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Titan Quest Atlantis “Elementalist : The Supreme Intelligence” Guide

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Titan Quest Atlantis “Elementalist : The Supreme Intelligence” Guide
(Classic old school mage, Tri-elemental Build)

Are mages viable in Legendary? CDR (cool down reduction) caps at 80%. Beside Icesharder, is there any good caster build?  Should I focus only  on one elemental damage? Do mages suck in comparison to warriors in this game?

These questions from both new and veteran players can be seen everywhere throughout web boards and communities.  Back when I was building an Elementalist, I was wondering about it too.

“IMO Conqueror (Warfare + Defence ) is the archetype of a melee character and you can easily make it strong very easily. On the other hand, Elementalist (Storm + Earth) is a no brainer choice for a mage. If you cannot make it viable or as strong as a Conqueror, Titan Quest would fail to please many players, especially me as a mage lover.”

The guide was made for this simple reason, to justify an old school mage in this game.  My ideal elementalist, as the name suggests, should be the master of elemental – fire, lighting, and cold. This guide is focused on a classic high INT build wielding a staff, not a complex hybrid, which makes it friendly for new players.

As mentioned at the beginning, this is an old school mage build. You just need to pump your INT as much as possible. However, you also need to invest points in HP, DEX and Energy. Let’s see the spec.

INT : You’ll need at least 800+ INT to increase your elemental damage. 800-1000 INT is fine, 1000-1200 is good 1200-1400 is great and 1400+ is ideal. But don’t recklessly spend the points to reach that ideal amount because you’ll gain a lot of INT from your gear too.
650 INT will increase your elemental damage by 100%. If you can reach 1300 INT, it'll be 200% + 150%(from your WISP) +75% cold damage(HEART OF FROST) +100% lightning damage(STATIC CHARGE) +145% fire damage(EARTH ENCHANTMENT) + 245% fire damage (33% chance from your VOLATIVITY). It's 425%-740% already!!. Your gear can boost elemental damage too.

HP is important to every build. You should invest points to reach 5500+, which is the standard for moderate tanking ability.

DEX is less important here since it won’t increase your damage. Put some points to reach around 200+ to equip your end-game gear. I won’t recommend investing points in DEX just to increase your DA (1 DEX = 1DA), putting points in HP is more worthwhile IMO.

DA : You’ll have around 200 base (from your DEX), find the rest from gear to reach 500+ DA or more. Actually, the standard for DA is 800+ to prevent enemies from dealing critical hits.  But for this low DA build, you’ll have a protective combo from the skills, together with +physical resistance gear.
Caution!!!  too low DA like 200-300 will make you easily crit to death even if you have high physical resistance. So wearing at least 1 or 2 +DA item is essential.

Energy : Invest some points to reach around 1500+ energy. This’ll make a room for you to cast multiple spells efficiently (many items will increase your Energy, so don’t put too many points until you find the right gear).

STR can increase physical damage of some of your fire spell (ERUPTION, VOLCANIC ORB and METEOR RAIN), but this build focuses on elemental damage, so it’s clearly optional.

DPS can't show your real damage, since it's all about weapon attack. So you can ignore it.

We can roughly divide the efficiency of this character into 2 aspects:  the damage output and the survivability. The former is no problem for an Elementalist, but the latter is somehow questionable.

“From my experience, survivability depends not only on your gear but also on your auras, skill combinations, and tactics. I’d say it’s around  40% gear 30% skill combos and 30% auras.”

You’ll have a vast variety of spells to choose from. Hence why there’s no need to have a lot of CDR, because you can rotate your spells a lot. Tri-elemental combo is good to deal with all types of monsters. They surely have some weak points against either Fire, Cold or Lightning right?
The Wisp will boost your elemental damage (150% at max+4 level) add up to it Volativity (33% chance of 245% fire and burn damage). Your fire damage will be truly exceptional.

“My concept of spells combinations is “Defensive + Offensive”. Many EARTH and STORM spells aren’t just great for damage, but also for their crowd controlling (CC) abilities. Together they’ll bombard the mobs while these little CC things will add up and protect you from harm.”

Protect yourself from ranged mobs (Squall + Fire Nova)
One of the best CC and Debuff skills  in game. You’ll need the base skill at level 12 (max+2) for 11 meters radius that’ll cover up the battlefield and have a 100% chance of impairing enemy aim. The synergy, OBSCURE VISIBILITY, should be at max+4 level; it will  reduce incoming damage and lower enemies’ resistances by 45% for 6 seconds. The skill is used for both protecting and damaging, it should be the opening spell in the battle and be recast every 5-6 sec to continue its effect.

 A new skill from Atlantis DLC, 132 fire and 396 burn Damage in 20-meter radius!  The skill also applies a 29% chance of impaired aim to all range mobs. With the damage boost from your Wisp, the skill is strong enough to do the  killing.

“Together SQUALL and FIRE NOVA will shut down almost ranged enemy on the battlefield. So RIP, Machae Archers.”

I put only one point to SPELL BREAKER just for situational use such as to get rid of Typhon’s reflection thorns, disrupt Spell Breaker Liches and dispel an entrapment. The skill can deal fairly good damage if you max the entire tree. Its short cool down makes it a good choice for your spell combo.

Protecting yourself from melee mobs (Volcanic Orb + Thunderball)
A fire spell that will explode into 8-15 fragments, each inflicting 1.5 s of stun . VO has a short cool down, so the skill is very handy when you’re surrounded.
You should max the synergy FRAGMENTATION to increase the number of fragments. Max or invest some points in the base skill (if you like) and put 1 point in the synergy CONFLAGRATION just to increase the radius and burn effect.

A lightning spell which also explodes into 6-8 fragments and stuns enemies. Less fragments but the stun effect is longer than VO (4.5 sec).
Max the synergy CONCUSSIVE BLAST to increase number of fragments. Max or invest some points in the base skill too.

“This duo of spells, VOLCANIC ORB and THUNDERBALL, will scatter 14-23 deadly fragments around the battlefield. Let’s say 70% of melee mobs will be stunned or dead before they can reach you. If not, you can throw Volcanic Orb (again) up close to stun enemies that swarm around you and fall back to spam Ice Shard and other spells to get rid of them. It’s time to say goodbye to Jotun, Asgardians and Tigermen.”

FREEZING BLAST is a good CC skill you can consider maxing for its 6.2 meters radius. It can help a lot when fighting dangerous mobs like Cyclops, Dragonian mages and spearmen.

Tri-elemental nuke for mobs and bosses (Ice Shard / Lightning Bolt / Eruption)
One of the best boss killing nukes in game. Many players build a character around this skill, so called Ice Sharder. The skill has no cool down so you can spam it with enough casting speed.  An Elementalist (clearly) is not as good as a Druid or a Thunderer. However, the skill is still very powerful and essential for the tri- elemental build since it’s the only (significant) cold spell for your Elementalist.
To use Ice Shard efficiently, you’ll have a lot of work with your energy. –%Energy cost and a large energy pool alongside with high energy regeneration rate is essential. As an Elementalist, you don’t have to rely on spamming Ice Shard alone. So the spec of your energy can be less efficiency than a true Ice Sharder - around -20% energy cost, 1500 energy and  +5 flat energy regen should be fine.
Oh! Ice Shard also has a CC aspect, the base skill will slow mobs by 15%. Sweet!

Max the base skill for 239-486 lightning damage (strong boss nuke) and the synergy CHAIN LIGHTNING (217 – 324 lightning damage), the spell will be a good multi target nuke. This skill also has a stun effect that will add up to your CC combo.

The longest-lasting spell in the game which still remains as the most powerful one. This lovely small volcano that will erupt around 30-40 total fragments in a 7-8 m radius. As mentioned before, the Wisp’s buff will make this skill truly powerful.

“I pick only ICE SHARD and LIGHTING BOLT because I lack skill points and have too many spells to cast already. You can freely choose your own boss-killing spell combo that suits your playstyle.”

You can consider other spells like FLAME SURGE as your nuke too. Its damage is better than Ice Shard here, the synergy BARRAGE will reduce its recharge time to 0 at level 10 (max+2) and also give –mana cost. You can easily spam this spell without much energy. But the skill has quite a short range, so you’ll need to come closer to the mobs. Don’t bother with long cooldown spell like METEOR RAIN  if you have less than -60% recharge.

The main auras are EARTH ENCHANTMENT and STORM NIMBUS. They not only increase your fire, cold and lightning damage but also offer fairly good protection.

You should max everything in EARTH ENCHANTMENT tree, including STONE SKIN for 39 fire resistance and 75 armor which applies to every armor part (75x4 = 300 Combined Armor). This will make your toon a bit more sturdy.

VOLATIVITY is key for Earth characters, max it to make your fire spells reach their full potential.

For STORM NIMBUS, just put one point to the base skill since +flat cold and lightning damage will not apply to your spells (they’ll apply to your weapon attack and pet’s damage instead). Max HEART OF FROST and STATIC CHARGE for +%cold and lightning damage. HEART OF FROST provides 50% slowed movement and attack retaliation to the mobs swarming you, very good protection and tactic-wise. In some situations, mobs will be slowed, so you can fall back and strike from afar with your deadly spells.

Put one point or invest a few in RING OF FLAME. Its synergy SOFTEN METAL can give you a bit of protection by reducing enemy OA (offensive ability).

STORM SURGE is also a good damaging /CC aura. This skill (at max+ 4 level) will have 15% chance to activate 145 cold + 123-197 lightning damage and 1.5 sec stun to the baddies around you. If you invest in or max it, the skill can help you a lot.

In addition, you’ll be very strong against elemental damage due to your HEAT SHIELD (fire absorption and 15% physical resistance) and ENERGY SHIELD (cold and lightning absorption). When maxed out, these 2 shields will eliminate almost all incoming elemental damage, but it’s not necessary to max them out if you already have a lot of base resistance. Basically - the more elemental resistance you have, the less points you need to invest in those skills. Don’t forget that your fire aura and Wisp will also increase your elemental resistances.

“Altogether, you’ll be well-protected by your auras against elemental and melee damage. They’ll provide you extra armor, stun and slow melee mobs, and also reduce their OA. Your Heat Shield will give you 15% physical resistance so don’t forget to have this shield on all the time (even when you are not facing against mobs with fire damage).”

Surprisingly, Elementalist is a fairly good reflective character. Let’s see this hidden side of STORM + EARTH combo.

Your main reflective skill is ENERGY SHIELD;  its synergy REFLECTION will reflect damage back to enemy (33% chance of 242% damage reflect at max+4 level). Its average damage is comparable to TRANCE OF EMPATHY (Dream mastery) or RALLY (Defence mastery) or wearing one piece of Legendary Icescale Armor. So actually, it’s quite powerful.

On top of that, you’ll have many retaliation/auto activated skills : STATIC CHARGE (synergy from STORM NIMBUS) will offer you 15% chance of 251 lightning retaliation, STORM SURGE can activate when you get hit, RING OF FLAME will automatically hurt enemies around you. Your HEAT SHIELD also has some burn retaliation.
Finally, you’ll have STONE FORM and its synergy that will protect you from any harm for 6-8 sec and let your reflect/retaliation/auto activated skills do their job.

“Though their damage seem puny at first, they’ll add up and do significant damage. Technically you can consider it as your secondary source of DPS, so don’t forget to invest some points in all of these skills. You’ll have a good strategy to fight many hard-hitting bosses and mobs; the stronger damage they inflict on you – the shorter their life will be. So say RIP to Toxeus, Dragonians and Typhon.”

SUMMON WISP is essential for the build. Its synergy EYE OF THE STORM will increase your elemental damage by 150% and give you 45% cold and lightning resistance at max+4 level Super awesome pet for a mage indeed.
At level 5, your WISP will gain an ability called Thunder Clap which does lightning damage and stuns groups of enemies. With its 99% dodging ability, WISP rarely dies, however, any AOE from bosses will easily kill it. Simply  re-summonning it should do fine, so it’s not urgent to invest many points in the pet itself.

Atlantis DLC expands the WISP tree with ARC DISCHARGE, a skill similar to chain lightning. This skill does 153-468 lightning damage and applies a 0.5 sec stun to multiple enemies, which means it’s almost as strong as your LIGHTNING BOLT. You should put at least 1 point (for the stun effect) or invest more in it (will be a good free lightning spell).

SUMMON CORE DWELLER is great for tanking due to his taunting ability. You can sacrifice him to bosses and rain your deathly spells while they are busy with the pet. IMO Cory is too very expensive to be tanky enough. You’ll need to max the base skill, METAMORPHOSIS, and INNER FIRE, or you’ll find him to be too weak and too slow to draw aggro from you.

The strategy is simple. Open with SQUALL and then bombard your stun spell duo, VOLCANIC ORB and THUNDERBALL alongside with 1-2 clicks of ICE SHARD (to conserve energy) and LIGHTNING BOLT. Your reflection and retaliation skills are still active and subtly do their damage. In 3-4 secs, 80% of the mobs will be dead already. If not, you can recast VO again with FIRE NOVA and ICE SHARD to clear the screen.

Melee mobs and bosses with high physical and piercing damage like Dragonians, Ylva, Minotaur, Jotun and Toxeus will be your archenemy, especially when playing in XMAX mod. 1-2 of them are just fine but if there’s 20 mobs or 3 bosses it can be a nightmare.  When facing tough bosses, try to keep SQUALL on all the time (to reduce the damage), turn into STONE FORM when your HP is low and let your reflection and retaliation kill them, drink your potions and strike back with your tri-elemental spells. You can spam ICE SHARD to nuke the bosses, they will die fast.

Titan Quest Atlantis “Elementalist : The Supreme Intelligence” Guide

Spoiler for Hiden:
Mages always have weak points against melee mobs which make up around 70-80% of enemies in TQ. Vice versa, if you can cope with this problem you’ll be nearly invincible. Your goal is to have:
1.   Good resistances, especially PHYSICAL resistance.
2.   +4 or more to all skills. You’ll  have to invest in many expensive spells, so +5-6 is ideal.
3.   200%+ casting speed is essential to the build.
4.   Super high INT. This is one of the best way to increase your Tri-elemental damage.
5.   +% elemental damage can also increase the damage of your spells.
6.   A bit of –%recharge, -%energy cost, flat energy regen to cast multiple spells continuously
7.   Some amount of DA (500+)

You don’t have to worry much about your elemental resistances, so physical – pierce – poison resistances should be focused on instead. You can get vitality resistance from Demon Blood charm or certain Artifacts. Bleeding damage is not as common, so it’d be fine with low bleeding resistance.

Physical resistance is the key for this build, it’ll compensate for your low DA effectively and protect you from every melee mob (archers partially deal physical damage too). You’ll already have 15% physical resistance from your HEAT SHIELD. A lot of mage gear also has some physical resistance and you can find it from charms and relics too. Besides the spells and auras strategy, I’ll introduce mage-friendly items (based on my experience) to you in this guide. You can choose one of them or more and mix freely with your own preferences.

Archmage’s Mantle
The highest physical resistance item in game. It can have around 35% physical resistance which combined with HEAT SHIELD will provide you a total of 50% physical resistance. Oh, it also has high pierce resistance!

Cloak of Zoroaster
Has around 15% physical resistance and 10% Chance to dodge. It’s chance based (15% chance of 100% physical resistance) so it’s quite random and considered less effective than regular one. However the torso comes along  with +1 to all skills.

Corselet and Armlets of Freyja
The armor has many high essential resistances like pierce and poison, combined with 100 DA and + 1 to all skills. The armlets are also very useful with their high resistances, DA, casting speed, and a bit of – %recharge. That’s why Freyja set is among the top tier gear for any INT build.

Diogenes’ Chiton
20% physical and some basic resistances with -15% energy cost. This armor is also easy to farm in Epic difficulty.

Vestment of the Overlord
10% physical and 40% pierce resistance that come along with 140 DA, good HP/EP and +2 to all skills!

Fata Morgana
An Atlantis chest armor with 10% physical with high pierce and elemental resistances that can rival Corselet of Freyja. This armor also can convert your damage to elemental damage, making it a good choice for a hybrid mage character.

Ch’kra’s Vestment
A very good MI that drops from the Formicid Hero. It has 70% pierce resistance and 90 DA. Farm it until you find one with good resistances and socket it with Dragon Blood charm for more physical resistance.

Ethereal Cage
This MI chest armor has some life leech retaliation. You can find a good one with pierce or poison resistance and socket it with Dragon Blood.

Plouton’s Cornucopia and Bracelet
The armor has high pierce resistance, 220 DA, -10 recharge and +1 to all skills. A perfect choice to increase your DA, or choose the bracelet for 215 DA also -10 recharge 20% attack speed and 50% casting speed (It’s less offensive than Archmage’s Clasp but gives you more protections).

Plouton’s Crown and Wraps
Super high 80% poison resistance, -10% recharge and -20% energy cost. This crown also provides you life leech retaliation which helps you regain you HP upon being hit. It’s also an effective way to protect you from melee mobs. Wearing 2 of these Plouton items will grant you a set bonus with more life (and energy) leech.

Stheno’s Wisdom
A great MI head armor with 12% physical resistance and 75% casting speed. Socket it with Dragon Blood charm or Cunning of Odysseus relic (30% INT). I find it very useful for every type of mage.

Crest of Hypnos, Coronel of the Abyss and Demonskin Walkers
Tons of resistances and DA from these two helms make them a top notch choice. Demonskin boots are also an exceptional item for mage characters.

Boots of the Valkyrie
High armor rating, this MI already has +1 to all skills and 12% movement speed that make it a versatile choice for any mage build.

Band of Souls
Apart from high vitality resistance, the ring also has a 30% chance of 130 life leech and energy leech retaliation. Doesn’t seem so effective but it’s good enough indeed. This ring is also one of my choices because it provides life leech and energy leech resistance. Elementalists depend a lot on their auras for protections. When you lose your energy and auras, your survivability drops badly. I recommend to have some protection from energy leeching attacks too.

Socrates’ / Occult Ring of Supremacy (DA)
One of the best mage rings ever!! You can buy it from vendors (if you have Atlantis DLC, you can shop Socrates/Occult Ring of Tinkerer which allow you to socket 2 relics or charms on it). The ring will boost your INT or your elemental damage/casting speed considerably and give you around 90 DA. You can socket it with Demon’s Blood for vitality and stun resistance or Dionysus relic for some physical resistance.

Seal of Hephaestus
Boosts your fire damage by 70-80%. 10% chance of physical resistance. The ring will provide you with an extra HEAT SHIELD that you can cast on your WISP to protect it from fire AOE.

Aphrodite’s Favor
Great resistances, 900 HP and +2 to all skills make it one of the best amulets for casters.

10% physical resistance and +2 to all skills, the amulet provides you around -25% recharge

Torc of the Ancestors
Tons of resistances, 10% physical resistance and 100 DA, +1 to all skills and 30% total damage make it a versatile amulet for every build.

Dragon Blood Charm
A good source of physical resistance. Although it is chance based (20% chance of 100% physical resistance), it also has some nice bonuses like energy leech, stun, elemental, vitality and bleeding resistance. You can find a right one and socket it to either chest and head armor.

Demon Blood Charm
A very useful charm for vitality and stun resistances that can socket to your jewelry. It has some nice bonus whether more vitality resistance, some elemental resistance, DA or energy leech resistance.

Dionysus’ Wineskin Relic
Good old physical resistance and HP relic that you can socket to your rings and amulets. The best bonuses are 65 DA or 450 HP.

Star of Evening Relic
Great offensive Atlantis relic for mage, 27% elemental damage and casting speed. Can socket to your jewelry.

The Children of Okeanos Relic
It has 66% slower movement retaliation that will add up to your HEART OF FROST aura, every mobs that touch you will be slow like freezing. The relic will grant you 540 energy and can has a bonus of 30% cold damage.

Staff of the Cosmos
A perfect staff for casters: 30% elemental damage, -30% energy cost, 100% casting speed, 100 DA and 10% chance to dodge. A must-have!

This staff only boosts your lightning damage (15%), but comes along with a ton of resistances: 45% elemental and pierce resistance and 100% poison resistance!

A high level staff with +1 to all skills, -20% recharge and 33% chance of +100% elemental damage. 1/3 of your spells will become substantially more intense.

Lei Kun’s Gnarled Staff
A good staff for protection with 15% physical and 60% pierce resistances, 100 DA and 8% chance to dodge. The staff will boost your elemental damage by 20% too.

You can choose an artifact like Might of Hephaestus (30% elemental damage,HP/Energy regen and +1 to Earth), Gambanteinn (25% chance of spike 200% elemental damage and -25% recharge) or choose an defensive one like Apple of Idune for high vitality resistances (100%) and high energy/HP regen that will solve your energy problem.

Performance in legendary: 10/10 (One of the strongest class, very balancing character.)
Performance in XMAX: 9/10 (Good at clearing all mobs. But multiple bosses still take time to die.)
Performance in Multiplayers : 8/10 (slow movement, compare to melee character.)
Fun meter: 8/10 (a bit too old school.)

The Guide was edited by Torstein.

Thank you for reading, I'll gladly answer any questions. I've been playing with my friend @Torstein159 for a long time, we've built many characters together and often share items. Torstein also help me edit this guide.
My building style:
1.   I don’t usually focus on high dps, but rather on being effective enough to kill packs of monsters.
2.   My builds depend on skills combos and synergies between 2 masteries. (around 30% of a build)
3.   The choice of gear is quite important (around 30%). I love to vary my gear as much as possible. For each build, I never wear the same torso armor.
4.   Balancing is key. I love to make all-around characters, that can deal with every type of mobs or bosses in the game. That means, I opt for good resistances and different types of damage.(20%)
5.   I get bored easily, so I try to make each character unique in terms of skills and play style. (10%)
6.   Fashion! I love fashion, so my characters should dress well, or at least try to avoid ugly items. (10%)
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I never tried an elementalist before, because of the feeling that the output damage would be too low in end-game due to the lack of synergies between earth & storm.
But your video showed the opposite: the killing speed of an elementalist is really, really nice. And its gameplay is not boring at all.
That said i've still some doubts about its survivability in Xmax.

A few questions:
- how the elementalist deals with the brutal waves of monsters in Atlantis ?
- what are your thoughts about the new skills fire nova and meteor shower ? in your build, nova is used only.
- Have you compared Fire/cold/lightening spells dps ? one is tempted to play only with fire spells boosted by the wisp, the earth enchant and volatility buff no ?
- what about flame surge ? sure its range is short but in Xmax, we are so often at close range. If i remember well, flame surge dps was good. Maybe a good spell for Atlantis ?

Thanks for your guide  ;)

I'll offer my thoughts until anuchy reads this.. i have played elementalist i think 2x in TQIT (at least once) then again once in AER.. in TQIT i have tried this same build all int (of course different items like no freyja items yet).. also not relying on 80% CDR and getting all 3 elements.. I've also tried the stone form + reflect and yes it works but I'll talk about the caster build

damage is not a problem no.. the fun always depends on the player.. survivability i feel like always relies on your finger ready to press stone form.. always always get your finger on the ready

i have managed to make an elementalist with good survivability not relying on stone form 2x but both are not doable anymore.. first is >90% CDR in TQIT.. mobs couldn't get close to my toon anymore with lightning bolt spam.. lightning bolt has stun that probably helped but when the recharge time is less than 1sec mobs would die before they get close

2nd is in TQAER with shield and 1200DA.. with shield, 1200DA, squall spam and positive resists survivability is very good.. but it relied on corselet of freyja 100% DA which was nerfed since Atlantis.. i don't know if 1200 is still reachable without sacrificing anything.. i was also wearing helm of valholl of the mammoth (high health but str gear) with +2 skills erebus.. then thoths glory to keep my str to just 300+

today's elementalist i feel always relies on your instinct when to press stone form.. like knowing when to press it before you even have to press it.. I'm too lazy right now to think and try if it's still doable 1200 DA


--- Quote from: Tauceti on 04 January 2020, 01:26:06 ---I never tried an elementalist before, because of the feeling that the output damage would be too low in end-game due to the lack of synergies between earth & storm.
But your video showed the opposite: the killing speed of an elementalist is really, really nice. And its gameplay is not boring at all.
That said i've still some doubts about its survivability in Xmax.

A few questions:
- how the elementalist deals with the brutal waves of monsters in Atlantis ?
- what are your thoughts about the new skills fire nova and meteor shower ? in your build, nova is used only.
- Have you compared Fire/cold/lightening spells dps ? one is tempted to play only with fire spells boosted by the wisp, the earth enchant and volatility buff no ?
- what about flame surge ? sure its range is short but in Xmax, we are so often at close range. If i remember well, flame surge dps was good. Maybe a good spell for Atlantis ?

Thanks for your guide  ;)

--- End quote ---
Thanks for your comment! I'm pretty sure that the output damage is very high or at least good enough. There are some synergies between the Earth and Storm. From my experience, if you manage to get Heat Shield and Energy Shield for your character, you will be very strong against basic attack - physical and elemental. These 2 shields can help you manage your resistances with ease because you don't have to worry about you elemental resistance. That's why a lot of my Storm character used Seal of Hephaestus for fire resistance and Heat Shield skill, WISP also boost burn damage from the ring too.

The survivability is OK if you invest on physical resistance as mention in the guide. And Band of Soul is essential for fighting 3 Typhons in xmax.

1. I just test Atlantist xmax run and there is no problem with any mobs, Aegipans, Undeads at Gadir, Reptilians and Coral Guardians. Despite the lag and frame drop (sometime I barely see any movement), the stun duo spells work properly ^_^. Just keep throwing your spell to the mobs and keep Squall on at all time. The most dangerous point is undead  archers around the tomb, they are scatter through out the map, so sometime only one Squall can't cover the area. So I have to fall back and recast double Squall or cast Fire Nova to cripple them.

2. I've selected only Fire Nova. IMO it's has big AOE and CC aspect that make it versatile for every Earth build. The cool down is not that long, so it's quite effective enough even if you have small 10% -recharge. On the other hand, Meteor Rain has very very long cool down. The skill can dealing massive damage but it's random and the damage is mostly physical. IMO It might be better with hybrid INT/STR character (my Evoker use this as one of his main spells). And you need to have more than -60% recharge to cast it effectively.

3-4. Yeah I've compare Fire spells to tri-elemental spells. Fire spells is stronger, Flame Surge melt everything and doesn't have any problem casting it upclose at the mobs. it's a bit annoying when you have to catch up with those nasty fast movement archers and try to spam Flame Surge to them (Ice Shard is much better at this). If you choose only fire spells, you'll face some problem fighting Fire Jotun and there are many high fire resistance mobs too. Tri-elemental is more balance IMO. And I already build an Evoker as a fire mage, so I want to vary my playing style with this Elementalist. ^_^


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