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Eternal Embers - Update N 2 (public beta)


Added 48 new Champion Monsters;
Added TQ Quest Mod Tools & Workshop Tools
Fixed an issue where Fire elementals’ health bar isn't dropping when receiving damage at the Ten Suns fight;
Updated the following monster resistances, with the values changed according to the monster type: Bandit, Animated armor, Bat, Desert hag, Earth elemental, Eel, Fei Yi, Fire elemental, Gorilla, Mogwai, Monk, Fahai, Mummy, Spider, Sphinx, Water elemental.
Fixed issues causing crashes in the Path of Fenghuang.
Reduced the drop chance of Ceremonial Axe from Wraiths in Egypt (Act III)
Updated pathing in Surtr battle arena to allow pets get into melee combat during one of the battle phases
Fixed an issue with Machae loot tables causing Demonic Rippers not to drop: they now have a drop chance and the stats are adjusted to the game difficulty.
Fixed bug with experience potions not working
Reduced attack speed of throwing Aegipans by 20%
The Necropolis boss now summons adds less often
The Necropolis boss’ grab spell now traps and slows rather than traps and stuns
Fixed missing auto-activation of skill on Triton MI shields
Gorrogos Staff projectiles now roll and are able to connect with enemies
Gorrogos Staff no longer inflicts Lightning damage
Fixed bug with Apples of Idun skill has no cooldown:
added 6s cooldowns to artifact-triggered skills that fully restore HP / MP
also added activation sounds (Nature heal / refresh skills)
Added chance for 'Mummy - Vengeful Revenant’s to drop Revenant Mi’s
Added chance for champion priests to drop Exhumed torso MI
Lowered drop chances for Ceremonial Armband MI’s
Sesketesh hero - added chance to drop Revenant Mi’s
Updated inconsistencies with various monster loot tables
Fixed projectile effect for Xuan Wu’s Staff of Greater Magic to match the base damage type, now has lightning instead of fire projectile;
Significantly reduced Akhenaten cultist’s babble chatter
Updated EE staff projectiles with correct effects for legendary difficulty (fire/cold/lightning)
Replaced white skeleton mesh with brown for Egypt undead to differentiate from China
Changed the price of Amulets and Rings;
Polish language prefixes, quality and style tag in the base game didn't have gender for neutral singular, now it's added;
Set Thunderstrike hit SFX volume from 0.95 to 0.5;
Multiple localizational fixes and corrections and new localized text imported;
Fixed typo: ‘’könnrn’’ replaced with word können on German language
Fixed issue: [Mastery - Skill - Echoes of the Ancestors] EOTA doesn't work beyond skill level 10
Changed the chance for Mogwai to equip the MI Mogwai Cuirass to 7%, this should significantly lower the drop rate of the item.
Fixed an issue where players might not get a quest reward for The Power of Nerthus (Ragnarok DLC) after finishing the quest.
Fixed an issue with Monster Lure dealing damage to enemies if a player has item(s) with bonus to pet damage.
Moved an unreachable chest (below ground) in the Court of Kouloures, to a place where it is accessible.
Fixed a bug with NPCs after Squabbling Merchant side quest.

Wolf Attack changes in Nature Mastery:
reduced Wolf hand damage to zero
in turn, increased damage of default attack skill by 50%
in turn, also doubled pierce damage on Maul skill

(Background: Wolves had received a default physical attack of equal value to replace their “hand” hit, as only the former shows up in tooltips.
However, the hand hit failed to be removed, resulting in doubled wolf damage for the past few years. Therefore the buff to the attack skill’s damage, making the nerf less jarring.)

Tartarus changes:
arena timer increased to 7 minutes
changed “No Pets Allowed” modifier to “Slowed Pets” (and lower burn DoT)
fixed function of “Hero Energy Blocked” modifier
fixed “Non-magical resistances lowered” modifier not appearing
added new modifier that disables dodging/avoiding and blocking attacks
enemy mines spawned on death can now petrify
modifier for enemy cast speed now also grants projectile speed
Adjusted modifier values for lowering player speed
Adjusted modifier values for increasing enemy speed
Adjusted modifier values for increasing enemy attributes
Boss skill “Soul Vortex” now reflects some damage while active
Boss skill “Heal” use parameters changed
Boss skill “Fire Ring” used in less predictable patterns
Reward loot chances rebalanced for a ~50% increase
As an alternative to uniques, the Prize Orb can now drop any Monster Infrequents from Acts 1-4 and Atlantis. These MIs always have affixes (50% dual) and use Atlantis tables (including "of the Tinkerer")
Arena chests now also drop dyes, scrolls, and Arcane Formulae
Arena chests further drop alchemy potions from Eternal Embers
Generally removed epic (blue) items from legendary Atlantis chest drops

Level Design :

Improved performance in DX9 mode

Dried Plains:
updated environment (obvious stone repetition)

Ruins of the Silk Road:
removed stones clipping through bridge near infested spider village
fixed map edge texture blending in Ruined Fort
waterfall stream now flows down into the lake instead of being static
updated lakeside fields ruins area, added torches to light paths clearly
added hidden chest

Rice Fields:
updated mini map which still showed non existent bridge
updated environment near lower river, fixed some terrain issues
added hidden chest

Barren Rice Fields:
updated environment with further general polish
added hidden chest

The Ascent:
relocated random soldier out of perils way into a watch tower
fixed floating cliffs assets
fixed visual issues where stitched tile assets are used
polished some areas around abandoned monastery
replaced Golden Idol transition dungeon tileset from Greek to Orient
dressed Golden Idol and Elemental Cave: Convergence transitions

Collapsed Catacombs:
replaced Greek corpse prop with Egyptian
fixed instances where some containers were obscured by walls

Secluded Cave:
replaced Greek corpse with Egyptian version
replaced spider/undead proxies with scorpion/scorpos/bandit proxies

Temple Region:
fixed name layer displaying outside of region boundary
updated monster groupings / placement for improved gameplay
updated placement of battle shrine proxies
optimized shadows around Flooded Temple of Sobek

Prosoro’s Path:
added torch markers near campsite heading towards the necropolis

Darktread Caves:
added torch light sources
widened some narrow corridors

Cavern of Serket:
fixed water opacity
reworked cavern area to improve player navigation and reward
polished environment and updated lighting
optimized shadows

Mortuary Temple Ruins:
removed side area 'exit’ poi, added secret door in front of stairs to avoid confusion as main way forward
added boss reward chest to final loot chamber

Nile Valley:
replaced 'Inner Sanctum’ poi with 'Stairs Down’ for dungeon entrance
added boss reward chest to Nythri’s lair in the Unmarked Ancient Tomb

Lair of the Forbidden Glyph:
Fixed multiple pathing issues where player was being blocked
Replaced dynamic lighting sources with static to further optimize dungeon/reduce shadows
Created proper 'Inner Sanctum’ area in the center of the dungeon
Relocated mini boss hero to the new Inner Sanctum
Revised proxy/monster types and placement, replaced Akhenaten Cultists with Bandits, replaced spiders with scorpions
Added reward chest for the hero monster
Entrance A; removed stone door to prevent illogical clipping when exiting this way

Temple of Serket:
now has Akhenaten cultists manning the front gate
added npc soldiers to keep the lonely camel company
added boss reward chest to hero chamber

Forgotten Tombs:
added boss reward chest to final loot chamber

Czech localization fixes:
Fixed the disunion of the usage of capital and small letters in item names
Every common class of items have first capital letter (like Great helm or Parazoonian)
Prefixes are written in small letters (like cruel), unless it is proper name (like Aristotle’s)
Suffixes are written in small letters (like of insight), unless it is proper name (like of Pegasus)
All unique and set items are written in CAPITAL letters (like ALEXANDER’S PELTA)
Every prefix has six variants for its usage in the czech localization because of three gender types in the czech language and singular and plural context
Every monster has translated its name into czech as much and as best as possible
Direct transliterations of the names from the language of the mythology to the czech language
Used direct standardized transliteration of Greek names from Greek to Czech
Used direct standardized transliteration of Egyptian names from Egyptian to Czech
Used direct standardized transliteration of Chinese names from Chinese to Czech
Used direct transliterations of old Norse names from old Norse to Czech

itens change from a post

Evil Lion Head elemental damage 200->100
Entropy strength 80->40, ATDtH 15%->5%
Strength of the Nile elemental damage 300-428 -> 200-250, DA 150->50
Di Jun's Pride piercing damage 200-375 -> 100-200
Jian of a Thousand Cuts piercing damage 250->150, bleeding 330->180
Might of the Ancestors physical damage 30%->10%, strength 20%->10%
Bracers of the Red Sea Pierce Resistance 60%->40%, poison resistance 60%->40%, seperate elemental resistance 60%->40%
Wraps of Service pierce resistance 65%->25%
Henuttaneb's Ornate Bracers strength 100->50
Stalwart Torso of Wosret physical resistance 30%->15%
Shai's Whim total damage 10%->7%, strength 10%->7%, dexterity 10%->7%, intelligence 10%->7%
Majestic Speed of the Three Sovereigns pierce resistance 50%->30%

ao guang chest armor pierce resistance reduced 50>>25
temper of storm vitality resistances reduced 60>>30
li jing celestial helmet intelligent reduced 100>>50 and cast speed reduced to half
helmet of aani the protector also reduced damage/atack speed
bracer of kunlun off/def ability reduce to 150>>75
agility of forefathers boots dexterity reduced 100>>50

The update is now live


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