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--- Quote from: legowarrior on 22 January 2018, 00:25:16 ---Blade honing does work with throwing weapons, which is cool.

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oh right.. well you know that was written pre-ragnarok :) but thanks for pointing that out

now i write about another mastery that's close to my heart: Storm.. this should be obvious because it's the most mage-y mastery in the game.. some masteries have their own signature skill that makes them the envy of other masteries (like shield attack procs for defense, battle standard for warfare, HoO for nature, etc).. storm has two of them.

squall and obscured visibility - early game this is a good mob kill.. late game it becomes the best damn skill in the game imo.. reduced damage, reduced resistances, 100% impaired aim.. the RR is not absolute but the increased damage you do is still very noticeable.. one of the most dangerous mobs in the game is a mob of archers.. squall is one of the best counter skills for that (if not the best).. the reduced damage also makes me feel safe most of the time.. and this has low cooldown.. with 80% CDR you could literally fill the whole screen with it.. every char with storm should get this

the other signature skill: spell breaker.. the difference is you cast squall all the time, this one is only situational.. when i cast this against bosses, i feel i deal better damage.. they dispel enemy buffs anyway as was explained here.. it also drains their mana.. a boss wouldn't be able to cast most of its boss skills without mana.. 2 to 3 cast against dactyl and you can safely facetank him.. but this is not only for bosses.. one of the most important secondary resistances for me is entrapment resistance (reduced entrapment duration) especially against heavy mobs.. if i have hunting, i simply ignore that because of trail blazing.. the other skill that can counter this is spell breaker.. cast this on yourself and you'll instantly be free.. i also use this to dispel study prey on me

Typhon's thorns gone 5 times at 00:14, 00:54, 01:15, 01:55, 02:15
Spoiler for Hiden:
Dactyl can't use his wave like thingy
Spoiler for Hiden:
now onto the other skills

lightning bolt and chain lightning - this is the reason why storm was my favorite mastery in TQIT.. if you have 90%+ CDR, you can beat all 3 difficulties with this skill alone.. now CDR is capped at 80% and rightly so.. game literally gets broken with 100% CDR.. lightning bolt caps at 2.4 secs now but it's still a good support kill skill.. this seems to have no range in that you can cast this to the edge of your screen.. this is a good LMB skill for casters

thunderball - i don't like this skill for casters because unlike lightning bolt, you have to get close to enemies to cast this.. worse is this oftentimes miss.. so i do think it's better suited for melee chars (yes storm can be used for melee chars as well)

storm nimbus tree - a popular skill distribution is leaving the base skill at 1 point and maxing either heart of frost or static charge.. but there are cases where maxing all 3 skills are worth it (like throwing knives and probably late game oracle ternion)

ice shards - one of the most popular early game caster skills.. this should be paired with squall and heart of frost.. mid to late game though i advise you switch to lightning bolt and another kill skill (ie distortion wave or distort reality if you have dream)

storm surge - for me 1 point should suffice mainly for the stun proc

energy shield - this is actually a good skill as well as it's upgrade (reflection).. this protects against cold and lightning but this does not give added resistance.. this provides absorption so even if you have 80% resist, this will still give added protection.. plus the reflection is helpful against mobs and bosses.. i recommend at least 1pt each

wisp - one of the best pet in the game.. you can leave this at level 1 and not worry about it dying even in legendary.. eye of the storm is a must have for mages

freezing blast - i seldom use this skill but this is a good panic skill.. i don't like the 70% damage absorption but this has actually saved my ass a few times in multiplayer.. yeah, my party saved me


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