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DerpyDerp!'s Dreamkiller Guide (Poison Focussed)


General Info:
At first glance the Dreamkiller class seems like a rather unlikely choice for anyone interested in building a powerful character, since there are plenty of class combinations that excel its abilities in most fields, e.g. Haruspex as a stronger spear melee build, Harbinger as a better general melee build, Assassin as the better trapper, etc.
However, there is one thing the Dreamkiller does exceptionally well, dealing poison damage. In fact, with this build he dishes out poison damage so incredibly well, he even constantly poisons himself..
The following build requires a fairly high levelled character (lvl 55), and rare MIs which can be obtained via custom maps or overly excessive farming, I might try making a minimal MI version at some point, but for now it needs those items to fully work.
The entire gear can be worn at level 55, to get there, you can either have someone help you level up, or go for a simple dream build (distortion wave + phantom strike + reality distortion + passives + %damage items) and add rogue skills at lvl 55 (or defiler..).
Base points:
Health: 300
Energy: 300
Strength: 246
Intelligence: 210
Dexterity: 150
Additional points should be spent on Dexterity to further increase OA, Strength and Intelligence just need to be sufficient to equip all gear (600 str, 405 int). Once OA hits about 1,2k it might also be an option to add to your strength or maybe even to the hitpoints.
Ingame primary stats

Ingame secondary stats

The entire gear should be oriented towards an increase of poison damage, -100% recharge, and reducing energy costs. Resistances are secondary.
(Seed based values are rounded.)

Defiled Bai Hu’s Coronal of the Mage
Sockled with a Legendary Crystal of Erebus
Main features: +50% poison damage, -20% energy cost, 30 Intelligence, +2 Skills
Body Armor:
Defiled Revenant Plate of the Gods
Sockled with Incarnation of the Golden Fleece
Main features: +50% poison damage, +500 hitpoints, +500 energy, +2 Skills
Archmages Clasp
Main features: -45% recharge, +40 Intelligence, + 40% attack speed, chance of resistance reduction
Defiled Batrachos Greaves of the Hunt
Sockled with Legendary Diseased Plumage
Main features: +95% poison damage, +120% DA, +15% Movement
Lethal Deathweavers Legtip of the Betrayer
Sockled with Incarnation of Shen Nong’s Dark Medicine
Main features: +1000 poison damage, -18 Reduced Resistance, 30% Reduced resistance, 20% damage converted to life
Hale Soldier’s Unyielding Will of Focus
Sockled with Incarnation of the Shade of Hector.
Main features: -18% recharge, +20% strength, +500 DA
There are quite a few options for rings, which require an adjustment of the base stats though, to avoid being unable to equip parts of the gear.
Useful Prefixes:
Poisonous, Hale
Useful Suffixes:
of Grace, of Erudition, of Clout, of Immortality
Both rings should be sockled with Incarnation of the Monkey Kings Trickery.
Main features: Increased stats, -12 Reduced Resistance, skill disruption protection
I am currently using Cerberus’ Collar as my main amulet, mostly because it supplies you with an insane amount of OA, which drastically increases the amount of times you actually hit your enemies, plus some protection vs immobilization, which can be deadly for this character. Theres a few alternatives like the Pendant of Immortal Rage, or a Sacred … of Guile with MKT relic, but I prefer this one so far.
To make act 4 even easier its also possible to exchange the relics on the rings with a Legendary Tortured Soul with ritual completion bonus.
Talisman of the Jade Emperor
Main features: -25% recharge, 68% elemental resistance, 15% strength
The main skill we will be using here is the insanely overpowered Phantom Strike. With +4 on all skills it grants +535 damage and, even more importantly, +239% total damage, hits up to 8 enemies at once, and to top it all off, makes the player invulnerable while approaching his target. Since PS becomes the main attack of this character, its most convenient to assign it to left click. Without recharge time and sufficiently lowered energy cost, it allows you to jump from one group of enemies to the next, spreading poison and death to all nearby enemies and almost instantly vanish into the dream realm again. About 99% of enemies will die from a single hit and the ensuing poison damage within ~3 seconds (bosses and some heroes excluded).
Maxed out Trance of Wrath ensures the effectivity of poison even vs. highly resistent enemies like skeletons and other undead monsters.
The passive skills make sure the char can sponge up at least a little bit of damage.
Envenom Weapon and its mods further increase poison damage and makes your enemies fumble around aimlessly while dying of the poison, enough reason to max those all out.
Lethal Strike (1 Point) and especially its mod Mortal Wound (max) serve as an alternative to PS, I sometimes use it versus single, stronger enemies, for its higher poison damage (assigned to right click).
Disarm Traps:
More damage vs those poison resistant devices, sound good, maxed.
Throwing Knives:
While initially it sounds like a good idea to use these for spreading the poison, they sadly seem to not make use of your weapons poison damage, which makes you miss out on about 1k base poison damage. However, considering that you only have to invest 7 Skill points into these, it certainly is a fun addition to the build (1 into the base skill, 6 into the mod for multiple knives). Plus, on normal or epic they can still cut down an entire camp of monsters within a second or two.
Poison bomb:
Similar to Throwing Knives, sounds better than it actually is, but still fun to use, especially without recharge. Needs a lot more points though, 12 skill points to max out the base skill. The mod is fairly useless for this char.
More of a “I-dont-know-what-to-do-with-all-these-remaining-skillpoints” thingy for higher levels.
Rev up Envenom Weapon plus Trance of Wrath and go teleport through hordes of enemies with Phantomstrike, leaving a trail of rotting corpses filled to the brim with poison. Its as simple as that. ^^
While you do constantly lose hitpoints because of your negative health regeneration, this is more than compensated for by the amount of health you regain by hitting enemies. Every time you hit a group of enemies your health basicly just jumps back up to the maximum. Probably the most important bit is to always keep some momentum, as long as you keep on moving/using phantom strike youre virtually immortal. Standing still when youre around too many ranged enemies can be extremely painful.
Single boss enemies are more of a joke than a threat with this char, even Typhon and Hades dont stand a chance vs the resistance reduction combined with stun from phantomstrike. Works on x3 as well, x20 is where it might get a bit tricky, but hit and run, then wait for your poison to do the job works surprisingly well there.
Played through parts of Legendary Act 4 on massbosses with this char, and hardly ever faced a problem.
(The 5 deaths are from: Early test build vs Hades, he onehit me twice, and another death with the same old build vs the guardian of soul, onehit again there. The other two deaths were caused by toxeus, its highly advised to change to rings with a ritual tortured soul on it against him. ^^)
Sadly its not quite a pure poison build, simply because phantom strike deals too much damage. Despite the lack of damage increasing items the char still hits for about 4k physical damage on the first strike (up to 10k on the 2nd). While most enemies in legendary only lose about 25-50% of their health from those hits, everything up to legendary act 2 usually dies instantly from it. To see more of the poison damage, standard weapon attack (~700 damage) can be used to spread the poison at a much slower rate.
Not the highest poison output possible, but rather a playable character with extreme poison damage.
Fun fact: Its about 15k poison damage over 12 seconds, when adding resistance reduction about 20k, with about 9k during the first 4 seconds. Those values are tripled vs Devices, which explains the 80k damage with one attack.
-Guide by DerpyDerp!


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