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Mystwalker's Ritualist Petmancer Guide


This is the actual journey of a young Ritualist named IsleWitch (I am a Terry Brooks fan). Each section follows her changes and growth.
The Ritualist is a caster based build. Both Nature and Dream boost int, and give a smattering of str and dex. The little bit of Str and Dex was not enough to wear top end SBC’s without a top end Artifact that I currently dont have. So I concentrated on Int based items. By level 50 I wanted to have the following base stats for end gear sitting in the Vault.
Str: 50 (untouched)
Int: 310
Dex 102
Keep in mid those are base values, not the values after masteries and gear are added in. I needed 550 Int for Ritualist Staff, and mid to high 400s for much of the Legendary purples. The base value of 102 in Dex allows me to meet the max requirement of 174 dex for top end mage gear.
As a petmancer Ritualist, you will find your stats lean towards Int. You get a smattering of Str and Dex from the masteries, but not enough to make any real difference. And without a top end Artifact (I have only farmed about 12-15 Artifacts so far. I am missing over 2/3rds of them presently) you wont be wearing any SBC’s anytime soon. Which is disappointing, but not the end of the world.
(Edit: After much farming with my Bown Charmer, I located a few more top end Artifacts. Toth’s Glory with it’s -20% to requirements *might* be enough to wear SBCs, but I will have to create a test toon to verify. But one has to wonder, at level 55 is it really needed? The build is mostly complete. The +5 skills (+3 SBCs +2 other gear) is nice, perhaps allowing a 2nd aura to use used but no massive changes otherwise.) In any event, my end gear load out atm includes:
Ritualist Staff of Harrowing.
Ritualist Rings X2 (socket with demon blood +DA comp)
Ritualist/Convocation Amulet (socket with Dionysus +DA comp)
Ploutons (+skills +DA +pierce resists)
Crest of Hypnos (incredible stats. No other mage helm is even close. Besides, it just looks cool.)
ArchMage Clasp (-recharge is nice. Bluntly, didn’t have a better idea here)
Demonskin Walkers (+skills +resists)
Probably Talisman of the Jade Emperor, allowing max resists and along with Archmage Clasp offers -70% on recharge. Useful for when those wolves get killed by AoE’s, or to spam Plague.
Levels 1-5
Early on, wear anything you like. Or run around nekked. (At level 5 IsleWitch was nekked except for the SnowBall.) Really wont matter. The only things you *will* need are the 4 items of +pet damage gear. 2 rings, an amulet and a staff. Later on, those rings and amulet will make you grumble, but more on that later. I wont debate the finer points of damage type, elemental or physical. Just make sure you have all of one or the other. Dont mix and match, it will lower your overall dam output. And stay away from vitality damage. Undead have 100% resists to vitality. And Ritualists lack the DeathChill aura to counter that ability, and early on, ShenD and MKT relics are not available.
Levels 5-15
Still nekked except for jewelry and a staff. Rings are Beastcaller of Endurance, socket with Dionysus (+str comp bonus). This gives you an extra 200 hps early on. Amulet was same, Beastcaller of Endurance, socketted the same. Somewhere around level 14 jump to your next set of +pet dam gear (SpiritCaller). If you feel like some fun twinkage, you can always grab a set of Revenant gear. You will need a bunch of Herakles relics to put into a ‘trash set’ to get the str needed, and then a couple more socketed into the Revenant gear to keep it on. Dont waste attribute points to wear this gear. It isnt worth it over the long haul. But having +3 skills at level 15 is fairly amusing to be sure, it also means you will most likely have to respec when you get to mid 40’s and the end gear of this journey.
By level 5, IsleWitch had the trash gear setup already, socketted with Herakles Might and a Wraithguard artifact. This allowed her to boost str to 198, more than the 186 needed for +1 revenant gear. That was Str boosted by items only. All attribute points went to Int to wield the Beastcaller of the Magi staff she has. Wearing Revanant gear will put the char on ‘cruise control’ for the skills section, allowing faster progression up both Mastery trees, and only 1 point into critical skills.
Levels 15-28
IsleWitch was wearing Revenant gear to allow faster progression up the masteries. If you decide not to do this, concentrate on Nature and ignore Dream for now. You will need to start looking towards your DA and resists a little at this point, but still nothing overwhelming. Another jump in +pet dam gear at 28. Also, with Epic relics being available at level 27, you could upgrade the Revenant armor (390 str). Dont get any better +skills, but you get much better armor rating, so you take less damage when standing in the middle of a pack of mobs you just plagued..
Levels 28-40.
No man’s land. Just slogging through the levels waiting patiently for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Got the 2nd to last upgrade for jewelry and staff here. Switched to 2nd tier Revenant, glad she did too. Took a beating in the desert… but the pets were amazing. Once Mastermind was capped, wolves were rampaging for 350-400+ a pop.
Levels 40-45
This is where the game changes completely. I twink toons, and I am not afraid to admit it. I didnt spend (literally) hundreds of hours farming to *not* give my toons the best advantages. You wouldnt handicap your children by making them do everything themselves, why would you do that to your toons?
Low 40’s is where it all changes. Last set of +pet dam gear at level 42 (Ritual/Convocation) makes the wolves literal meat grinders. Add to that purple items previously farmed make you a tank, even in cloth armor. Your resists are taken care of to the end of Legendary, all you need to do it walk through the zones to get there.
Alas, the grumbling I mentioned earlier comes into play here. The build is centered around your pets, and pet damage. Those Ritualist rings that give the pets +70 dam are awesome. But they also mean you are not wearing Hale of Grace rings to boost Str/Dex to wear +3 SBC’s.
Levels 45-55
Finishing touches on gear load out. Upgrade artifact and toss on a Crest of Hypnos at level 53, and you are a God(ess) until you enter Legendary (and even after).
Levels 55+
No changes, you got all your Christmas gifts in the mid 40’s with a couple extras in the early 50’s 🙂
Levels 1-10 (A1-Sparta) Skills
Here I diverged a little from what others recommend. I am a petmancer, so I am *all in* when it comes to my pets. IsleWitch maxxed out COtW by level 7. Does not matter if I cant get the extra +2 to toss out 3 wolves immediately (although that isnt hard to do either, a well placed mastery shrine and my level 7 Wanderer can toss out 3 wolves. And 3 level 18+ wolves means you are literally walking though to the end of A2 doing nothing except stopping to loot the corpses) Knowing that a set of slightly used, only mildly tarnished set of Revanant gear sits in the Caravan, it’s time to race up the mastery trees, putting one point into must have skills. Regrowth, HoO, Maul, AG all have one point in them by level 10, as well as a small start up the Dream ladder.
Edit: The link shows a slightly different TitanCalc than the one I actually did. If you are going to follow this as a guide, ignore dream for now, and continue to climb the nature tree to the top and max out the wolves.
Levels 10-15 (A1-Megara)
Climbing the mastery trees, one point into ToE (not really needed, but the reflection and ATcH for the pets was a nice touch) then switching back to climb the Nature tree, placing a point into each of the synergies for the wolf tree. I dont use the FanPatch, so I ignore the Nymph. Cute to look at, but rarely stays alive in Normal. At level 15, it was off to the races, using the Revenant gear sitting in the Caravan allowed IsleWitch to put only 1 point into critical skills but still reap large benefits, while still cruising up the mastery trees.
Edit: I have started using the Fanpatch 1.17a, and it makes a BIG difference to this build. The nymph goes from being annoying to a useful, productive damage machine. The updated TitanCalcs show this…
Levels 15-20 (A1 – Delphi) Level 20
Maxxed Nature tree, one point into the critical skills. Now time to climb the Dream mastery on my way to Nightmare with Mastermind. Current plan is to split every 6 points (two levels) between leveling up Dream and putting points into SoTP.
Levels 20-25 (A1- Athens)
See 15-20 notes.
Levels 25-30 (A2 – Lower Nile) Lvl30
Continuing to move up the Dream Mastery tree, adding points into Nightmare synergies.
Levels 30-35 (A2 Thebes)
Maxxed both trees now, capped out Mastermind. Time to max out important skills, ToE, HoO, Plague synergies.
Levels 35-40 (A2 – Valley of Kings) Lvl 40
Continuing to level up important skills. Lower 40’s may be a loss on skills short term. Have to check out the situation. Shouldnt lose more than +2 skills.
Levels 40-48 (A3 Following the Yellow Brick Road to the Emperor) Lvl 48
Continuing to level up important skills. Made a mistake at 42. I should have left the Revenant gear on. Instead I dropped it for ArchMage gear, and lost all my +skills. Spent 42-46 fixing the loss. Additionally, until 48 when I can wear Ploutons and Demonskin Walkers, I need an amulet everytime I summon wolves. I got impatient, and paid for it.
Levels 48+ (A4 Chillin in Tartarus — Fishsticks anyone?) Lvl 55
At this point the build is mostly complete. Max out a few skills here and there, but the build is fleshed out and working well.
Final Thoughts of the Journey:
IsleWitch leveled fast and super easy all the way though middle of A3. Mostly running into entire groups of mobs yelling “Leeeroy”. Although she denies this, saying the tabloids have nothing else better to write about this week. Middle of A3 the only problem the pets ran into was the pack leaders of the tigermen. Regular tigers and even casters were nothing. Pack leaders needed to be focused on IsleWitch to avoid casualties. Even Dragonians were dropping like flies. That most likely had to do with end gear for the pets (ritualist rings/ammy/staff). Typhon was a seriously ugly fight. Lost 5 wolves and a nightmare. I think next time I will toss out a divine Storm Witch scroll and let the harpies kick his butt.
I have to wonder if a Spirit/Nature setup isnt better. My experience with ToE was marginal. On boss fights, its great (assuming the pets live long enough). Trash mobs didn’t do enough damage to make it a great skill. A good one, yes. And Mastermind was a good skill. Brought the wolf damage from 550’s to just under 700’s. But I could accomplish that with Deathchill aura as well. Add in ternion attacks to keep the mobs focused on the toon instead of pets, it should work well. One drawback I see is Spirit being more skill point intensive than Dream. LK alone is 25+ points. But I think that will be the next build.
-Guide by MystWalker


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