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Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Help a new player
« on: 12 October 2021, 01:39:02 »
If i wear Cleansing Arachnos Chitin of Impulse with Poison 19% and Slow 72% res, no resistances on fire ice lightning i have Fire 43 Cold 10 Lightning 11
If i switch it to Juggernaut Ornamented Suit of Thorns that has 12 Elemental 24 Stun and some retribution i should IMPROVE fire cold Lightning but instead i go to Fire 55 Ice 2 Lightning 1; i imrove fire +12%  but reduce other two of 10%
it's because it's not 10 and 11 you're seeing but -10 and -11. you add 12 so it becomes 2 and 1. epic reduces resists by 40

Now, what kind of nonsense is this? A level 8 Energy Armor requires more mana than my available mana pool? What were these developers thinking?
yes and what's worse, that devs might not have thought of or never noticed because they don't playtest their own game, is if you have a few points on energy armor just enough so you can cast it, then you get a mastery shrine, then suddenly you can't cast energy armor at all

hallowed helm farm.. if you consider that a dread part.. imagine my rogue/earth trapper hardcore run.. you see that wasn't first try. i put HC on my char name because i just decided "I'm not gonna die this time". an earlier same build attempt, same name but without HC, i remember it got hard when i was up against lamia beastmen in act 4. i might've died there or i knew it was hard enough that my next run volcanic orb and eruption wouldn't be enough. so i decided after the 3rd portal in act 4, i was gonna transfer my skill points from volcanic orb and eruption to traps. but how do i do that on a self-found run?

i merchant farmed for:
hallowed helm
divine/rogue's amulet
rogue's weapon (damage doesn't matter)
tinkerer shield (i activated Atlantis portal after i beat Typhon)
occult ring
pet ring

and before all that i already farmed for SB cuffs in act 1

so that's +4 to rogue, 1 pet ring and high cast speed. it's the only way to make traps effective

also i in act 5 primrose, when i farmed for blackbeards booties, it was the last easter egg item that dropped. yes i found all santas, detectives, the snowball orb, etc before i found the only item i was looking for: blackbeards booties

it's a grind, man. it's a grind. just 1 hallowed helm is no problem at all

I'm sorry but you might have made a crucial mistake already. no need for strength because of runeword feather. and use double thrown with thunder strike, probably better. and yes %physical damage does not matter when you convert your damage to elemental

ps: I've had this feeling before that the devs this game, when they think intelligence, they also expect the person to be intelligent. like duh i just wanna play. i play games to pass time and to have fun. less think more action lol

I'm not someone you can call active anymore. i can't even remember the class names. i remember mastery names but not the class names. in my opinion, if you're going to play self-found, you should really play it self-found. you'll see even farming for relics/charms is not just a matter of whether it is boring or not. you'll still have to try not to die, and you'll find yourself thinking what areas you can farm. a self-found run is not an enjoyable experience. satisfaction only comes after you beat the game no deaths. but yeah that's just my opinion. you're free to play how you want to play

if you want to try it no deaths, i suggest earth and you put more points on core dweller. also, yes you have to plan your build but make it very fluid. i remember i once had a no deaths attempt and failed because i tried to strictly follow my plan, even though something felt wrong already

i like self-found no deaths run. when i was playing fully twinked, there was a time that i felt i just give it the good items and problem solved already. but then i think it's only something you try for a change of pace. or when you have tried many many builds already. i mean how can you try a double mjolnir thunderer if you are playing self-found? it's just for a change of pace. like remembering how it was when you were just starting the game, but this time with a little bit more knowledge

edit: i once saw someone play a self-found hardcore run and he fully streamed it on twitch. it was defense/hunting. mine, rogue/earth, i just wrote an article here somewhere, no live streaming. i might have done the same in TQIT many years ago with the broken haruspex build. but I'm not very sure i can't remember anymore

i knew i was forgetting something.
exotic carapace - this is a good shield for a self-found run. a legendary exotic carapace socketed with legendary rigid carapace with 40% pierce res would give you a whopping 120% pierce res and 40% poison res. in just 1 item slot. farming spot would be the stalker in the woods in act 3

i can't remember if the 3 sisters mobs is a good farming spot for prowler's cuirass. it's also dex based torso armor

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Important farming spots
« on: 30 September 2021, 10:25:27 »
let me offer a little bit different perspective. if you're just doing general farming for whatever character, then secret passage hydra, typhon... no i won't talk about that

what if you are playing self-found, no deaths allowed? in this case i encourage green items. that means merchant farming. you look for hallowed, divine/sacred amulet, occult for casters, wraithlord rings and the like for petmasters.

now what do you socket them?

demons blood - shadowmaw. in normal, as long as you have about 250 DA and some fire res, shadowmaw shouldn't be too big of a problem

rigid carapace - i like playing mages but i like em with shield. what i used in my rogue/earth no death run was a normal tinkerer shield socketed with higher difficulty relics/charms. valley of the kings or giza are good farming spots. you need a little luck for good completion bonus but if you can't get lucky, you just do it over and over again. rigid carapace farming should be pretty safe

last fountain before minotaur for SB cuffs and/or sthenos wisdom

act 2 telkine - act 2 telkine should be pretty safe to farm. you just load up on fire res

dragon liche in act 3 - act 3 has some good relics like monkey kings trickery, code of hammurabi, dragon kings, guan yus. what's good about them is their standard completion bonus is pretty good. pierce, elem res, elem res, bleed res.
this is for legendary. for normal and epic, the gargantuan yeti should do
i don't know about bandari. in my experience, he doesn't drop that much relics

i think blackbeards booties is worth it farming in primrose passage act 5. you can farm it in normal and use it all the way to the end

atlantis merchants in for tinkerer items.
bonus info: the 3rd and 4th portals in Atlantis have merchants that sell dex based torso armors. doesn't have to be tinkerers. transcendent, impenetrable, honor guards, curative (?) (was it curative for poison res?) are all useful affixes. dex based armors are useful for characters with low strength
p.s - it's long ago so I'm not very sure if it's the 3rd and 4th portals. it's easy to check tho

if I'm not mistaken, you don't have to download yet. you just need to create steam account, go to search titan quest. click add to account. don't even need to download steam yet. when laptop arrives you can download it for free even if it's past sept 23. but I'm not very sure. maybe someone can confirm

just saw TQAE base game (without 2 expansions) is currently free on steam. I'm reading it's until Sept 23

the 2 expansions seem to be on discount

thnx @aurum

@Zardoz yes. those and the blackbeards booties i mentioned before that. but i can give you a little more detail, which you can probably imagine already. SB cuffs and Sthenos wisdom were for each difficulty. so those 2 are actually 6 items. then i can remember i probably farmed shadowmaw about a hundred times just to get 2 elemental resist completion bonus. and it's only on legendary. can't remember on normal and epic. but iirc legendary was the longest shadowmaw farm run.

and if you consider my going back and forth from merchant to merchant as farming, those also took a lot of time. i remember farming for my tinkerer shield just lying on my bed with my wireless mouse because it was so boring doing nothing but visiting Atlantis merchants. i also did it in legendary visiting atlantis merchants trying to find wraithlords or allfathers of the tinkerer. but i couldn't find any so i finally told myself "ah f**k it I'll just get by with my items"

but about farming, not related to your question but... for a self-found run, i don't really think farming is the "key". this wasn't my 1st try, nor my 2nd, nor my 3rd. i really believe farming should be very limited. just one mistake, you die, and it's all over. imagine if you already spent 100 hrs or more, then just 1 mistake from farming, everything you've done flush it through the toilet

no mods, no twinks, no deaths

I did this on v2.9. I see there is an open beta version with controller support now. Just from reading the changelog, I donít see major changes that would affect this build. But if there is, please feel free to point that out. I had Ragnarok and Atlantis on this run. I didnít complete 100% of the maps but I completed all quests including side quests. I also killed all optional bosses like Hydra, Manticore, Fafnir, etc.

This is a magician (rogue + earth) trapmaster build, with a little bit of spellcasting. My stat distribution is mostly int and dex, but I put just enough on str to equip a normal difficulty tinkerer shield. I also spent a little more than 20 pts(iirc) on health. This may not be a popular practice but for this run, I think itís justified.

A lot of people might think the key is making the best stat and skill build possible for your class, but I donít think so. Iím not even sure I made the ideal stat and skill allocation for my class. I think itís all about getting decent resistances, health, and DA. Maybe you can get away with low DA if you have good physical resistance or maybe damage absorption. But for a self-found run, I think itís easier to go with basic means of survivability.

But there are synergies for rogue and earth specializing on traps. Traps get the Earth Enchantment aura including the burn damage from Brimstone. That is of course if traps are placed within the radius of EE. I took a pic here so you can have a rough idea on the distance. If you look closely, the first 2 still get the aura, while the 3rd one donít.

Core Dweller is a very good meat shield, and Stone Form is a very good panic skill. Fire Nova and Poison Gas Bomb are good CC skills.

I managed to get some screenshots of end of difficulties, including my items. But this being a self-found run, just know that those items were constantly changing.
End of normal pics
Spoiler for Hiden:

End of epic pics
Spoiler for Hiden:

End of legendary pics
Spoiler for Hiden:

I got really lucky at end of act 4 normal. First, no dactyls spawned (at least on normal). Then I got a +1 to all skills completion bonus on crystal of erebus (although I only used this on epic and early act 1 legendary). Then the overlord turtle dropped. Yes just from 1 Hades run. Although it turned out I didnít really needed it. Just from the few runs I made on secret passage normal, no easter egg items dropped. And then just as I was lucky on act 4, I was unlucky in act 5 primrose passage. I managed to find all easter egg items before the only one I really needed (Blackbeards Booties) dropped. Yes it was the last easter egg item to drop. But then I got lucky again in Atlantis. I managed to find Amazigh Banner Steak. That wasnít really on my plans but I used it all the way till end game.

The main items I farmed for were SB Cuffs, Sthenos Wisdom, and the relics and charms I socketed. A good place to farm demonís blood is the Shadowmaw cave. Once you have enough DA and a little fire res, it should be easy to farm. Rigid Carapace, either Valley of the Kings or Giza. You need a little bit of luck getting the pierce res completion bonus but those beetles should be easy to kill so itís just a matter of time. I never used any of the Legendary Craftsmanship Quest rewards in act 5. That might just degrade my items. I didnít want to create backups of my character either. That ruins the essence of this run in my opinion.

I would say a very useful knowledge to have is knowing which item affixes you will need. That means the green items. Or even yellows, look at my torso armor. Then in addition to that, knowing which relics or charms to socket. I was actually able to get good purple items ploutonís cornucopia, allfatherís gloves, coronet of Freyja, etc but I got them so late in the game that by that time, I didnít really feel like changing my items anymore. On a run like this, one item change can lead to another item change, which can lead to another item change. I was like ďmeh, I think this is good enoughĒ. Anyway, most of them I wasnít able to reach int requirements. I guess that was the drawback of spending some on str and also on health. But I did it so it was all worth it.

Bonus info: Do you know how to make the doppelganger fight easy? You can empty your secondary weapon slot just before engaging mobs. When you hear that boss sound, that means a doppel has spawned. Immediately switch to your main weapon slot. That way the doppel spawning wouldnít have any weapon and shield, but you have when you fight it.

just have a question (I'm not getting involved on whether this is good or not  :P )

it requires you to use your helm slot? it's not possible with scroll? or artifact slot?

Atlantis / Re: New content idea for titan quest!
« on: 26 January 2021, 23:14:02 »
do you mean, for example: oracle - spirit has its own skills, storm has its own skills, but when you choose them together, you get new skill/s available only to oracle

i thought about this before and frankly i looked at if it's possible to mod. but 5-10 mins in and i thought i just don't have the time nor the will to learn modding, much less actually mod the game

but yeah i think it's interesting

it would be better if you write in text your findings. what weapons passes through and whether it's 100% chance or 1 in every x hits

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Assasin's build
« on: 09 January 2021, 00:33:56 »
don't want to leave you hanging, although it's been a long time since I've played an assassin, and an even longer time since i played a melee assassin

there are 3 known builds for an assassin
1) melee
2) petmaster - needs +4 and high CDR. harder to gear but assuming you got those covered including resists, this is undoubtedly one of the best petmasters in the game
3) caster - same as above, just replace petmaster with caster. also needs high cast speed

or more if you include a combination of those builds

for melees, i don't really trust high poison damage. you just don't have the luxury to wait for poison to get it's full damage. try 1/max/1max envenom for slow and confusion. also try taking all but 1 pt from crushing blow. at lvl 54 you should have at least 1 mastery at 32pts or more.
get battle standard and it's upgrade. max all dual wield skills

edit: you have both onslaught and calculated strike? I'm assuming you read some guides telling you to stack onslaught first then attacking with calculated strike. but i don't like that. i'd choose only 1. it's possible CS will result in more damage but onslaught has resists and attack/run speed. for self-found, i'd choose onslaught

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