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The optimal Ritualist build?

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I wanna make an "immortal" Ritualist, kinda. Have a very good impression of the class from playing Legion of Champions - my first and only LoC character to reach Legendary with 0 deaths was Ritualist. But LoC is a pet focused mod, I don't know how well the class performs in vanilla... Also I was never sure about stats (especially Dex). Some questions I have about the class in vanilla:
1. Should I go for Str or Int, or pure petmancer?
2. What gear to look for?
3. Is spear a good choice for melee?
4. Any possibility for pure Str caster, using buff from SotP and the physical skills from Dream?

i am not here to provide answers.. i am here for more questions :D
the (4) though i can answer

what is pure petmancer stat distribution? some people make it pure int to equip a pet buff staff.. but i think that would be a mistake because you will end up with much higher int than you need.. i have seen str+dex+int petmasters with dex being the highest endgame to get as much DA as possible.. that one i can agree with.. but my skinchanger, the closest i have to a pure petmaster, is str+dex+int until end of epic and then start of legendary onwards, i pumped only health.. but that is because i did not rely on DA for survivability but briar ward + damage absorption combo.. something only possible for a skinchanger.. for what it's worth, i think stat distribution for a petmaster should be str+dex+int because since you will not deal damage anyway, you are better off equipping the best items you can find whatever the requirement is.. but do not start hybrid stat right away, start with 1 or 2 stats except pure dex

random thoughts: i think the best character for a HC run would be something you enjoy playing so you can focus on that character only.. i play many characters and when i focus on one character, then switch to another, there is always a time for adjustment so i can get used to it again.. that time for adjustment can sometimes lead to a death.. there is also the case for my mage Haruspex.. it went really smooth i could've played it no deaths.. until i got bored playing it because it's too repetitive.. when i got to 3 Fafnirs, i found it enjoyable again i couldn't resist the urge to play them like 10x.. boom 2 deaths :)) .. i don't regret it though

i do believe that there are different ways to building a class and i do like that you are considering different builds for a ritualist.. i do not believe that there is a hierarchy to class builds, something i think many people will not agree with.. i think some are just harder to build but not necessarily better than others.. what i mean to say is i think a ritualist is just as good as any class for a HC run so long as you can find a build and playstyle that suits you along with a good gear set-up

now for 4th question, i think that would be difficult.. distort reality has 12 seconds cooldown and at 80% CDR, you can only get it to as low as 2.4secs and the damage would still be not enough at least for a str build.. distortion wave would be better for that because the first 2 skills scales with str and the reduced armor really helps.. the problem is the energy cost is HUGE for a non-int build.. you can wear golden fleece and seal of the high priest but would that be worth it for a physical damage build? i don't think so.. i think the best build to utilize distortion wave is str+int and i think the devs made it that way as evidenced by the fact that the first 2 skills scales with str but the 3rd scales with int.. this one i can say from experience.. my Haruspex has no other attack but distortion wave and my first dreamkiller, part of that theorycraft is reducing armor with distortion wave then letting traps deal physical damage.. my bracers were also twisted coil of the parasite to reduce resists via throwing knives

finally, i think character building should be free and not be bound by any rules so please feel free to build a str build dream caster and prove me wrong :)) i promise i would not be mad.. in fact, if you succeed, i would be happy because there is another ridiculous build.. pls share it with us if you decide to do so

edit: hey right maybe it's possible with tranquility of water and sanctuary, then plague of course.. i say go for it  >:D

I have no idea how caster ritualist performs and will not speculate now.

I've been complaining here that full summoner ritualist still suffers a slowdown at the very end of legendary when using not ideal gear. It is the result of monster hp and damage scaling, though, how much damage do you think these pathetic wolves do?

Spoiler for Hiden:
- 5-9K per hit, like an average hero. Damage is acually not the problem, though adding more of it helps. It is how they distribute it, AI that makes them run in different directions. Their hp is also still too low for that part of the game. When they do so, they are almost instantly debuffed and at low health, so I have to call them back, heal out of their near death experience and point at mob manually or else they run in same directions again, several times per fight. That is not comfortable.

A summoner would only use stats for gear stat requirements but still needs lots of them. I did a summoner champion with almost 1 : 1: 1 str : int : dex ratio, stonebinders, armor of Odysseus and a staff, but that was before Anniversary. When using pet jewellery and no %str or %int items you might still need something granting stats even to equip your main stat gear. Highest requirement on staves is 640 int, str gear is 600+ str, stonebinders - 425 dex, prowlers cuirass - 480. I think I went 2 : 1 int : dex on my ritualist and still can only equip best staves only with requirements reducing items.

--- Quote ---3. Is spear a good choice for melee?
--- End quote ---
If you invest in its damage its good, like all things I guess. I would dare say spears are actually best melee weapons in the game, but it doesn't mean you don't need to invest in them when using them.

Sorry read my next post

never played ritualist but i can safely say that traps are so much stronger than wolves.. plus you can throw them and stay far back behind.. like i did with Typhon here:

Spoiler for Hiden: last part.. actually i could've thrown it much farther if i zoomed out my view.. for traps, 3 jewelries are enough
edit: so i had it zoomed all along ahah :D

but that one is not ritualist

but for playing HC, i really wouldn't recommend a pure petmaster.. people think it's safe because you don't have to fight.. i say it's safer if you can kill mobs and bosses much quicker


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