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Titan Quest - Eternal Embers Update #5 (public beta)


Fixed issue with monsters having their weapons duplicated
Recharge Reduction no longer affects potions, scrolls or item skills
Changed cooldown reduction on Distortion Wave ~ Chaotic Resonance to scale with level (-0.40s per)
Changed cooldown reduction on Distortion Wave ~ Psionic Immolation to scale with level (-0.25s per)
Decreased energy cost per level on Distortion Wave by 2
Increased energy cost per level on Distortion Wave ~ Chaotic resonance by 2
Reduced armor value on Dvergr mage torsos by 25%
Reduced trigger chances of Convergence
Convergence tooltip now shows its actual duration (30s not 6s)
Added Cast Duration to all levels of Convergence skill.
Removed Wu Tao potion from Convergence's selection
Halved Energy regeneration on Potent Elixir
Halved physical resistance granted by Aura of Tranquility
Fixed Essence of Chaos item & its speed bonuses by changing: instead of flat
value increase the increase is now a percentage of total speed.

HC Dungeons fixes and Changes:
The Greek dungeon that was endemic to the Normal difficulty can now be played on Epic and Legendary.
The Egypt dungeon that was originally found on Epic can now be found on Legendary
Added a skill specially for the Chaos monsters that allows them to scale better in increasing difficulties. Now they do not only rely on the automatic game scaling but have additional strength due to this skill making them super powerful as intended
Made Chaos relic drop for Every player not only for the people who own EE
Adjusted loot orbs and half chests to drop physically more loot in the new Dungeons
Balanced out Experience gain in new Dungeons,
Greece HC dungeon updated. Updated boss chamber, fixed pathing issues here, updated traps and added polish to half way point and grid dungeon area
Added Side areas in dungeons (Hades and Greece)
Disabeled drops from Monsters in new HC Dungeons
Fixed all monsters being the same race (all Magical monsters makes it very easy to counter them)
Fixed bug with Boos Monsters not spawning in new Dungeons
Fixed Egypt HC dungeon doors, added 'Ornate Bronze Door’ tag
Fixed highlighting door in Hades HC dungeon initial chamber just after the 'Key Area’, replaced with door decoration.
Added missing chest reward to Egypt HC dungeon
Updated a few narrative shrine positioning for better pathing in HC Dungeons
Created new loot tables, chests, pools, proxies for Greek and Egypt dungeons and adjusted drop values
Made it so only one of each key can be in player inventory. Added keys to relevant loot tables in higher difficulties.
Prevented fast run-throughs in Dungeons by adding levers to doors.
Reworked Hardcore Dungeon reward sets (WIP)
Added epic versions of Hardcore Dungeon set pieces
Added death and dissolve effects on HC dungeon monsters.
Hardcore dungeons now have a chance to drop a special Stone
Multiple pathing issues fixed
Multiple small visual updates for Dungeons

Added caravan chest into Tartarus hub area
Removed Starting Items From Generic Loot Tables so they don’t drop
Fixed bug with proxies at Ichtian Fjord spawn in the water
Increased defense of all epic difficulty Atlantis armor by 13%
Increased defense of all legendary difficulty Atlantis armor by 17%
Gave more fitting drop/inventory sounds to Ragnarök & Atlantis armor pieces
Gave correct drop/inventory sounds to Ragnarök wooden shields
Prosopon helmet can no longer be sold
Added path blocker near the curse temple in Helos to prevent side quest skip
Added random encounter system into first 3 acts of the base game. (random encounters can spawn enemies, wildlife, sometimes chests etc…)
Tweaked Dvergr sounds
Austri & Nar’s mount now has Energy to cast Kinetic Blast
Buffed Austri & Nar’s HP and skill power
Increased debuff effects on the Great Shroom’s breath attack
Added chance of confusion to Sands of Sleep (Dream skill)
Removed energy cost of the Monster Lure’s attraction aura (Hunting skill)
Added steeper damage and stun scaling to Monster Lure ~ Detonate
Increased retaliation damage on Stoneform ~ Molten Rock (Earth skill)
Increased range on Enslave Spirit (Spirit skill)
Halved mana costs of Enslave Spirit
Added 2 seconds of confusion to Enslave Spirit
Increased area scaling on Freezing Blast (Storm skill)
Removed global +12/25% to XP bonus to players in Epic/Legendary
Changed the basic XP formula to include the same type of bonus
Improved debuff shrines for more hardcore experience, adjusted values for all 8 shrines active:
-50% physical
-50% pierce
-100% fire
-100% cold
-100% lightning
-100% poison
-100% life (vitality)
-100% bleeding
-30% total mana
-20% offensive ability
-20% defensive ability +24% XP
-50% petrification
-50% freeze
-50% energy
-50% disruption
-50% sleep
-50% trap
-50% stun
-50% slowdown

This is now live folks.


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