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Changelog for Atlantis.
Atlantis DLC

A new questline with new areas, new enemies and new loot
Expanded Masteries - unlock a new tier of skills in each Mastery
Tartarus Endless Mode to really test your character’s mettle
Casino Merchant to gamble your gold for extra loot
New powerful relics, craft up to two into one item
Find & brew a new type of Potion

Titan Quest Improvements

DirectX 11 support including color grading, ambient occlusion, and soft particles
with DirectX 9 legacy mode

Custom settings for displaying combat damage and effects
‘Quick-Cast’ option to cast all spells directly at the cursor
Colored items backgrounds that show their rarity
New loot filters for valuable yellow items or only green and above
Large shared Relic Vault to store your characters’ Relics, Recipes & Artifacts
Quick transfer of items to and from the stash by right-clicking
Improved Arcane Formula highlighting of owned ingredients
Improved item tooltip highlighting of supported skills
Bulk buying of Potions (10 at a time) by shift-clicking
Item comparison for items on the ground.
Default Taunt skill for everyone

Select All Pets can now handle more than five pets
Magically enhanced skill numbers are now in a more readable color
Projectile and weapon trails no longer disappear.
Fewer limitations for assigning skills to mouse buttons
Support for fourth and fifth mouse buttons
Numpad support for entering passwords
Key to hide the UI for screenshots
Force move keybind to run towards the cursor position

Option not to play intro videos
Cinematics menu to watch videos
Selectable menu background scene
Options menu tooltips
Improved borderless window mode

And much much more.

"New loot filters for valuable yellow items or only green and above"

So that means:
valuable yellow = single magic filter
green and above = dual magic filter

Am I correct?

Titan Quest - Update 2.7


Fixed several collision and nav. mesh issues
Fixed various crash bugs
Fixed playing Custom Maps, resource files can now be read correctly.
Fixed Tier 7 skill connections showing in the base game
Fixed some Atlantis uniques having a low drop chance
Fixed monster scaling when playing high level chars in Normal Tartarus
Boss and hero monster health now scale more strongly with number of players
Tartarus "No pets allowed" modifier: Pets are not forcibly removed when arena starts
Fixed incorrect duration bar display for certain buffs.
Pets that spawn from projectiles remember their behavior setting
Tweaked enemy spawns in the final area
Fixed delayed poison trap effects in Hades & Atlantis
Fixed missing properties on Hesperide MI armors
Fixed Poison Mayhem % at level 1 and progression at ultimate levels
Poison Mayhem fear duration changed to 1-2s
Added 0.7s cooldown to Lightning Dash (window for passive procs)
Added chance to freeze and do extra damage to Lightning Dash
Increased range of Sylvan Nymph arrows
Quest "A score to settle" is now assigned to Atlantis region. (It may disappear from the journal if already listed.)
Changed format of all enemy sounds to fix functions such as distance falloff
Several graphical fixes
Various minor tweaks and fixes

My Viewer.exe stopped working and the issue hasn't been resolved.

I am able to use my THQ Disc version so it's not a big deal, but I really miss the entity listings in the animation frame bar.

I can open Viewer.exe and the list of resources loads in the left area, but clicking on a mesh doesn't do anything and no mesh will load in teh view pane.

Anyone else having this issue?

Its from today or you had this problem before ?

If im seeing the correct viewer, its working correctly here ( meshes and their animations)


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