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Returning player / Spiritualist advice
« on: 22 April 2024, 12:06:50 »
Hi all

Tempted back to the game (yet again) by a juicy Steam sale, so am finally playing on PC and playing with Eternal Embers.

Want to try out a Spiritualist (of course, still ever reliant on Spirit as a crutch and the mastery guide ain't gonna update itself) but have a few questions:

1) is there a general review of Neidan as a skill since it's been updated? Can people who have used it a bit give me a quick rundown of pros/cons?

2) Any advice for Spiritualists in general? I have all the DLC.

3) What's the recommended base attribute allocation for Int casters again? I think I recalled it as 3 Int / 1 Dex with the odd one sprinkled into Health if needed. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance :)
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