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This is something I put together on Reddit (under Psychcaptain).  I thought I might fill up the forum a bit by placing it here as well.  All feedback is welcome.  This is just to get the ball rolling. 

Intellect – 80
Dexterity – 48
Strength – 0
Health – 640
Energy – 512

Active Skills –

Heart of the Oak (4th level) – Provides Health and Increased Speed to you and Allies and can be upgraded to provide reduced energy costs and elemental resistance (Tranquility of Water at 16 level, Permanence of Stone at 24th level)

Regrowth (1st Level)– Provides Rapid targeted healing, and can be upgraded allow for healing nearby allies and more frequent healing (Accelerated Growth at 4th level and Dissemination at 16th level)

Refresh (32th level) – Active ability that reduce the cool down of other active abilities

Briar Ward (10th level) – Creates a wall around you which can cause piercing retaliation damage to those attacking it. Can be upgraded to deal poison damage and increased protection/regeneration and reduced energy cost (Stinging Nettle at 16th level and Sanctuary at 32th level)

Call of the Wild (1st level) – Summons Wolves, and later on up to three wolves can be summoned with a bit of help of boosters. These wolves can be further boosted to deal extra piercing and bleeding damage, do increased damage when low on health, and the ability to boost nearby allies attack, speed and energy regeneration. (Maul at 4th level, Survival Instinct at 10th level and Strength of the Pack at 24th level)

Plague (4th level) – Spreads an affliction that deals poison damage and reduces the enemies’ total health. It can be upgraded to reduce the enemies attack and speed, and make them more susceptible to almost all damage (Fatigue at 10th level, and Susceptibility at 24th level)

Sylvan Nymph (16th level) – An archer for all your archer needs. At higher levels it can cast shields around allies, protecting them against attack and deal extra element damage (Overgrowth at 24th level and Nature’s Wrath at 32th level)
Discussion   ( edit )
Nature is considered a Caster Mastery, and it does provide you with both intelligence and energy, but there isn’t much about it that requires you to put any points into intelligence. A Wanderer would gravitate towards staffs and robes because of that bonus to intelligence, but none of the active abilities benefit from high intelligence, and none of the abilities benefits staffs, unlike Storm, Earth, or Spirit. The fact that Nature provides a melee pet that boosts physical damage at the highest level might be a reason to consider a bow over a staff.

The obvious reason to go with an elemental staff is that many staffs provide boosts to your pets, unlike melee weapons, shields or bows. It also allows you to attack at range, allowing you to seek cover behind your briar ward and wolves and giving you a chance to fire off plague before committing.

With Nature having so little impact on weapons and armor, Nature really seems to open up to a lot of masteries. That being said, the one offense ability that Nature does have (Plague) deals poison damage. Not a lot, but it does mean that Wanderers actually benefit more from Dexterity then it does from intelligence.

So, what does Nature offer?

Well, pets,, buffs and defense.

Pets - With both Wolves and Sylvan Nymphs allow easy area clearing without too much effort on your part. Both do physical damage. Both can benefit from Heart of the Oak, allowing them to move faster and increasing their health. With Heart of the Oak and Regrowth, both can survive most of the games, but without a lot of boosting, I would assume they would die in your boss battles.

Buffs/debuffs – Both your pets can buff nearby allies, but for extra help, you have Heart of the Oak, which increases allies attack rate (including traps!). For extra help, Plague will weaken whole groups, making them easy pickings. Finally, Refresh allows you a chance to recharge your abilities faster. This might be helpful if your pets are dying, or you need to throw out more briar wards/healing. It does cost energy though.

Defense – I wanted to separate this out even though most of your buffs of defensive. Briar Ward gives you a safe space to attack from and can even shelter your nymph and other ranged allies.

What you need –

As I said, Nature does not provide a lot of direct offensive power. Outside of plague, you won’t be dealing direct damage. Outside of the speed boost from Heart of the Oak, you won’t be buffing your standard attacks. Luckily most other Masteries can provide you with the perks you need, but it is something to keep in mind.

On the other hand, since Nature doesn’t boost any single avenue, it means that it is free to combine with any other mastery with little overlap. Jump in with Hunting , War or Rogue and get a solid boost to your attacks with swords, spears, bows or axes. Defense can provide you with more ways to boost your allies, allowing to survive longer and allowing you to get into the fray without worrying too much about your health.

Storm and Earth both provide you with some direct damage and a 3rd pet, although it does mean you have to step back. Spirit gives you access to several more pets, although it does tend to overlap in the survival department. Finally Dream lets you go in almost any direction you want, from pets to direct damage or weapons.

Personally, I’ve had some success with different types of illusionists.

So, is Nature as versatile as I think, or is it’s dabbling in pets and defense a snooze fest. Do you find yourself pulled in a particular direction with nature or is there a skill forever person? I am hoping that this post will start a jump off on how Nature can be used and combined in your game play.

Have you read Tyr's excellent Wanderer's Guide?

He's updated it for the AE version and there are many examples of the different class options.  It's indeed a very versatile mastery.  I usually play it as a caster type, but I've taken a Guardian through most of Epic Xmax for the HC challenge before he died.  An Illusionist can also be good fun if you want to throw knives and traps around while wolves and Nymph do their thing.  :)

Most of my characters have Nature attached to them :P


--- Quote from: Typhon on 18 January 2018, 19:46:27 ---Most of my characters have Nature attached to them :P

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It sounds like it is second nature to you.  :)

i just have to see the title to know who it was :)

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what if dlb was one of us? (in Joan Osborne's tune)

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