 2500 DPS with Dark Covenant activated, and can do a Typhon run that averages 1:07.

– Guide by BloodAndRoses


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