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Yes, yes you do!


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--- Quote from: Typhon on 18 January 2018, 19:46:27 ---Most of my characters have Nature attached to them :P

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It sounds like it is second nature to you.  :)

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Sometimes it's first  ;D

alright here's my take on my favorite mastery: Rogue (I'm a sucker for CCs)

Rogue is really an allrounder and as such, it goes well with any mastery

calculated strike - a good substitute for marksmanship making the rogue an able archer.. obviously also good for melee

lethal strike - yeah obvious

knives make a rogue a ridiculously good caster.. of all my chars, my sorcerer clears mobs the fastest.. it also kills bosses the fastest i think.. also good for just spreading CC (see envenom below)

traps are considered pets in AE and also benefits from pet bonuses, making them the 3rd best pets in the game, behind only ancestral warriors and outsider.. really good with battle standard or scroll of stalwart alliance.. traps also are surprisingly good aggros

of course it's also an able melee fighter as in the case of assassin or corsair for example

envenom weapon tree - really good for any weapon and also knives.. a popular skill distribution is leaving envenom weapon at 1pt and maxing nightshade and mandrake.. for chars who like to spread poison, maxing everything is worth it.. as in the case of my knifethrower sorcerer

flash powder - a good panic skill and really good for those who don't want to get hit

disarm traps - a 1pt wonder.. it's a passive skill and 1pt wouldn't hurt

anatomy and open wound - only for those who deal bleed damage.. both are passives.. 1pt on each also wouldn't hurt.. i have anatomy maxed on my knifethrower sorcerer

blade honing - a passive skill (sort of) good for melee chars dealing pierce damage.. sadly, it doesn't work for bows

PGB - fun.. both are 3 letters

Blade honing does work with throwing weapons, which is cool.

Medea Fleecestealer:
Oh good, another skill my Trickster can use.  ;D


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