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“Evoker : The Supreme Fire Mage” Guide

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Titan Quest Atlantis “Evoker : The Supreme Fire Mage” Guide
(Auramancer, Ring Of Flame, Flame Surge, Physical + Fire Mage Build)

The Auramancer who simply passes by and kills enemies using their auras is a very elusive idea that many players want to build. Does it exist in TQ? I would answer from my experience : Yes and No.

Yes : If you want to build an Auramancer, Evoker (Earth+Dream) is an obvious choice. Because these 2 masteries offer you the most offensive auras in game, Ring of Flame and Trance of Wrath. If you choose the right gear and spend your attributes wisely, your auras will be good enough to kill many mobs in legendary. Earth allows you to use Stone Form, a skill that protects you from all damage types and lets your aura do the killing.

No : However, the game can become very boring. The killing rate will be moderately slow, especially when you reach Legendary act 3 and beyond, where the mobs will get tougher and hit harder and force you to protect yourself with Stone Form more often. That’s not very appealing. So on top of your deathly auras, why not cast your Dream and Fire spells to quickly get rid of all hordes? Your Auramancer will become the Supreme Fire Mage.

At the first glance, my Evoker gives an impression of a DPS melee guy, but he’s actually a mage. I have to thank my friend, @Torstein159 , who suggested the idea of using STR-based gear instead of INT-based staff and armor, so the character is now complete. This build is quite complex regarding gear, stat distribution and skill combos, but let’s look into the skills first.


Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
If you take a look at my video, there are many spells being casted simultaneously, but they can be divided into 4 groups.

1. Auramancer Skills
RING OF FLAME tree – The base skill at max+4 level will cause 102 fire damage per second to all enemies around you in melee range (3.4 meter radius), so you need to come close, if you want to kill them with your auras.

The synergy Soften Metal will cause only just 45 physical damage per second at the max+4 level. Seem like a bad choice, but hold on! It’ll also provide you a fairly good protection, by reducing enemy OA (offensive ability) by 25% and their armor by 202, making them more sensitive to physical damage. My Evoker has around 1000 DA (defensive ability), and with this synergy, melee mobs can rarely hurt him.  I’d say this aura is quite underrated, many people think that it’s useless due to its high energy consuming. However, I’ve found it useful and always invest some points to this skill with all of my Earth characters. So I’d like to recommend you to max all the skill tree.

TRANCE OF WRATH – Another offensive aura that will provide 265 electrical burn damage over 4 sec (66 damage per second) and 40% reduction to all enemy resistances in a 6 meter radius, which is essential for an Auramancer. It also cripples all mobs by applying 1 sec of skill disruption.

Together they will create a deathly zone for enemies that come close to you. First, their fire resistance will be lowered, they can’t use their skills effectively. Your ToW will apply electrical burn to them, and after coming closer and getting hit by RoF, they’ll try to hit you but sadly miss the target and finally die by your auras.
The 2 Auras will drain your energy very fast (especially RoF), so you’ll need good –%energy cost and energy regeneration gear to make these auras active at all times. Turning RoF on and off is awfully inconvenient.

2.Crowd Control Skills
SANDS OF SLEEP – Cut 7 enemies out of the battlefield by simply putting them to sleep. This is very effective against arches, since sometimes there are too many of them to simply rush in - you’ll get KO-ed in one shot. During the fight, you can still put them to sleep since your damage over time (burn, electrical burn) won't wake them up. However, your RoF will, so you should petrify them immediately with Distort Reality. I recommend to use this skill as a right mouse click and max or at least invest some points in it.

DISTORT REALITY – This is both a great crowd control and a killing skill. If you wear a lot of  +physical damage gear and invest points in STR, 315 physical and 228 vitality damage from max+4 base skill will instantly kill the targets around you. The synergy Temporal Rift will add 723 electro burn damage and petrify mobs for 5.3 second (8-meter radius). That’s why it’s always a popular choice among crowd control skills.

FIRE NOVA – A new skill from Atlantis DLC, dealing 132 fire and 396 burn damage in a 20-meter radius!  The skill also applies 29% chance of impaired aim to ranged mobs, let’s say ¼ of them will be crippled. This is a great new crowd control skill for Earth Mastery.

3. Catastrophic Fire Spell
ERUPTION – The most long-lasting spell in the game, still remaining at the top of the power hierarchy. The lovely, small volcano will erupt around 30-40 total fragments in a 7-8 meters area. Each fragment will cause 121 physical and 112-138 fire damage to the enemy it hits. Investing attribute points to STR and INT will boost the damage.

METEOR RAIN – The new and highest damage dealing spell from Atlantis. Call 7-8 meteors from the sky, with 228 burn and 1520-1672 physical damage each!! This seem to be very destructive, but sadly, it randomly falls on the targets. Sometimes they’ll hit the mob directly, and sometimes they will miss the target miserably.
Both of these big fire spells have the same characteristic, they’re quite random. Thankfully that’s not a problem here, since together they will cover up enough area to destroy all the mobs and bosses.

4. Fire Nuke Spell (Left Mouse Click Skill)
FLAME SURGE – Is this for real? The skill is notorious for underperforming in comparison to other similar skills. Let’s have a discussion on Flame Surge first.
You have to max the entire tree to make Flame Surge effective. The base skill will increase flat fire damage. The most important synergy of this skill tree is Barrage, it will add burn damage and reduce recharge time to 0 at level 10 (max+2) and also reduce the mana cost for the skill, so you can easily spam your fire nuke with quite low energy cost. The last synergy, Flame Arch, will increase the number of projectiles and add more damage to the skill, so the fire will spread out in a fan-shape (moderately short range).

Flame Surge VS Ice Shard : I’d say that damage of these 2 spell is comparable. Ice Shard has more range, which makes it superior to Flame Surge, but you will need to wear a lot of –% mana cost gear to spam it. In comparison, Flame Surge doesn’t need them, but you’ll need to come closer to the mob. So consider it as something like a melee attack with a bit of AoE (area of effect) for mage characters.
IMO Flame Surge gets along well with an Auramancer since you’ll have to be at melee range to let your auras damage the mobs. But please note that Flame Surge has a problem with some high hitbox enemies like Hades’ last form, Eagles at Yggdrasil branch. The skill can’t hit them reliably, so you’ll need to kill them with other spells.

Alternative Left Mouse Click Skills
PSIONIC TOUCH – The Atlantis DLC introduced a new synergy PSIONIC BEAM to this tree. The skill is now a very good single target nuke and has a 100% chance to pass through enemies at max +4.  You’ll have to wield a staff for it, which means less protection, but can take advantage of ADCtH (attack damage converted to health). It’s good for fighting bosses, but you’ll end up as a caster + auramancer + weapon user. IMO, it’d be hard to get good attack speed and ADCtH alongside high cool down reduction, casting speed and –%energy cost.

PHANTOM STRIKE – Another great option, if you have a lot of –recharge you can Phantom Strike mobs almost all the time. The synergy Dream Stealer will help you leech energy too.

VOLCANIC ORB – Also a solid choice, good damage and can stun many enemies. The skill already has a short cool down that makes it effective even without a lot of – recharge gear. 

Dream and Earth Supportive Skills
EARTH ENCHANTMENT Tree and VOLATIVITY will significant increase your fire, burn and physical damage. So go ahead and max out all of them, including Stone Skin (synergy of Earth Enchantment) for 39% fire resistance and 75 armor that will apply to every part of your armor, which is equal to 75x4 = 300 combined armor. This will make your toon a bit more sturdy.

STONE FORM is a must have. If you have around -65% recharge, you can turn into stone whenever you want. Put just one point to both the base skill and to Molten Rock. The fire retaliation damage is too tiny to make a bigger difference.

LUCID DREAM Tree is also essential for increasing your damage, DA (defensive ability), CTAP (chance to avoid projectile) and total speed.

HEAT SHIELD – Put just 1 points to gain 15% physical resistance (one of the best protection auras in the game IMO) or invest some points to gain more fire damage absorption (useful against reflective mob)

Pet companions are optional. However, I prefer Dream pet SUMMON NIGHTMARE. It’s resistance reduction ability from the synergy Hypnotic Gaze can help a lot when facing highly fire-resistant bosses. SUMMON CORE DWELLER is also great for tanking due to his taunting ability. You can sacrifice him to bosses and conjure your deathly spells to crush them.

Don’t forget to put some points into DISTORTION FIELD or max it. If you have a lot of –recharge, the skill will trigger almost all the time and will grant you more damage absorption.

I always open with Sands of Sleep. Stealthily approach the group, and when your offensive auras wake them up… Booom… Distort Reality + Fire Nova. I’m sure that 80% of creatures in this game can’t survive this combo. If they are still alive you can cast your Eruption and Meteor Rain to wipe them out. Clearing the remains (if needed) by your LM click Flame Surge or other skill you like.
Boss fights are a bit tricky for a caster, compared to a weapon user. The main problem is : you won’t have ADCtH for tanking, so you’ll have to kite around or use Stone Form when your HP is low (don’t worry, your auras are still doing their job). Strike back with your Flame Surge nuke or big fire spells.

Both ToW and RoF are very INT sensitive, You’ll need 800+ INT to make these auras effective enough to kill mobs in Legendary (1000+ is ideal). INT helps your energy regeneration rate too.
Earth and Dream spells deal both physical and elemental (fire and electro burn) damage, so you can also invest points in STR (will increase physical damage of your spells). Investing points in both will grant you a chance to equip both INT and STR gear. I recommend around 400-550 STR to equip higher-end STR gear.

DEX is less important here since it has nothing to do with your damage. So invest in DEX (around 200) only to match gear’s requirements.

HP is fairly important. Around 5000+ should be fine.
Energy is quite important here, you’ll also need a large pool of energy to cast mulitple big fire spells. Invest some points, if needed, to reach 1500+ energy (it depends on your –%mana cost gear)

DA is important too. You’ll have Premonition in Lucid Dream tree, so that’s +175 DA already. It’s better to get the rest from gear rather than from investing points in DEX. You’ll need around 800 DA to prevent mobs from landing critical hits on you. Your RoF lowers mobs’ OA, so it should be fine, even if you can’t reach that amount of DA.

Tip: In my opinion, it’s better to differentiate your damage, that’s why investing in STR is important not only for equipping the desired armour and weapon pieces, but for the offensive aspect of it too. Many of Evoker’s spells deal physical damage after all, so it’s important to make use of it too.

“Evoker : The Supreme Fire Mage” Guide

Spoiler for Hiden:
As mentioned above, if you invest stat points in both INT and STR, you can take advantage of being a hybrid caster. There are many good gear options for the build.
Your goal is to have
1.  High +physical and fire damage (+total, elemental, electro burn damage is great too)

2. +Flat energy regeneration (around 10 per second is enough for your aura), large energy pool and -20% energy cost or more. All of these will help you sustain your auras and cast many expensive spell efficiently.

3.  Having at least 150% casting speed is of great importance to any mage, otherwise you might find your character stuck in the animation for too long. Casting speed becomes more important is you decide to use Flame Surge, in which case I’d recommend 200%+.

4.  -60% recharge or more. Earth and Dream spells like Distort Reality, Fire Nova, Eruption and Meteor Rain have snail-esque cooldown. This build will rock or not, it depends a lot on -recharge.

5.  +4 to all skill or more

6.  Moderate DA (around 600-800) and good resistances.

7.  –%requirement gear (if possible). It’s quite important for a hybrid character. if you spend too many points in DEX or STR, your damage output could suffer greatly. Just one item with –%req should solve all your problems.

8. DPS and Attack speed are optional.

My Choice : Lævateinn (+flat cold damage and slow effect upgraded – courtesy of Torstein) – This upgrade doesn’t help here since I rarely swing my sword ^_^ . Having 45% physical, fire and burn damage and +2 to Earth is perfect.

Alt Choices : Hand of Hephaestus – 50% fire and burn damage is great, also +1 to Earth. If you wear 2-3 parts of this set, you’ll get bonus pierce resistance too.

Iris – 15% total damage and -20% energy cost.

Lycergus’ Wisdom – 25% physical damage and -20% STR requirement for weapons, armour and shields. This level 15 club is surprisingly useful.

Reginn’s Hammer – 40% physical and fire damage, - 20% STR requirement for armor and also +50% damage to constructs and devices. It’s a great choice as a secondary weapon against constructs.

Scepter of The Shadow King – 20% physical and electrical burn damage. Also a solid choice for 220 DA and +1 to all skills.

Giant’s Tooth – Despite the nerf to this mace, +40% STR can still prove very useful, especially if you’ve got it upgraded, as I think many might have done.

Einherjar’s Fate – Great green MI sword that has around 20% physical damage as a base stat. You can find –requirement or + fire and burn damage one and socket it with Prometheus Flame relic.

Chakram of The Sun – 30% fire and burn damage, -15% recharge and +2 to Earth. (needs high DEX to equip it)

Touch of Nyx – 25% Physical damage, -30% energy cost, 30% casting speed and 10 flat energy regeneration. They are all you need here. (needs higher DEX than Chakram of the Sun)

Fafnir’s Teeth – 30% total damage and 10% physical resistances. It’s a low level throwing weapon, so you won’t need high DEX to equip it.

Staff of the Cosmos – Still remains a solid choice for all casters, with -30% energy cost, 30% elemental damage, 120 DA and 100% casting speed.

Eye of Osiris – Another great Staff for the build, 35% fire and burn damage, 70% fire resistance and 50% poison resistance, -20% reduction to all requirement and +2 to Earth.

You can also find some good fire MI Staff like Ker’s Fetish or Prospector Rod and socket it with the relic you like.

My Choice : Golden Shield of Pelaron (Juggernaut upgraded  -  30% physical damage and some resistances) - One of the best shield for hybrid caster character, provide you good casting speed, -recharge, -energy cost and 10 flat energy regeneration all in one.

Alt Choices : Hephaestus’ Molten Shield – high fire resistance, -20% reduction to all requirement and +1 to Earth.

Priam’s Gate or Aionios – Other good shields with many great resistances.

Rings of the Rhine – for 300 DA, -15% recharge and -15% requirement.

The Greg – 5% physical resistance, 5% dodge and CTAP, 10 flat energy regen and -10% energy cost.

My Choice : Odysseus’ Armor – Mainly for the huge -30% reduction to all requirement. This armor also provides you 25% physical damage and -15% recharge.

Alt Choice : Mantle of Sa’jun – a popular melee guy armor with a ton of resistances. It needs moderate STR (473) to equip. Definitely a good choice.

Rhesus’ Whitewashed Armor – an underrated piece of armor with 20% total speed and -13% reduction to all requirements (473 STR required). The armor also offers basic resistances.

Etruscan Cuirass – another low level STR armor that comes with -20% requirements. -10% energy cost and basic resistances.

Feng Xao’s Meditation Robes – an INT armor with high vitality resistance, -15% energy cost, -15% recharge and high energy regen.

Tunic of Magi, Corselet of Freyja with tons of resistances and DA or Glycon Acolyte’s Robe with 10% total dmg, vitality, electrical burn with many high resistances, chance to dodge and +2 to dream. It’s a solid choice.

Coat of the Chosen – a green MI mage armor with 66 chance of -80% energy cost, will definitely get rid of all the energy problems. I recommend to socket it with The Stew of Eldhrimnir relic, this relic will grant you 12 flat energy regen and 12% STR with a bonus you prefer (41 pierce resistances or 15% STR or 25% physical damage are the best). You can find any good –requirements MI armor and socket it with this relic too.

TIP 1 : To equip –req gear, don’t rush and put many points into STR to match the gear requirement since the gear will lower its requirements too. Find another –requirements item like Captain’s Signet or Timaios ring to wear and calculate your stat carefully.
TIP 2 : Don’t bother with any high STR requirement armor, you will have to invest too much in STR and end up with too low damage output overall.

My Choice : Stheno’s Wisdom (Socrates’) – a very good MI mage item with 12% physical resistance and 75% casting speed, socket it with Crystal of Erebus charm with +2 to all skills. You can farm gorgons for it (just some resistance affix will do) and socket it with The Cunning of Odysseus relic (+30% INT) or any relic for resistances.

Alt Choices : Huo Qubing’s Helm for -20% recharge and -40% energy cost (need quite high STR 584)

Plouton’s Crown – high poison resistance, -10% recharge and -20% energy cost. This crown also provides you a life leech retaliation which helps you regain HP upon being hit.

There are many good INT headgears out there. Golden Agris Helmet, Hesione’s Golden Veil for +% elemental damage and –recharge or to have more protections - items like Crest of Hypnos, Coronal of the Abyss  (tons of resistances and DA).

My Choice : Armlets of Freyja (cold resistance upgrade)  – many high resistances, 100+ DA and some -recharge. Your auras will help trigger Seal of Fate (a skill provided by this armlet) even when you turn into Stone Form.

Alt Choices : Archmage’s Clasp – one of the best choices for all mages for -40% recharge, 40 attack speed and 100% casting speed.

Verdandi’s Knots – high vitality resistances -25% recharge and 20% casting speed. It’s also +1 to Dream.

Nerthus Armbands – 10% physical resistance and high fire and poison resistances with -15% recharge, 10% casting speed and +1 to Earth. Tartarian Armlets with high fire and burn damage, +1 to Earth is a good choice too.

Bloodborn Armbands – Green MI item with -15% energy cost and chance to dodge. Farm those bloody Melinoe at Hades Palace until you get a good one, socket it with Primal Magma charm (25% fire and burn damage) with another +25% fire damage bonus. Hydromancer’s High Currents (+800 energy) from Potamoi mage in Atlantis, Shaman’s Coil (-10% recharge), or Rings of the Chosen (66.0% Chance of -40% Recharge) can also work.

My Choice : Demonskin Walkers (Plato; +STR upgraded) – my all time fav!!  Great resistances and +1 to all skill. This upgrade is invaluable for my hybrid characters, one of the most useful items in my treasury.

Alt Choices : Trollwrestler Greaves – high movement and pierce & bleeding resistances. These greaves need very high STR (642) but also provide you 20% STR. It’s a great option if you have enough –requirements.

Thracian Shin Guards – allow you to move fast, have a lot of resistances and some chance to dodge. They also grant you 20% STR and already have quite low STR requirement (525).

Athena’s Battle Greaves – 25% physical damage and good resistances, also good speed with low STR requirement (473). They’re perfect for the build too.

Volva’s Harden Wraps  -10% recharge and -20% energy cost make these boots a solid choice for the build. It also has some good resistances.

My Choices :
Ring1 : Seal of Hephaestus (poison resistances and HP upgraded) – one of the most useful ring IMO, both defensively and offensively. It’ll give you a total of 25% physical resistance on top of fire resistance and absorption (from the ring itself and Heat Shield skill it provides), also adds flat burn damage (not useful here) and +70% fire and burn damage.

Ring2 : Hale Ring of Supremacy – 25% STR and good amount of DA, socketed with Star of the Evening relic for 27% elemental damage and casting speed.

Amulet : Torc of the Ancestors – a popular amulet, it grants 30% total damage making the use of it inevitable for hybrid character. Comes along with high resistances, DA and +1 to all skills.

Alt Choices :
Adroit Loop - 22% physical damage and 50% stun duration is great for Volcanic Orb. The ring also has some resistance and will increase your DEX and DA as well.

Ring of Taranis – good fire and lighting resistances, 50% chance of 50% fire, burn, lighting and electro burn damage is also perfect for the build. And +1 to all skills!!

Seal of the High Priest – some elemental and poison resistance, -30% energy cost.

Aphrodite’s Favor – great resistances, 900 HP and +2 to all skills make it one of the best amulet for casters.

Polydegmon – 20% total damage, -10% recharge and some flat energy regen. This amulet also has 80 INT and 20% HP.

You can use Occult Ring or Amulet for casting speed. Try to shop these jewels from merchants for a +DA or HP one, the best is Occult Ring of the Tinkerer from Atlantis shops. Socket it with Star of Evening or a resistance relic you prefer.

My Choice : Talisman of the Jade Emperor – huge elemental resistance and -25% recharge. The artifact also gives you 20% STR.

Alt Choices : Earth Mastery Artifact like Eye of Ra, Might of Hephaestus are great for a fire mage.  Apples of Idun is also great for vitality resistance and 10 flat EP/HP regen.

Performance in legendary: 10/10 (Superb)
Performance in XMAX: 9/10 (One of the best for clearing all mobs. Still need to be careful for some bosses.)
Performance in Multiplayers 9/10 (Destructive and memorable with your striking spell. but -1 point for lagging the game  ;D)
Fun meter: 10/10 (One of the most favorite character.)

The Guide was edited by Torstein.

Thank you for reading, I'll gladly answer any questions. I've been playing with my friend Torstein159 for a long time, we've built many characters together and often share items. Torstein has also helped me edit this guide.
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Another incredible guide. Any idea which you'd like to do next?


--- Quote from: Adrastus on 19 November 2019, 17:35:56 ---Another incredible guide. Any idea which you'd like to do next?

--- End quote ---
Thanks so much. I'm trying to do guides for mages (caster). Thunderer(ice mage), Elementalist(old school mage) and Prophet(lighting mage) will be the next.

Hello. Great guide (like all your others guides).

I have a question: can this build be played "solo self found"? I am a casual player (an old school player :)) and I haven't all this end game gear and I not use TQVault.

In case it can be played from "zero", could you give me some advice on how to level up?

Thanks for everything, and I hope you continue to share your guides


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