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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - Full Log
by THQ Nordic

"+": Added feature or improvement.
"-": Bug fix, change or removal.

+ Merged TQ and IT into one standalone game
- Fixed the "Slow Cast Bug" once and for all
- Fixed lags caused by Tower of Judgement and Crystaline Stellae scripts
+ Optimized world loading to minimize pauses and edited specifically problematic areas
- Reduced background saving when picking items below "rare" quality
- Reduced lag caused by AI failing to find a path
- Further performance improvements
+ Stash and Transfer area item files now use relative paths
- Doubled size of caravan stash
+ Added key to pick up nearby gold, relics and potions (auto pickup)
- Removed GameSpy implementation
+ Added new multiplayer and lobby system
+ Implemented NAT Traversal and NAT Proxy Connectivity Layer
+ Added support for Steam friend invites
+ Added voice chat for multiplayer parties
+ Added Steam Achievements
+ Added Steam Trading Cards


+ Bleeding Damage now increases by 10% per 50 dexterity
+ Poison damages now increase by 10% per 50 dexterity
+ Physical DoT now increases by 10% per 50 intelligence
+ Vitality Decay Damage increases by 10% per 50 intelligence
+ Life Leech and Mana Leech increase by 2.5% per player level
+ Pirecing damage now depends less heavily on Strength and more on Dexterity
+ Physical damage from abilities and item bonuses now scales with Strength (10% per 65)
+ Pierce damage from abilities and item bonuses now scales with Dexterity (10% per 100)
+ All Retaliation Damages now scale with character level
- Defensive Ability greatly exceeding the attacker's Offensive Ability yields diminishing returns
+ Dodging now caps at 80%
+ Projectile Dodging now caps at 80%
+ Cooldown Reduction now caps at 80%
+ Less Damage from Race effects now cap at 80%
- Special resistances against % Life Reduction and Mana Burn Damage can no longer be reduced
- Attribute points now yield 40 Health or Energy per invested point
+ Elemental Damage % bonuses now also boost fire, cold and lightning DoTs
- Fixed interferences between DoT resistances and DoT duration reductions
- Fixed passive weapon/shield attack skills not working when granted by an item
- Fixed an exploit that let characters reclaim one gravestone twice
+ Increased Potion stack limit to 25
+ Increased Scroll stack limit to 10
+ Difficulty resistance penalties now also apply to Bleeding and Vitality
- Increased enemy health bonuses with difficulty, and with more players in the game
- Increased the number of extra monsters spawning with additional players
- Enemies move and attack 5% / 10% faster in Epic and Legendary difficulty
- Enemies inflict 5% / 10% more damage in Epic and Legendary difficulty
- Player run speed was increased by about 10%
+ Players receive 10% / 20% extra experience in Epic and Legendary difficulty


- Fixed main menu on resolutions bigger than HD
+ Added support for 1280x720 resolution
+ Increased camera zoom ranges
- Implemented shader & renderer improvements
+ Added new shadow mapping technique
+ Added menu option for UI scaling
+ Added menu option for UI style selection
+ Added a new default UI design
+ Health and Energy bars in the classic UI are now 50% wider
- Life Leech resistance no longer adds to the Vitality Resistance stat
- Energy Leech effects no longer factor into the DPS estimate
- Secondary resistance stats no longer display numbers above the resistance cap
+ Added (dynamic) cooldown display to skill tooltips
- Changed main menu screen to an updated version of the original TQ look
- Updated loading screen art
- Adjusted position of mastery description window
+ Redesigned Knossos labyrinth minimap

- Added missing AoE explosion effects for Lightning, Cold and Elemental staff projectiles
+ Improved look of Elemental staff projectiles (and adjusted speed)
+ Added several new effects to player skills (see below)
+ Added arrow effects to several unique bows (see below)
+ Added damage effects for Energy Burn and Vitality Decay
+ Added a Mana Burn damage indication effect
+ Improved Siege Walker grenade effects
+ Reduced delays on Earthfury spell projectiles
+ Adjusted size of Dragonian Reflection effect
- The aura effects of Onslaught are a bit more transparent
- Adjusted sizes of Heat Shield, Storm Shield and Wraith Shell effects
+ Added a glow effect to enemy Blood Pact aura
- Fixed wave effects on Apollo's Lyre skill
- Improved chain effect of Regrowth - Dissemination
- Monster lightning auras now display an activation effect
- Fixed wave effect on Cerberus' Roar
- Fixed effect on Nightmare's Hypnotic Gaze
+ Improved Megalesios' Statue effects
+ Improved Dark Obelisk effects
- Fixed death effects of several enemies and bosses
+ Added more vibration effects


- Fixed excessive Satyr grunts
- Fixed excessive Maenad screaming
- Fixed sound selection bug that resulted in some never being played
+ Changed Scatter Shot fragment hit sound
- Reduced redundant Mana/Life Leech sounds
- Reduced sound volume on Nightmare's Psionic Beam
- Various unique helmets now make helmet instead of circlet sounds
- Centaur helmets now make leathery sounds
- Cloth headgear now makes cloth sounds
- Fixed block sound of Phrygian Shield
- Fixed sounds on Jackalman and Satyr armbands
- Fixed missing water drop sounds of all Act 4 bows
- Fixed sound on Anouran Chain Heal skill
- Fixed sound on Empusa Freeze skill
- Fixed sound on Limos Consume Life skill
- Fixed sound on Lost Souls' Life Drain Ward
- Fixed sound on Act 4 heroes' Frenzy skill
- Fixed sounds on Arcane Mirror's triggered ability
+ Gave Dragonian Reflection a distinct sound effect
+ Added sounds for the Nymph's Overgrowth skill
+ Added sound for Core Dwellers walking through water


- Fixed a number of typos and inconsistencies in stats, item names and quest texts
+ Adjusted the names of some damage types and other variables for clarification
- Fixed some mistranslations and wrong item genders in German and Russian
- Amended missing translations for complete localization in 11 languages


+ Removed all database record modification restrictions from loaded mods
- Fixed chhanges to Act 4 quests not being registered in loaded mods
- Fixed a bug that would delete custom skills and items upon entering a new difficulty in a Custom Quest mod
+ Added support for "Bounce Mods", which are now recognized by the game and the MP lobby
+ Integrated Steam Workshop into the game and added a Steam Workshop Tool
+ Merged all TQ records into the IT database
+ Created 20+ uniquely named proxies in side locations throughout the world
+ Passive skills can now have Damage Absorption as an ability
+ Enabled dbr-based modding of the Main Menu's lights, music and sounds
+ Enabled advanced modding of HUD elements and the HUD style list
- Fixed issue of existing characters being unable to use added stash space
+ Charon's Oar mesh can now be used for staves
- Updated Templates with the new caps and other functions


- Hades Generals: Quest reward now works properly
- Stygian Lurker: Quest reward now works properly
- Reward for "News of Treasure" quest now always corresponds to difficulty
- Greaves rewarded for Epic quests now have proper suffixes
- Athens Catacombs: Can now award unique amulets on Normal difficulty
- Terracottas: Shields get shield affixes instead of spear affixes
- Plight of the Nile Farmers: Correctly awards rigid carapace charms now
- Rhodos: The lighthouse worker now wears greaves instead of "creaves"
- Admetus in ToJ now has higher level chests (rare not golden)
- Reaching Elysium can now award Glorybringer
- The Melinoe Captain guards a quest chest rather than a generic one
- Odysseus: Fixes to ballista shot and wall
+ Quest items are now a different hue of purple to distinguish them from legendaries
+ Loading a character into the game for the first time will now retroactively fix missed or changed quest rewards
  (Affects Maousoleum, Stygian Lurker and Hades Generals rewards, as well as the new Yeti pet bonus)


- Heroes and Bosses now have 75/80/85% and 85/90/95% resistance against % Life Reduction
- Heroes and Bosses now have 50/60/70% and 70/80/90% resistance against Mana Burn Damage
- Undead now absorb 70% Poison damage (on all difficulties) rather than having a resistance
- Traps and constructs now absorb 80% Poison damage (on all difficulties) rather than having a resistance
- Ghosts now absorb 60% Physical and Piercing damage (on all difficulties) rather than having resistances
- All hero monsters now have mediocre "hero" resistances instead of either having none or sharing those of bosses
- Natural Machine and Undead immunities to Fear, Bleeding, etc. cannot be removed
- Enemy Sleep, Slow and %Life resistances now increase with difficulty like all others
- Enemy Electric Burn and Vitality Duration damages now increase with difficulty like all others
- Fixed mesh-ralated projectile targeting issues on multiple enemies and pets
- Fixed a lot of monsters being unable to flee when feared
- Increased the health of some weak quest monsters, especially in Act 1 Epic and Legendary
+ Satyrs now run slightly faster in Epic and Legendary
- Crabs are now classed as Insectoids (in accordance with the "Bane of the Karkinos" set)
- Traps are no longer immune to nets or freezing
- Supplemented several referenced but missing monster spawn lists
- Fixed a few typos and inconsistencies in monster spawn lists
+ Made (unlinked) Formicid captains appear in the Formicids' lair
- Corrected some Machae Archer spawns in ToJ & Hades' Palace
- Fixed Djinn Blood Sisters appearing in only 1% of all games
+ Gave Dactyls heroic loot and XP rewards
- Doubled the health of skeletal Revenants and all non-hero Tropical Arachnos
- Inceased health of Tomb Rot monsters by 400%
- Added chances to deflect projectiles to Giant Turtles and Guardian Statues
+ Ascacophi received some projectile resistance
- Sandwraiths can no longer be confused by too many projectiles
- Cerberus' poison clouds are now also "Beast" type
- The Cyclops brothers now carry weapons corresponding to the current difficulty
- General Ptch'k'k'ath is now a pale formicid like his peers
- General Yrr'tik is now a non-pale formicid hero (with proper loot)
- Inzu is now a Demon like his fellow Dune Raiders
- Odontotyranni (beasts) no longer drop Demon's Blood charms
- Polyphemus had his freeze resistance values fixed
- Shadowstalker hero "Sehr'tunkah" no longer freezes when casting an ability
- Roughneck (Turtle) stopped casting Heart of Oak all day
- Sildor Barbnet (Centaur) is no longer small
- Scorpos heroes now have proper health pools
- Swapped the names of Gorgon Profaners and Geomancers
+ Eurynomi are more colorful
+ Skeletons can be female
+ Added new alert animations to various enemies
- Enabled unused death animations on various heroes
+ Added Ant Lion hero
+ Improved looks of Centaur heroes
- Fixed missing level 43 version of Prince Ch'kik't (Arachnos hero)
- Common Arachnoi may now use spears
+ Added Hyena hero
- Added spawn chances for Nesis Fleshmender (Satyr hero)
- Added spawn chances for Sehr'tunkah (Shadowstalker hero)
- Added spawn chances for Ratman Sappers
- Slightly reduced early Monstrous Boar spawns
+ Added Champion and Hero spawns to some side quest monster groups
+ Lysia Spellbreaker (Maenad hero) now spawns and has the right name
- Fixed low health of Zombie heroes
+ Nkruma the Enslaved (Zombie Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Reshef
+ Huang Fay the Unclean (Zombie Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Reshef
+ Added two new Zombie heroes
+ Fesil the Quick (Ratman Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Wheedletongue
+ Sinnet Patchfur (Ratman Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Wheedletongue
+ Added a second Minotaur hero
- Xaktil Etherweb now has the right name
+ Added Orthrus hero
+ Nexeu, Doomed Prophet (Mummy hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Hanif the Cruel
+ Senusnet Mal (Mummy hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Hanif the Cruel
+ Added two new Mummy heroes
+ Added Eurynomus hero
+ Added a second Shadowstalker hero
- Fixed tiny weapons on Scorpos heroes
+ Errak Bonecarver (Scorpos hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Kaalt Speartail
+ Sartt Soulrender (Scorpos hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Kaalt Speartail
+ Added a Reptilian hero
+ Added a Jackalman archer hero
- Adjusted attack speeds of Reptilian Overseers and Jackalman archers
+ Common Dune Raiders learned to dodge attacks
+ Najja the Parched (Dune Raider Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Badru the Mad
+ The Faceless One (Dune Raider Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Badru the Mad
+ Added two new Dune Raider heroes
+ Reworked all Desert Hag heroes, no longer just copies of Sandqueen Masika
+ Sandqueen Masika is now a boss
+ Melchior Bloodhand (Ichtian hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Cenon Stormborn
+ Mehrdad Coralskin (Ichtian hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Cenon Stormborn
- Cenon the Stormborn is now immune to fire (not really :p)
- Tweaked Ichtian Bonecaster AI & Life Drain AoE attack
+ Added Neanderthal Shaman hero
+ Korat Bearkin (Neanderthal hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Grom
+ Raghd Bloatworm (Djinn Hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Adara the Lovely
+ Adara the Lovely (Djinn Hero) also learned some extra skills
+ Sargoth Manbane (Dragonian hero) was reworked, no longer a copy of Tarthon Na'Arak
+ Vort the Red (Dragonian hero) is now red and also no longer a copy of Tarthon Na'Arak
+ Added two non-sorcerer Dragonian heroes
- Improved Anouran sight range
+ Added a special Dark Obelisk
+ Added Saberlion hero
+ Added Crypt Worm hero
+ Added a new hidden boss


+ Act 1-3 breath attacks are now all based on waves rather than projectiles
- Monster and Boss skill damage values were adjusted to compensate for the new phys/pierce scaling
- Damage of enemy Life Leech and Mana Leech skills was adjusted to the new damage scaling
+ Some heroes and bosses now have a cleaving melee attack
+ Mounted Dune Raiders and Minotaur Lords have more distinct cast animations
- Troglodyte Stonegrinders now use their Cold Enchantment skill
- Dark Obelisk: Strength of minion souls now corresponds to their level
- Desert Hags: Fixed Barrage upgrade for their Flamesurge skill
- Gigantes can now buff themselves and others (i.e. activate their auras)
- Ichthian Bonecasters now correctly use Energy Drain
- Mulgor Flamespear now uses Flaming Earthfury
- Neanderthal Shamans: Fixed Torrent upgrade for their Iceshard skill
+ Maenad Alchemists use their Regrowth skill
- All skeleton Frostmagi now cast their Ice Shards
+ The Flaming Boarman now casts Flaming Earthfury at long range
- Lowered the Minotaur Lord's Earthfury damage & adjusted projectile
+ Neb'Khemi can now cast Circle of Power
- The Jackal Shaman in Khufu's Pyramid now uses his Stoneform skill
+ Medusa's Petrification skill now has a hit effect, and does petrification instead of stun damage
- Fixed delays on poison cloud chest-traps
- Removed mana reserved from monster lightning buff
- Added Life Leech component to Melinoe Blood Drain spells
- Fixed Poison enchantment on Letha (Harpy Hero)
- Fixed Wraith Shell skill on Akiiki (Jackalman Hero)
- Fixed Skeleton Mages' Fireball spell
- Fixed Ratman Sappers' Bomb spell
- Fixed values on Aktaios' fireball
+ Scorpos now use their pincers in combat
+ All Reptilians now have a bite attack
- Fixed Reptilian tail and shield attacks
- Fixed animation freezing on Reptilian mages


- Tweaked A.I. of all player pets (some fixes, generally more aggressive)
- Improved enemy pet summoning behavior
+ Birds are now likely to move upon being hit
- Wild animals pursue for longer
+ Centaurs with bows now move out of melee
+ Non-undead mages keep away from melee more and have a chance to target players over pets
+ Harpies and Sandwings tend to fly away when hurt
+ Bosses in open spaces have more flexible leashes
- Ranged ghosts are more elusive
- Flying enemies roam around more
- Gorgon Queens are more likely to help each other
- Ranged heroes and quest monsters generally act smarter


+ All pets now receive health boosts as a quest reward during Act 3. Difficulty buffs were adjusted respectively
+ Pet difficulty buffs give give some damage through extra str and int rather than just high +% to damages
+ Added adequate Epic and Legendary character levels for all pets (at +30 and +50)
- Bolt Traps are no longer "monsters" and now receive pet scaling and pet gear bonuses
+ Bolt Trap base damage was doubled while rate of fire was halved to balance for the above
- Bolt Traps are less likely to ignore enemies, and vice versa
- Sylvan Nymph now also casts Overgrowth on other pets
+ Sylvan Nymph arrows now convey status effects and flat damage bonuses (e.g. from pet items)
- Sylvan Nymph damage now scales correctly beyond level 18
- Ancestral Warriors now display their correct levels at 16-20
- Briar Ward health now increases in Epic and Legendary difficulties
- Core Dweller AI behavior now corresponds to its orders
- Core Dweller now casts Provoke in normal and aggressive stance
- Liche King can now use Arcane Blast at levels 1-4
- Liche King's Sould Blight now has a sound and new hit effect
- Liche King now shares general Undead resistances
+ Outsider now has a pet icon and can be given orders
- Outsider's Storm Surge buff is displayed in the UI
- Outsider's attack damage now increases past level 15
- Pets no longer hate egyptian obelisks
- Increased the distance at which converted monsters teleport to the player
- Elysian Archers can now use damage bonuses on their arrows
- Athens spearmen now carry spears
- Fixed life times, invisibility, animations and slow effect of summoned enemy spider webs
+ Legendary rings and amulets can now drop with a rare 6th tier of pet bonuses


- Combat Marker: Fixed poison damage buff
- Health Shrine: Fixed a few properties being associated with wrong acts
- Fixed typos in many Shrine activation effects
- Combat, Frostbite and Thorn Shrine buffs now also affect the respective player's pets   



 Earth Enchantment:
+ Now also increases Burn Damage
+ Radius increases by 10% per additional level
- Unified all non-trance aura cooldowns to 4 seconds

+ Now also increases Burn Damage
+ Also increases Physical Damage (half as much)

 Heat Shield:
- Now aborbs a percentage of Fire Damage for 100 seconds

- Rock effect time now equal immobility/protection time
- Grants an extra 3 Life Regernation per additional level
- Life Regeneration starts at 10

 Stoneform ~ Molten Rock:
- Inflicts an extra 3 Fire Retaliation Damage per additional level
+ Also adjusted time and added new effects

 Core Dweller ~ Wildfire:
- Now does Burn Damage per second rather than Fire every second

 Volcanic Orb:   
- Increased radius by 0.5m (to 3m)   
 Volcanic Orb ~ Conflagration:
- Increased radius by 1m (to 4m)   
- Increased Burn Damage by 150%

 Volcanic Orb ~ Fragmentation:
- Reduced radii by 1m (to 2m)   
- Changed fragment explosion effects to better represent the AoE

 Ring of Flame:
+ Added new effect that better represents the radius
- Increased damage by 50%
- Changed Mana Cost per second to 20% of damage inflicted

 Ring of Flame ~ Soften Metal:
+ Causes % OA Reduction instead of x Reduced Physical Damage
- Changed Mana Cost per second to 20% of damage inflicted

 Flame Surge:
- Added new animation, slightly increased range, adjusted cast distance
+ Enemies hit have their Defensive Ability reduced by a percentage for 3 seconds

 Flame Surge ~ Barrage:
- Increased Burn Damage by 100%, with a +-50% variance
- Reduces Flame Surge base cooldown by 0.6 seconds per level (zero cooldown at level 10) instead of %
+ Reduces Flame Surge mana cost according to the skill's description

 Flame Surge ~ Flame Arch:
- Adds more Fire Damage (half of Flame Surge's numbers) rather than increasing Fire by a percentage
+ Adds a 5% chance for 1 second of fear

Scatter Shot Arrows:
+ Now do 80% of their damage as Bleeding over 3 seconds

- Increased Bleeding Damage by 50%

 Take Down ~ Eviscerate:
- Increased Bleeding Damage by 150%

|Considering the amount of enemies that are immune to Bleeding effects, they deserve a buff even with dex scaling.

 Study Prey ~ Flush Out:
- Now also lowers Bleeding Resistance

 Wood Lore:
- Now gives 30+32/level DA instead of % increases

- Reduces DA by 300 instead of 33%
- Removed (periodic) pierce damage
- Increased duration gains with higher levels
+ Stopped net from turning with the target

 Ensnare ~ Barbed Netting:
- Increased Bleeding DPS by 50%
- Made bleeding time correspond to net time
- Lowered initial damage by 15 but inflicts an extra 3 per level

 Monster Lure:
- Increased size
- Reduced health by 33%
- Reduced anger generation outside of Provoke radius
- Fixed projectile targeting
+ Added death sound & death effect

 Monster Lure ~ Detonate:
- Added a sound
+ Made the skill one 6m radius explosion with a new effect
- Added an extra 100% Fire Damage and 100% Physical Damage
+ Added 1s of Stun
+ Added difficulty-based damage multiplier


 Envenom Weapon:
- Now does its damage over 3 seconds instead of 6

 Envenom Weapon ~ Toxin Distillation:
- Switched +% Poison and +%Duration buff values

 Envenom Weapon ~ Mandrake:
- Halved chance of confusion

 Poison Gas Bomb
- Does 33% more Poison Damage and over 4 seconds

 Poison Gas Bomb ~ Shrapnel
- Does 33% more Bleeding Damage and over 4 seconds

 Open Wound
- Adds an extra 12 Bleeding over 3 seconds per level

 Calculated Strike:
+ Empowered arrows pierce through all targets

 Calculated Strike ~ Lucky Hit:
- Activation chance increased to 44%
- Physical Damage increased by 100% and does an extra 6 per level
- Pierce Damage modifier increased by 20% per level
- Now does 100% increased Bleeding Damage and over 3 seconds

 Lethal Strike ~ Mortal Wound:
- Damage numbers for levels 11 & 12 are now consistent with the rest

 Lay Trap / Improved Fire Mechanism:
- Moved the extra health from IFM into the base skill (also +100, at +5 per level)

 Lay Trap ~ Rapid Construction:
- Now scales correctly at levels 11 & 12
- Cooldown is reduced by 1 second per level instead of using -%recharge

 Disarm Traps:
- Now also works against Constructs
- Bonus damage now scales from +20% to +240%
- Damage reduction now scales from 10% to 80%

Throwing Knives:
+ Cooldown is reduced by 0.4 seconds per level
- Chance to pierce was set to 10%

 Throwing Knives ~ Flurry of Knives:
- Increased energy cost by 200%
- Halved +% Pierce Damage bonus


 Storm Nimbus:
- Increased Cold Damage by 50%
+ Now grants half of ist basic effect to all pets

 Storm Nimbus ~ Heart of Frost:
+ Now also increases Frostburn Damage

 Storm Nimbus ~ Static Charge:
+ Now also increases Electrical Burn Damage

 Energy Shield:
- Now aborbs a percentage of Cold and Lightning Damage for 100 seconds

 Energy Shield ~ Reflection:
- Added values for levels 11 & 12
- Increased base chance to reflect from 5% to 25%
- Doubled the amount of damage reflected

- Increased Lightning Damage by 100%
- Initial maximum damage lowered by 30 in favor of a +3 per level increase
+ Reduces Defensive Ability by 25% for the duration of the stun

 Thunderball ~ Concussive Blast:
- Increased Lightning Damage by 100%

 Freezing Blast:
- Lowered Damage Absorption to 70%
+ Frozen enemies have -100 Physical Resistance (Absorption still applies)
+ Radius increases by an extra 0.1m per level
- Does Frostburn Damage instead of Cold Damage every second

 Storm Wisp ~ Eye of the Storm
- Removed redundant damage protection info

 Spell Breaker
+ Added new effect & fixed sound
- Projectile now hits instantly and thus more reliably
- Now does 10 Physical Damage per level (+50% to Magical) rather than +15 to Magical

 Spell Breaker ~ Spell Shock:
+ Now inflicts some Electrical Burn Damage for the duration of the Disruption


 Colossus Form:
- Now has a +%Life modifier instead of giving +x Life

 Battle Awareness:
- Increased Defensive Ability bonus by 150%

 Battle Awareness ~ Iron Will:
- Added resistances against Sleep and Conversion of pets
- Lowered initial value to 20%

 Batter ~ Rend Armor:
- Increased Armor Reduction by 200%

- Increased initial heal by 200%, minus 300
+ Added new cast effect

- Duration now scales from 10s to 17.5s

 Quick Recovery:
- Block Recovery Time Reduction lowered to 25-81%

 Shield Charge:
- Improved animation

- Reduced physical damage by 50%

 Shield Smash:
- Now reduces DA by 50% on all levels
+ Added physical damage equal to that of Disable
+ Added individual player animations

 Concussive Blow:
- Stun modifier returns increase with each level
+ Now also works with axes


 Battle Standard ~ Triumph:
- The debuff now works as intended

- Now does its Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds

 Cross Cut:
- Now does 50% more Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds

 Duel Wield:
+ Adds 10 Physical Damage to both hits

 Weapon Training:
- Now gives 30+32/level OA instead of % increases

 War Wind
- Damage range expanded from -28% to +49%

 War Wind ~ Lacerate:
- Now does its Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
- Corrected skill description

 Battle Rage:
- OA Bonus reduced to 33%
- Adds 2 extra physical damage per level

 Battle Rage ~ Crushing Blow:
- Adds 8-11 extra physical damage per level

 Battle Rage ~ Counter-Attack:
- Increased Retaliation Damage by 200%

- Corrected skill description
- Lowered physical damage bonus to compensate for the skill doubling the effect
+ Now also increases arrow speed by 15-114%

 Onslaught ~ Hamstring:
- Halved %DA reduction values to compensate for Onslaught doubling their effect

 War Horn ~ Doom Horn:
- Armor Reduction increased by 100%

 Deathchill Aura- Ravages of Time:
- Replaced (dysfunctional) physical/pierce reduction with % damage reduction.

 Death Ward:   
- Adjusted health gains to increase exponentially (up to 990)
+ Now also grants 3 seconds of Damage Absorption, increasing with level   
 Enslave Spirit:   
+ Cooldown is shortened by 9 seconds with every level   
- Lowered Duration gains per level by 1-2 seconds   
 Dark Covenant   
+ Added new activation effect   
- Augmented aura effect with one corresponding to the icon   
 Spirit Ward:   
- Adds an extra 1% protection from Undead per level   
+ Added new activation effect   
- Improved aura effect   
 Spirit Ward ~ Spirit Bane:   
- Damage to Undead now scales from +20% to +119%   
 Liche King:   
+ Improved animations and death effect
- Generally tweaked skill use
+ Added new Soul Blight explosion effect
 Liche King ~ Death Nova:   
- Fixed 60s delay time (per enemy) before being used
- Adds an extra 1% Life Reduction per level   
- Improved Sound   
 Liche King ~ Arcane Blast:   
- Mana cost reduced by 67%   
+ Projectiles carry all damage bonuses   

 Life Drain:   
- Adds an extra 10 Vitality Damage per level   
 Summon Outsider:   
- Reduction to Enemy's Health on Ether Strike now scales with level, from 30-49%   
 Vision of Death:   
- Changed Damage Reduction from absolute to % based   
+ Chance to Fumble was expanded to include ranged attacks   
- Made Chance to Fumble durations scale along with Damage Reduction duration   
 Circle of Power:   
+ Now spawns a Spirit Totem with a 6m aura   
- Does no more damage to Undead   
- 60 second cooldown   
+ Grants +100% Vitality Damage   
+ Grants +100% Life Leech   
+ Reduces Recharge times by 15-60%   
+ Reduces Energy Cost by 15-60%   
+ Increases Casting Speed by 15-60%   
+ Added new effects   
- Updated description   
 Ternion Attack:   
- Now modifies all damage types on the projectiles   
 Ternion Attack ~ Arcane Lore:   
- Mana cost increases by 1 per level rather than 0.5   
- Now does regular Poison damage rather than Instant Poison
 Plague ~ Fatigue:   
- Added missing life and damage reduction values for levels 11 & 12
- Uses Reduced Damage rather than giving a negative Physical Damage bonus   
 Regrowth ~ Dissemination:   
- Slightly adjusted scaling to be congruent with that of Regrowth (at 75%)
 Sylvan Nymph:   
- Default attack Maximum Damage increases by an extra 2 per level   
+ Default attack %Life Reduction increases by 0.1 per level   
 Sylvan Nymph ~ Overgrowth:   
- Absorption amount now scales from 78 to 873   
+ Added Mana Costs scaling from 8-53   
+ Improved effect   
+ Added individual cast animation   
- Further improved casting behavior   
 Sylvan Nymph ~ Nature's Wrath:   
- Elemental Damage increases by an extra 2 per level   
 Heart of Oak ~ Tranquility of Water:   
- Activation chance increased to 9% per skill level   
 Regrowth ~ Accelerated Growth:   
- Cooldown reduction now scales from 18% to 80%   
+ Also reduces base cooldown directly by 0.33 seconds per level   
 Briar Ward:   
- Thorns skill now scales through 20 levels instead of 6   
 Briar Ward ~ Stinging Nettle:   
- Poison Retaliation increased by 100%   
 Briar Ward ~ Sanctuary:   
- Now reduces Energy Costs (as stated in the description) rather than giving +% Energy Regeneration
- Grants 10-32 Life Regeneration rather than giving +% Life Regeneration   

- Gives 15+16/level OA and DA instead of %   

 Distortion Wave:   
- Total slow effect now scales with level from 15%-60%   
 Distortion Wave ~ Chaotic Resonance:   
- Now adds more direct Physical Damage (same amount as the base skill) instead of giving +%   
 Distortion Wave ~ Psionic Immolation:   
- Electrical Burn Damage reduced by 20%   

 Psionic Touch:
- No longer requires a weapon
 Psionic Touch ~ Psionic Burn:   
+ Now slows enemy movement speed by 9-58% for 4 seconds, increasing with level

 Phantom Strike ~ Dream Stealer:   
- Physical Damage bonus reduced by 40%   

 Distort Reality ~ Temporal Rift:   
- Electrical Burn Damage reduced by 33%   
- Petrification duration increases by 0.25 seconds less per level   
 Distortion Field:   
+ Added % Damage Absorption at half the amount of the absoulte Absorption   
 Nightmare ~ Hypnotic Gaze:   
+ Now also causes 6-50% Reduced Resistances for the duration of the Confusion



- Added missing itemlevel stat to many common and monster items
- Lowered the damage minimum of non-unique clubs by 7% / 14% in Epic and Legendary mode
- Fixed common torso armors being invisible on Satyrs
- Common legendary A4 mage armor no longer requires strength
- Most staves are now correctly labeled "very slow"
- Act 4 armbands all had their cost/requirement classifications fixed
- Act 4 cold staves now also slow movement by 30% like those from oher acts
- Act 4 shields can now give +2 to Defense in Legendary
- Removed a number of abusable test items from "Sandbox" folder


- Bloodborn Leggings now drop from Melinoe in all difficulties
- Crystal Bracelet drops in Epic Act 2
- Entwined Mark of Calchas can now drop
- Fixed legendary loot list to allow all amulets in it to actually drop
- Fixed normal greaves and legwraps dropping in Epic
- Fixed various unique item drop ranges and fighter/mage classicfication
- Huo Qubing's Armguards drop in A4
- Kinslay (MI axe) now drops from Minotaur Lords
- Lamia helmet prefixes fixed (now correspond to difficulty)
- Lamiae now equip helmets, and loot tables were added for their monster gear
- Legendary axes Gaia's Revenge, Heimal Decapitator and Key of Elysium drop in legendary A4 now
- Loratian Greaves drop
- Meerkwood Bow, Astrapi and Ordu Composite Bow drop in epic A4 now
- Megalesios, Talos and the Hydra now drop armgear in Legendary instead of extra headgear
- Melinoe Blood Witches and heroes now eqiup helmets
- Quest Ichthians around Megara now drop relics according to difficulty
- Quest reward weapons are now always of appropriate quality
- Revenant Greaves now drop from Gilded Dead, and in the correct tiers
- Ronzer's Gift set: Both parts can now drop in act 2 Normal
- Terracotta Soldiers and Tomb Rots drop the correct potions in higher difficulties
- Hades' Vortex does not drop rings anymore
- Cerberus' poison clouds do not drop rings anymore
- Added a missing chance for unique spears to many default loottables
+ Kinslay now also drops from non-boss Minoraur Lords and heroes
- Vestment of the Malign Spirits drops more often
- Djinn MI armbands drop more often


- Adjusted some monster group chest levels throughout the game
- Fixed sarcophagi loot tables in Egypt
- Fixed some "Golden" chests not spawning in monster groups
- Fixed some chests missing from Epiales groups
- Fixed legendary "Greek" and "Monster" chest loot quality
- Improved chest loot on Olympus
- Fixed garbled loottables for "Chamberroom" chests
- Increased the amount of golden chests found in the Valley of Kings
+ Added a bonus dye to the Secret Passage chest

- Satyr merchant at Parnassus now sells appropriate health potions
- Delphi Quest merchant now sells the right staves
- Knossos smith now sells helmets instead of extra greaves in Epic difficulty
- Fayum general merchant now sells legwear
- Merchants across Egypt now sell bows in Epic difficulty
- Chumbi Valley merchant shields and torso armor qualities adjusted
- Merchants in Act 4 Legendary now offer Ice Nova scrolls
+ Satyr merchant in Parnassus is more friendly ;)

+ Hector's Spear, Flashing Helm and Shimmering Shield are now a set
+ Templar's Brain Cage and Armor are now a set
+ Thoth's Mark and Shadow are now a set
+ Vest and Clasp of the Pythia are now a set
+ Achilles' Armor, Shield and Spear are now a set
+ Black Pearl Ring, Pendant and Bracelet are now a set
+ Jade Clasp, Band and Totem are now a set
+ Crystal Bracelet, Ring and Totem are now a set
+ Bracers and Greaves of the Argonauts are now a set
- Theban Panoply: Doubled Health and DA Bonuses, added 50% Bleeding Resistance at 5 items
- Legend of Fu Xi: Retaliation Chance increases by 5% with every item, doubled damage bonuses at 5 items
- Necromancer's Habiliment: Added Poison Resistance in addition to Life Leech Resistance, doubled Life & Mana bonus
- Oracle's Garments: Increased Energy Regeneration to 6/8/10 per second at 2/3/4 items
- Ramses' Royal Armor: Added 4%/8% Life Reduction at 4/5 items
- Gladiator's Creed: Doubled Physical Resistance bonus, added 50% Bleeding Resistance
- Lazarus Armor: Doubled DA, added 30% Lightning Retaliation and Electrical Burn bonuses at 4 items
- Memnon's Raiment: Doubled Life bonuses, added 30% Bleeding Resistance at 3 items, 5% Life Reduction at 4 items
- Alexander's Panoply: Doubled Life, %Armor, Shield Block and Chance to Dodge, also dodges projectiles
- Aspect of the Wild: Added 25% Cooldown Reduction at 4 items
- Bane of Messina: Fixed name, added 7% Damage Converted to Life
- Crystalline Array: Also increases Frostburn, -60% Cold Resistance but +20% Elemental, 10% Life Reduction at 5 items
- Pyromancer's Guard: Also increases Burn Damage, now grants Pierce Resistance along with Fire
- Firewalker's Suit: Also increases Burn Damage, and Fire retaliation damage
- Habiliments of the Druid: Now grants Elemental Resistance instead of Poison, +50% Poison Damage at 4 items
- Warden's Charge: Adds 7-14% Life Reduction at 6 items
- Umbral Raiment: Now includes Soul Quencher (Staff) instead of Shadesong (Club). 7-9% Life reduction at 4 items
- Umbral Raiment: Grants Vitality along with Lightning Resistance and +%Vitality Damage along with +%Life Leech
- Shadowguard: Now grants 10 Poison, Bleeding and Life Leech resistance per item, +25%/50% Vitality Damage at 5/6
- Raiment of the Storm: Also increases Frostburn and Electrical Burn Damage, also grants Lightning Resistance
- Tempest: Adds +20% Stun at 3 items and 10/33% Manaburn with 50/100% Damage Ratio at 4 and 5 items
- Armor of Troy: Added 33% Bleeding Resistance at 2 items
- Nemean Lion Hide: Doubled Strength bonus, chance of Resistance increased to 15%/20% at 3/4 items
- Armor of the Immortal Guard: Doubled %Piercing bonus, also dodges projectiles
- Safeguard of the Mantis: Now affects Total Speed, also dodges projectiles
- Labyrinthine Warsuit: Grants Stun Resistance along with Pierce Resistance, Shield Block x3
- Pride of the Jade Palace: Added 30% Bleeding Resistance at 4 items, 10% Life Reduction at 5
- Rogue's Cover: Doubled Life and Dodge bonuses, also dodges projectiles, also increases Bleeding Damage
- Assassin's Cover: Doubled Life bonuses, also dodges projectiles, also increases Bleeding Damage
- Hunter's Armor: Added 24% Bleeding Resistance at 2 items, 24% Pierce Resistance at 4
- Tracker's Armor: Added 40% Bleeding Resistance at 2 Items, 40% Pierce Resistance at 4
- Warrior's Panoply: Added 20%/40% Bleeding Resistance at 2/3 items, doubled Physical bonus
- Conqueror's Panoply: Added 30%/60% Bleeding Resistance at 2/3 items, doubled Physical bonus
- Adept's Regalia: Added 10% Elemental Resistance at 3 Items
- Archmage's Regalia: Added 15% Elemental Resistance at 3 Items, increased Damage Resistance to 15%
- Gebel Tjauti: Fixed poison damage set bonus, also increases Bleeding Damage
- Panoply of the Moirae: Doubled Damage and Resistance bonuses
- Vestments of Erebus: Added 5/10% Life Reduction at 4/5 items, Life bonus at 5 increased to 520
- Dreamweaver's Regalia & The Harbinger: Grant 10% less resistances at <5 items
- The Ordu: Added 8% Life reduction at level 3
- Plouton's Vestments: Added 10%/20%/30%/40% Elemental Resistance, doubled Energy Regeneration
+ Added a new item set that can be acquired by completing quests

+ Hermes' Sandal (unused Act 1 relic) can now drop
- Hermes' Sandal: Fixed completion bonus on Normal
- Generally fixed poison damage buffs on relic & charm completion bonuses
- Anubis' Wrath: Fixed completion bonused for fire damage
- Anubis' Wrath: Fixed bitmaps of completed version
- Bat Fang: Fixed fire damage completion bonus on Normal
- Blade of Thanatos: Corrected attack speed completion bonuses
- Erebus Crystal "resist all" completion bonuses now correspond to difficulty
- Fixed missing completion bonuses on Diseased Plumage and Venom Sac
- Golden Fleece: Fixed -%energy cost
- Heracles' Might: Fixed +% damage and strength bonuses
- Raptor Tooth: Increased Physical bonus to 20%/30% in Epic/Legendary
- Artemis' Bowstring: Added Projectile Speed bonuses equal to attack speed bonuses
- Peng Claw: Adjusted Physical Damage maximum of Epic version to 50
- Zeus' Thunderbolt: Fixed elemental damage completion bonuses
- Zeus' Thunderbolt: Doubled +% Lighting bonus, also increases Electrical Burn Damage
- Prometheus' Flame: Added damage variance, also increases Burn Damage
- Chill of Tartaros: Increased slow to 21%/27% in Epic/Legendary
- Venom Sac: Reduced Poison Duration to 3 seconds
- Amun-Ra's Glory: Added +10% Health and Energy modifiers
- Spectral Matter: Increased Mana Leech Duration to 3 seconds
- Udjat of Horus: Increased Armor bonus to 9%/12% in Epic/Legendary
- Boar Hide: Now grants 15/30/50 Armor in Normal/Epic/Legendary
- Yen-Lo-Wang's Bloodleting & Saber Claw: Bleeding Damage increased to 150-200%
- Shen-Nong's Dark Medicine: Reduced Poison Duration to 3 seconds and values to 80% of Venom Sac's
- Iron Will of Ajax: Added Sleep Resistance
- Archimedes' Mirror: Increased Reflection to 100% and chances to 12%/18%/24%
- Djed of Osiris: Damage vs Undead is now in %
- Persephone's Tears: Increased Less Damage From Undead to 75/150/225

- Fixed some stats generally not working on affixes (like recharge and energy cost reduction)
- Adjusted all affixes and completion bonuses to 3 second Poison Durations
- Buffed low-end Damage affixes / completion bonuses
- All items in Act 4 now drop with their proper Act 4 affixes rather than Act 3 ones
- Adjusted armor suffix randomizer weights
- Fixed affix tables on various Epic monster legwear
- Fixed mastery affix chances on staves
+ Staves may now grant +1/+2 to Dream mastery
+ Spears may now grant +1/+2 to Rogue mastery
+ Staves can now grant +% Damage vs Undead or Demons
- Staves no longer drop with +x Strength suffixes
- Maces and Axes no longer drop with +x Intelligence suffixes
- Bows no longer drop with Offensive Ability suffixes
- Fixed the distribution of prefix/suffix chances for Arachnos MI armor
- Fixed too few suffixes appearing on Act 4 shields
- Rare Piercing/Bleeding damage prefixes now do less Piercing but grant a %Bleeding bonus
- Ritual Prefix: No longer affects Undead, doubled/tripled Damage vs Demons and Magical on higher tiers
- Mobility impairment resistance suffixes are now rare (green)
- Mummy priest, Wraith and Telkine monster gear does not receive fighter affixes anymore
- Offensive physical damage suffixes now grant bonus weapon damage instead of +x physical
- Stopped normal affixes from appearing on Epic/Legendary equipment
- Suffixes of Discipline/Willpower/Fortitude: Now also grant Disruption Resistance
- Suffixes of Energy/Spirit/Essence/Mana/Power: Doubled Mana bonus
- Suffixes of Recovery/Rejuvenation/Restoration/Renewal/Regenration: Added 2-4 baseline Health Regeneration
- Suffixes of Frost/Ice/Rime/Winter: Also increase Frostburn Damage
- Suffixes of Fire/Flame/Sulfur/Brimstone: Also increase Burn Damage
- Suffixes of Lightning/Thunder/Storm/Tempest: Also increase Electrical Burn Damage
- Suffixes of Decay/Corrosion/Dissolution/Ruin: Doubled Armor Reduction
- Suffixes of Needles/Thorns/Barbs: Doubled Pierce Retaliation
- Suffixes of Reprisal/Retribution/Vengeance: Doubled Life Leech Retaliation
+ Added/restored defensive affixes Kingly (armor & regeneration) and of the Mammoth (+% Life)
+ Added/restored offensive suffixes of the Siren (mana burn & confusion) and of the Betrayer (resistance reduction)

- Barbarian Greaves / Gogs now properly attach to Troglodyte legs
- Overseer's Mantle (Reptilian) gives more levels to Storm Nimbus in Epic and Legendary mode
- Overseer's Crest (Reptilian) now correctly buffs Earth Enchantment
- Rat's Track greaves give more levels to Art of the Hunt in Epic and Legendary mode
- Sorted out some inconsistencies with Gigantes monster gear
+ Prowler's Cuffs & Greaves (Tigerman): Created new textures fitting the torso
- Stonebinder's Cuffs now grant 10 Elemental Resistance on all difficulties
+ Stheno's Widsdom: Created normal and legendary versions which now drop from Gorgon archers
- Fixed itemlevels of Epic and Legendary MI bows
- Bandari's Helm: Adjusted dexterity requirement on Epic
- Bramblewood Bow (Anouran): Resistance reductions now correspond to difficulty
- Batrachos Greaves: Now grant +x DA instead of +%DA modifiers
- Ceremonial Bracers (Mummy) & Rat's Clap now give 10% Attackspeed on normal as well
- Dune Raider Harness: Removed (negligible) life leech retaliation
- Enforcer's gear (Boarman) is now green instead of white
- Ethereal Cage (Wraith): Grants 10 energy leech retaliation on every difficulty
- Exhumed Headdress (Mummy): Removed stun resistance (property of the MI version)
- Yerren Armor and Armbands now grant 20/30/40% Protection vs Beasts
- Folg (Trogldyte): Thunderclap skill levels now correspond to difficulty
- Porphyrion's Helmet (Gigantes) now drops
- Homados (Machae): Attack speed bonus fixed
- Hood of the Magi (Satyr): Fixed dex requirement on Legendary (146, not 164)
- Ismene's Bracers (Lamia) now have an armor value
- Ismene's Helm (Lamia): Fixed poison damage bonus
- Mbuti's Advocate (Anouran): Life regeneration now corresponds to difficulty
- Outrider's Buckler (Centaur): Adjusted chance of Damage Resistance across difficulties (5% / 7% / 10%)
- Outrider's Buckler (Centaur): Removed static dexterity requirmenet
- Rancor (Gigantes): Vitality damage now corresponds to difficulty
- Scepter of the Liche King: Adjusted base damages across difficulties
- Scepter of the Liche King: Changed the energy regeneration to 1.3 on Epic
- Staff of the Magi (Satyr): Changed the energy regeneration to 1.3 on Epic
- Schlilsh's Skinner (Anouran): Bleeding damage now corresponds to difficulty
- Sentinel's Armbands (Gorgon) now grant +2 to Hunting in Epic
- Shaman's gear (Neanderthal): Fixed cooldown reductions
- Soldier's Skullplate & Myrmigki Crown (Formicid) armor values fixed
- Tiger Claw: Adjusted OA bonuses
- Vagabond's Shirt (Ratman): Fixed doubled dexterity requirement reduction for weapons
- Warchief's Leggings (Yerren) now give 20/40/60% protection against Beasts (like other Warchief items)
- Deathweaver's Legtip: Poison Duration reduced to 3 seconds, added +50% Variance
+ Added individual colors for regular and infrequent monster items
+ Monster items, unless broken, now always have at least one affix


- Labyrinthine Helmet: Doubled Stun Resistance
- Obsidian Helm: Doubled Lightning and Damage Resistance
- Ramses' Headdress: Doubled Fire Resistance and Fire Retaliation Damage
- Shroud of the Night: Doubled Dexterity bonus, now also protects from Mana Leech
- Babylonian Helm: Now gives an extra 100 Offensive Abiity
- Crag: Doubled chance of Damage Resistance
- Lazarus Helm: Doubled Defensive Ability, Lightning Retaliation x10
- Imperial Helm: Doubled Resistances
- Mede Cap: Doubled Chance to Dodge
- Apple Bearer's Cap: Pierce Resistance x3, added 11% Physical Resistance (whole set)
- Helm of the Firewalker: Doubled Health Regeneration and skill bonus, always retaliates (whole set)
- Shrieking Helm: Doubled Resistance and Retaliation chance
+ Memnon's Guard: Now grants Rally level 3
- Jade Crested Helm: Doubled Pierce Resistance and Chance to Dodge
- Druid's Wreath: Doubled all values, added 10% Protection vs Beastmen
+ Trojan Helm: Now grants Battle Standard level 1
- Warden's Helm: Doubled skill bonuses
- Hunter's Helm & Tracker's Hood: Grant lightning resistance rather than damage (like other items from the sets)
- Shadowmeld: Doubled all values
- Shroud of Shadows: Now gives +2 to Nightshade and Mandrake
- Ao-Chin's Red Cap: Now gives +4 to Soften Metal
- Blue War Crown: Doubled strength bonus, OA and DA
- Helm of the Sphinx: Doubled all values
+ Ptolemy's Crested Helm: Now grants Call of the Hunt level 1
- Warrior's Brain Cage: Added a 6% chance of 100% Physical Resistance
- Athlon: Now increases experience by 25%
- Chiron's Gaze: Regrowth skill increased to level 4
- Conqueror's Brain Cage: Added 12% chance of 100% Physical Resistance, now grants +2 to both skills
- Assassin's Shroud: Now grants +3 to both skills
- Helm of the Nemean Lion: Now adds +4 to Call of the Wild
- Helm of Odysseus: Chance of Retaliation increased to 66%
- Huo Quibing's Helm: Doubled Energy Cost Reduction
- Bone Helm: Doubled all values
- Crystalline: Retaliation chance raised to 50%, skill bonus raised to +3, added 40% Damage Reflection
- Legionnaire's Visor: Added 60% Slow Resistance
- Hector's Flashing Helm: No longer called "Armor of the Burning Blade". Now requires 520 strength instead of 52.
- Hector's Flashing Helm: Doubled chance of Damage Resistance

- Crown of the Elements: Always retaliates
- Emerald Crown: Doubled Retaliation Chance
- Chromatic Diadem: Reduced resistance bonuses by 7%
- Red Crown: Doubled Fire Resistance, now also increases Burn Damage
- White Crown: Now gives an extra 100 Defensive Ability
- Crown of Erebus: Energy Absorption x3, Regeneration x3
- Crown of Erebus and Dreamweaver's Crown are now of "epic" rarity
- Pyromancer's Circlet: Now also increases Burn Damage, doubled Fire Resistance and skill bonus
- Priest's Hood: Regrowth skill increased to level 8
- Umbral Crown: Vitality resistance fixed and x3, also buffs Vitality Damage, increased Cascade bonus to +3
- Shadow Veil: Added 20% Elemental Resistance, now grants +2 to Ravages of Time
- Circlet of Storms: Dubled resistances and skill bonus
- Hesione's Golden Veil: Now simply grants +50% to all Elemental Damage (including the burns)
- Gaze of Carnus: Added 60% Vitality Damage Resistance
- Battlemage Circlet: Added an extra 200 Defensive Ability (whole set)
- Orpheus' Garland: Increased Mind Control duration to 15s
- Pluto's Crown: Doubled Recharge Reduction (whole set)
- Tiresias's Guide: Less Energy Reserved x10, doubled Intelligence modifier, grants +2 to Mastermind
- Heart of the Mountain: Now buffs Brimstone rather than Volativity
- Theban Cuirass: Doubled Fire Resistance and Defensive Ability
- Obsidian Breastplate: Now has 54 armor like the rest of the set, doubled Lightning and Damage Resistance
- Bladeflinger's Armor: Doubled Dexterity and Attacks Speed bonuses
- Maron's Garment: Doubled Armor Value
- Ramses' Coat: Doubled Retaliation Damage
- Sandstalker Armor now correctly buffs Study Prey, Poison Resistance x4
- Labyrinthine Cuirass now has 60 armor like the rest of the set
- Lazarus Platemail now has 96 armor like the rest of the set, Lightning Retaliation x8
- Huo Quiao Armor: Shield Block bonus x3
- Babylonian Armor: Now gives an extra 100 Offensive Abiity
+ Ren Lei's Pride: Now grants Refresh level 2
- Banded Plate of Verei-Te: Doubled chance of resistance
+ Lo Ren Cuirass: Now grants Study Prey level 2
- Mantis Plate: Doubled Pierce Resistance, added 25 Bleeding resistance
- Flame Skin: Also increases Burn damage, doubled Retalitation damage
- Jade Breastplate now has 108 armor like the rest of the set, doubled Pierce Resistance
- Trojan Cuirass: Doubled Strength, DA and %Armor bonuses
+ Gildanthar: Now grants Heart of Oak level 4
- Breastplate of the Firewalker: Always retaliates (whole set)
- Thracian Cuirass: Bolt Trap skill level raised to level 6
- Apple Bearer's Mail: Added 11% Physical Resistance (whole set)
- Brinne's Redemption: Protection vs Undead is now in %
- Breastplate of the Sphinx: Doubled all values
- Breastplate of Xanthus: Now also increases Frostburn and Electrical Burn Damage, Retaliation x10
- Chu's Quiver: Doubled Pierce Resistance and Pierce Damage bonus
- Fu Xi's Armored Chest: Added 70% Bleeding Resistance
- Rogue' Cover: Doubled Health bonus and Defensive Ability
- Hunter's Armor: Doubled Health bonus and Defensive Ability
- Warrior's Plate: Doubled Health bonus, now 6% chance of physical resistance
- Cuirass of Retribution: Pierce Retaliation x4
- Lifeshroud: Added 70% Vitality resistance
- Armor of the Burning Blade: Also increases Burn Damage, doubled DA
- Armor of Khephuris: Also increases Electrical Burn Damage, doubled DA and retaliation
+ Soulshield Chiton: Now grants Spirit Ward level 4
- Tylderon's Breastplate: Now also increases Burn Damage
+ Takeshi's Kimono: Now grants Trance of Convalescence level 5
- Huo Qubing's Cuirass: Added 30 Fire, Pierce and Bleeding Resistances
- Assasin's Harness: Doubled Health bonus, skill bonus and Defensive Ability
- Tracker's Armor: Doubled Health bonus, skill bonus and Defensive Ability
- Bone Breastplate: Doubled Skill bonus and Elemental Resistance
- Crystalline Armor: Retaliation chance raised to 50%, skill bonus to +3
- Armor of the Crimson Guard: Retaliation Damage x4, Heat Shield level raised to 5
- Vestment of Thom the Mad: Speed bonus x3
- Horus' Refuge: Doubled Elemental Damage bonus
- Minoxian Armor: Gives +2 to both masteries, always retaliates
- Conqueror's Plate: Doubled Health bonus, now 12% chance of physical resistance, now grants +2 to both skills
- Pelt of the Nemean Lion: Adds +4 to Strength of the Pack, doubled attribute bonuses
- Armor of Anubis: Doubled Poison Resistance and Retaliation chance
- Shroud of Eirene: Now also increases Frostburn damage
- Abyssal Plate: Chance of Resistance x3
- Ephor's Garb: Also increases Burn Damage
- Augur's Drape: Doubled Intelligence
- Archon's Chiton: Doubled Lightning Resistance and DA
- Fire Blossom: Also increases Burn Damage
- Vest of the Wandering Goat: Replaced Confusion Resistance with Chance to Confuse
- Pythia's Vestment: Doubled Elemental Resistance
- Robes of Erebus: Doubled Pierce Resistance
- Vestment of the Malign Spirits: Doubled Retaliation Chance
- Darkseer: Doubled skill bonuses
- Pyromancer's Robe: Doubled Fire Resistance
- Adept's Mantle: Doubled Damage Resistance
- Galesong: Also increases Frostburn and Electrical Burn damage
- Shei-Do's Robes of Insight: Grant +3 to Trance of Empathy
- Robe of Storms: Also increases Electrical Burn Damage
- Raiment of Logos: Elemental Damage x3
- Archmage's Mantle: Doubled Damage Resistance
- Feng Xao's Meditation Robes: Added 100 Vitality Resistance
- Battlemage: Added an extra 200 Defensive Ability (whole set)
- Pluto's: Doubled recharge reduction (whole set)
- Cloak of Zoroaster: Chance of Damage Resistance x3
- Chaosbane: Added 20% Vitality Resistance
- Bracers of the Firewalker: Also increase Burn Damage, always retaliates
- Jade Bracers: Doubled Poison Resistance
- Harmony & The Frail: Removed static intelligence requirement
- Robes of Erebus: Doubled Bleeding Resistance
- Apple Bearer's Bracers: Added 11% Physical Resistance (whole set), doubled Attack Speed bonus
- Warden's Armguard: Doubled Poison Resistance, added 17% Cold Resistance
- Bracers of Troy: Doubled DA and Attack Speed bonus
- Fu Xi's Shackle: Doubled Damage bonus
+ Shadow's Touch: Effect always triggers, grants Vitality Damage to pets
- Bracers of the Sphinx: Doubled all values
- Bracers of the Tempest: Also increase Cold, Frostburn and Electric Burn Damage, doubled speed bonus
- Assassin's Bracers: Grant +3 to both skills
- Bone Bracers: Doubled Cold Resistance and skill bonus
- Crystalline: Retaliation chance raised to 50%, skill bonus raised to +3, doubled Attack Speed
- Ordu Arm-guard: Added 30% Attack Speed
+ Menelaus' Grip: Now grants Ensnare level 4
- Alexander's Bracer: Doubled Pierce Resistance, OA and DA
- Conqueror's Bracers: Now consistently gives 40% block (instead of 4%)
+ Bracers of the Nemean Lion: Grant Physical Damage to pets
- Glowing Bangle: Also increases Burn Damage
- Deathcuffs: Doubled Resistances
- Hierophant's Winding: Also increases Electrical Burn, doubled Lightning Damage, Thunderclap level raised to 8
+ Bone Bracelet: Now grants Vitality Damage to pets
- Crystal Bracelet: Also increases Frostburn Damage, added 30 Cold Resistance, grants +3 to Freezing Blast
- Druid's Bracelet: Doubled all values
- Pyromancer's Bracelet: Also increases Burn Damage, doubled Energy Cost Reduction and skill bonus
- Scholar's Bangle: Doubled Requirement Reduction, less Energy Reserved x10
- Bracelet of Illumination: Also increases Burn and Electric Burn Damage, intelligence bonus is now 20%
- Bracelet of Pain: Retaliation chance x3
- Bracelets of Storms: Also increase Lightning, Frostburn and Electric Burn Damage, doubled skill bonus
- Umbral Cuffs: Leech Resistances x3, also buffs Vitality Damage, raised skill bonus to +3
+ Elementalist's Wrap: Now simply gives +25% Elemental Damage, grants Elemental Damage buff to pets
- Dreamweaver's Coil: Added -15% recharge
- Battlemage Bracers: Added an extra 200 Defensive Ability (whole set), also affects Cast Speed
- Nathus' Bane: Also increases Frostburn Damage
- Lethargy: Doubled chance of Retaliation
- Coil of resilience: Now grants 10 flat Life and Mana Regeneration rather than +20%
- Permafrost Bracelet: Fixed slow effect, added 10% chance of 3 second Freeze
- Dragon's Breath: Alos increases Burn Damage, damage modifier chances x3, grants +2 to Flame Arch
+ Black Pearl Bracelet: Now grants a health and armor bonus to pets
- Truesilver Bracelet: Doubled attribute bonuses
+ Senbi's Clasp: Now grants Poison Gas Bomb level 10
- Pluto's: Doubled recharge reduction (whole set)
- Twisted Coil of the Parasite: Doubled Life and Energy Leech
- Bracelets of Aman'Da: Alos increases Burn Damage, now grants Spellbreaker level 6
- Ramses' Greaves: Fixed Fire Resistance and doubled chance
- Obsidian Greaves: Doubled Defensive Ability and Damage Resistance
- Greaves of Marathon: Level requirement raised to 10
- Lazarus Greaves: Added chance of Lightning Retaliation (same as Bracers)
- Mantis Stride: Doubled Chance to Dodge
- Jade Greaves: Doubled Poison Resistance
- Babylonian Greaves: Now give an extra 100 Offensive Ability
- Greaves of Troy: +100 DA, Doubled Movement Speed bonus
- Apple Bearer's Greaves: Added 11% Physical Resistance (whole set) and 11% Movement Speed
- Shade Stalkers: Added 20 Cold and Lightning Resistance
- Warden's Greaves: Doubled Dexterity bonus, Regeneration and DA
- Greaves of the Firewalker: Also increase Burn Damage, always retaliate
- Sphinx: Doubled resistance, Health bonus and Chance to Dodge
- Warrior's Buskin: Now grants +2 to Ardor
- Shadow's Flight: Added 15% Elemental Resistance
- Fu Xi's Bindings: Increased Poison bonus to 50%
- Greaves of the Tempest now have 180 armor like the rest of the set, doubled Movement Speed bonus
- Shadow's Flight greaves now have 180 armor like the rest of the set
- Blackbeard's Booties: Raised Level Requirement to 45
- Speed of the Wild: Now gives +1 to Nature mastery (like the rest of the set)
- Murkcrawlers: Fixed Poison Resistance
+ Nebuchadnezzar's Greaves: Also increase Burn Damage, fixed Stun Resistance, grant Trance of Wrath level 2
- Harbinger's Greaves: Added 40% Vitality Resistance
- Crystalline Greaves: Retaliation chance raised to 50%, doubled speed bonus, skill bonus raised to +3
- Bone Greaves: Doubled Fire Resistance and skill bonus
- Conqueror's Buskin: Doubled chance of physical resistance, now gives +2 to Ardor and Dodge Attack
- Greaves of the Nemean Lion: Now also grant 80% Trap resistance
- Hunter's Leg Guard: Added 25 Bleeding Resistance
- Tracker's Leg Guard: Added 36 Bleeding Resistance
- Alexander's Bracer: Doubled Pierce Resistance and Chance to Dodge
- Assassin's Cover: Now grants +3 to both skills
- Barbarian's Spiked Greaves: Fixed run speed bonus

- Necromancer's Leggings: Added 10% Vitality Resistance
- Seerwraps: Doubled Intelligence Bonus
- Wraps of Erebus: Doubled Poison Resistance
- Dreamweaver's Leggings: Doubled all values except skill bonus
- Adept's Leggings: Added 30% Poison Resistance
- Archmage's Leggings: Added 50% Poison Resistance
- Battlemage Greaves: Added an extra 200 Defensive Ability (whole set)
- Chthonic Legwraps: Also increase Burn Damage, now slows Attack Speed instead of inflicting -x Damage Reduction
- Legguards of the Flameborn: Also increase Burn Damage
- Pluton's Wraps: Doubled recharge reduction (whole set), Protection vs Demons/Undead is now %


- Shield of the Royal Guard: Grants +2 to Ancestral Horn
- Mystic's Shield: Retaliation Damages x3
- Thutmose's Buckler: Doubled Pierce Resistance and Retaliation Damage
- Stonewall: Chance to Stun (on shield attack) x3
- Earthen Barrier: Briar Ward level raised to 5
- Babylonian Shield: Now gives an extra 100 Defensive Ability, doubled extra Block Chance, Physical bonus is now %
- Frozen Buckler: Now also affects Frostburn Damage
- Sacred Crescent Shield: Chance of Damage x3
- Shield of Balance: Raised Reflection Chance to 50%
- Heron's Gear: Grants +2 to Rapid Construction
- Scaled Serpent Shield: Grants +2 to Toxin Distillation
+ Frostguard: Now has a 5% chance to cast Freezing Blast on melee hit
- Flowing Shield of the Euphrates: Doubled Cooldown Reduction, Less Mana Reserved x10
- Jericho: Reduced shield requirement reduction, other reductions increased to 20%
- Volatile Shield: Increased chance of retaliation to 25%, doubled Elemental effect
- Moon Disc: Elemental Damage bonus x3
- Mentuhotep's Shield: Adrenaline level raised to 8
- Shield of Apis the Bull: Fixed Stun Resistance (now 50%)
- Essence Guard: Doubled Leech Resistances
- Shield of the Cobra: Now does ist damage over 3 seconds, doubled Poison Resistance
+ Leatherskin Shield: Now gives +1 to all skills in Hunting Mastery
- Shield of Permathryn: Doubled Protection vs Insectoids
- Shield of the Hideous Visage: Consolidated attack effects into a 50% chance of inflicting one of them
+ Eidolon Shell: Now has a 2% chance to Summon Outsider upon being hit
- Sun Disc: Doubled Fire bonuses and damages, also increases Burn Damage
- Alexander's Pelta: Added 40 Reduction to Poison and Bleeding Durations, doubled DA
+ Abyssal Shield: Now grants level 8 Flame Surge
- The Greg: Increased Health/Energy Regeneration to 10
- Scale of the Black Dragon: Increased Rinf of Flame level to 6
- Aionios: Lowered resistances from 80% to 60% each
- Achilles' Shield: Shield Smash level increased to 8, tripled OA and DA, block bonus raised to 20%
- Athena's Mirrored Shield: Doubled Damage Reflection
- Golden Shield of Pelaron: Doubled Recharge and Energy Cost reductions, Energy Regeneration x10
- Hades' Aspis: Added +25% Vitality Damage
- Hector's Shimmering Shield: Fixed Stun resistance
- Hephaestus' Molten Shield: Added 50-70 Fire Damage (shield attack)
- Shield of the Fiery Legion: Added 80% Vitality Resistance
- Wall of the Damned: Vision of Death level raised to 6, Reflection damage x3
- Fixed damage on Crest of Taurus and Hera's shield
- Patroclus' Shortblade: Doubled resistances
- Cleopatra's Short Sword: Now does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds
- Marduk's Rage: Added 25% Damage Reduction for 3s (existed without duration), doubled chance of +% Physical
- Teslos: Lightning damage bonus increased to 150%, added +25% Damage vs Devices
- Yin: Doubled VQ, doubled Life Leech bonus, added 10% Life Reduction
- Yang: Doubled AQ, added 20 Life Leech over 1 second
- Wing Chun's Tear: Doubled Elemental Resistance and Movement Speed bonus
- Juque: Chance to Dodge x3
- Spartan's Wit: Added +25% Physical modifier
- Katharsos: Doubled Vitality Damage
- The Reckoning: Chance of +% Physical and Damage vs Demons x5
- Ammit's Fang: Doubled Energy Burn
- Bite of Anubis: Does ist Poison damage over 3s
- Blade of Ishtar: Doubled chance of Reduced Damage
- Ether Blade: Added 25-28 Vitality damage, +25% Damage vs Magical
- Oath Breaker: Doubled proc chance
- Sword of the Zhou: Proc chance x4
+ Chang-Kuo Lau's Steel Blur: Grants 30% chance to perform a Double Slash, +2 to Flurry of Knives
- Fu Xi's Tail: Consolidated Poisons into 15% chance of 6-222 over 3 seconds, doubled chance of Stun or Fear
- Fu Xi's Tail: Replaced 5 Piercing Damage with 5% Life Reduction
- Lindane: Doubled Damage vs Insectoids. Item skill does its Poison damage over 3 seconds.
- Despair: Doubled Vitality Decay
- Prophecy: Also gives +2 to Psionic Touch
- Sword of Damocles: Added autocast to Thunder Clap, proc chance x3
- Griefmaker: Doubled Pierce Ratio
- Huo Qubing's Ceremonial Blade: Added 7% Life Reduction
- Silence: Energy Burn x5, added 40-60 Electrical Burn Damage to proc
+ Amen-Ra's Magebane: Added chance to cast level 8 Spellbreaker on attack
- Thunderbolt: Grants +3 to Static Charge
- Mindrazor: Doubled proc chance
- Plissken: Armor Reduction x3
- Stymphalian Talon: Set bleeding duration to 3s, varies damage 100-200% instead
- Theseus' Inheritance: Doubled Physical modifier
+ Thyestes' Scheme: Now grants level 4 Lethal Strike
- Lord Seth's Chaos Blade: Vitality Damage x3, doubled Mind Control duration
- Sword of Eternal Darkness: Chances to cause Fumbling and Sleep x3
- Drakaina: Now does ist Poison Damage over 3 seconds, added 120 Burn Damage over 3 seconds

- Obsidian Crescent: Added 5% Life reduction
- Brain Cleave: Energy Burn x3
- Frostbite: Also increases Frostburn Damage, added Frostburn to Freeze effect
- Thresher: Addded +75% Damage vs Plants
- Mikros: Increased base speed, replaced Elemental Resistance with Elemental Damage (like Mesos and Megalos)
- Mikros: Doubled Elemental Damage, expanded +% Physical to +% Total, 20% Damage vs Insectoids
- Adranis: Grants +2 to Temporal Flux
+ Chi You's Siphon: Now grants level 3 Life Drain
- Creeping Death: Now does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds, +2 to Ravages of Time
- Mesos: Doubled Elemental Damage, expanded +% Physical to +% Total, 27% Damage vs Insectoids
- Axe of Lesbos: Doubled Damage Resistance, +1 to Accelerated Growth
- Shadowbane: Replaced Vitality Damage with 17% Life Reduction
- Age Axe: Doubled damages caused by proc
+ Snowblind: Increases Frostburn Damage, doubled Cold Damage, added chance of level 3 Flash Powder on melee hit
- Megalos: Doubled Elemental Damage, expanded +% Physical to +% Total, 33% Damage vs Insectoids
- Minoan Fire-Axe: Also increases Burn, doubled Burn Damage maximum
- The Monkey King's Greed: Doubled Leech maxima
- Lypikouri: Doubled Bleeding Damage
+ Pangu's Axe: Also increases Electrical Burn Damage, doubled Lightning Damage, +1 to Nature and Earth skills
+ Zaghnal: Now has a Pierce Ratio of 30%, grants level 7 Calculated Strike
- Atropos' Assistant: Chance to proc +10%
- Enkidu's Stand: Chance of Fire Damage x3, +2 to Strength of the Pack
- Gaia's Revenge: 20% Pierce Ratio, racial bonus damage is now %
- Torment: 10% Pierce Ratio, Doubled Physical and Speed bonuses
- Theogenes' Onslaught: Gives +2 to Onslaught
- Cerberus' Bite: Now does its Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
- Scylla: Always leeches, doubled Slow effect
- Charybdis: Doubled Slow effect
- Axe of Tereus: Always slows
- Hiemal Decapitator: Also increases Frostburn, does 25-35 Frostburn Damage over 1 second
+ Key of Elysium: Now has a chance to summon Ancestors when attacking with it
- Acheron's Touch: Cold & Vitality Damage x3, Disruption chance x5
- Phoenix: Also increases Burn Damage, Burn Damage maximum x3
- Persephone's Caress: Also increases Frostburn Damage
- Pytho: Now does ist Poison Damage over 3 seconds

- Bristlebash: Added 10% Damage vs Beasts
- Plague Feast: Now does ist Poison Damage over 3 seconds
- Ramses' Scepter: Now does its Poison and Burn Damages over 3 seconds
- Lycergus' Wisdom: Doubled Requirement Reductions
- Widowmaker: Added 2s of Stun to damage proc, +1 to Poison Gas Bomb
- Lei Gong's Winged Mace: Added 8-56 Electrical Burn Damage over 4 seconds
- Shatterbone: Doubled chance of +% Physical, Armor Reduction x3
- Blackrock Mallet: Also increases Burn Damage, doubled proc chance, +2 to Molten Rock
- The Foreman: Added damage variance to Vitaity Decay
+ Doom Herald: Now grants level 5 Deathchill Aura
- Warden's Wrath: Now does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds
- Cerberus' Bone: Now does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds, doubled proc chance
- Sorrowbringer: Now does its DoT over 3 seconds, increased proc chance to 15%
- Scepter of the Sphinx: Added 5-13% Life reduction
- Kalar's Convincer: Increased proc chance to 15%, +2 to Iron Will
- Surge of the Tempest: Also increases DoT, increased proc chance to 11%, doubled Lightning Damage
- Blight: Now does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds, +2 to Susceptibility
+ Hammer of the Sun: Also increases Burn Damage, replaced Heat Shield with new Sunlight skill
- Arcadion Judgment: Doubled chance of Confusion and Energy Cost Reduction
- Skullcrusher: Added +2 to Crushing Blow
- Shadesong: Is no longer part of the Umbral Raiment set. Proc chance x10, 15% chance for 240-270 bleeding
- Lykaion Malleus: Also increases Electrcal Burn Damage
- Demeter's Sorrow: Doubled Cold Damage, +2 to Freezing Blast
- Truncheon of Malice: Doubled Vitality Damage
+ Sapros the Corrupter: Poison duration reduced to 3 seconds, now bestows a -25% Health malus
- Coven Nex: Doubled Proc Chance
- Prometheus' Gift: Now does 1-3x Burn Damage over 3 seconds, also increases Burn Damage, autocast on aura
- Hand of Hephaestus: Alos increases Burn Damage
- Horn of Tiamat: Now does its Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
+ Orion's Mace: Now inflicts and buffs Elemental Damage rather than single elements, grants level 6 Psionic Touch
+ Iris: Grants level 2 Distortion Field

- Fire Spike: Also increases Burn Damage
+ Shadowsting: Doubled Vitality Damage, grants level 2 Phantom Strike
- Shiverblood: Attack speed is now correctly shown as "slow", added 9-15 Frostburn Damage over 3 seconds
- Hoe of Destruction: Plague level increased to 5
- Desert's Kiss: Doubled Fire Resistance
- The Eviscerator: Added 50% variance to Bleeding, +2 to Open Wound
- Babylonian Spear: Now gives an extra 100 Offensive Ability, 7% chance of 110% Life Reduction
- Spear of Argo: Now affects total speed, +50% Damage vs Constructs
- Nu Ba's Nagamaki: Doubled proc chance, replaced Freeze with Petrify, +2 to Wildfire
+ Hu Hai's Pride: Vitality Damage x3, grants level 5 War Wind
- Qin Zi Ying's Lance: Piercing bonus x3, doubled OA and DA
- Apple Bearer's Spear: Added 11% Physical Resistance (whole set), 20% chance of 50% Life Reduction
- Soul Spike: Added 15% Life Reduction
- Icefire Pike: +1 to Flame Surge and Heart of Frost
- Nubian Spear: Now has a variable Pierce Ratio of 30-60%
- Anendjib's Spear: Added 7% chance of 150 Bleeding Damage
- Defiler: Now does all of its Poison Damage as DoT over 3 seconds, auto-casts Plague on attacks
+ Herod's Reach: Now grants level 1 Take Down
- Penetrating Spear of Ko k'Bi: Added variance to Bleeding, +1 to Blade Honing
- Horsemaster's Pike: Doubled Slow effect, added 15% Run Speed
- Spear of Renenutet: +2 to Regrowth
- Monk's Spade: Chance to dodge x4, +2 to Trance of Empathy and Tranquility of Water
- Raptor: Added variance to Bleeding Damage
- Amazonian Spear: Now does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds, +2 to Overgrowth and Find Cover
- Scorpion's Tail: Now does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds
- Fei Lian's Galespear: Lightning Damage x3, also increases Electrical Burn
+ Sacred Spear of Nephthys: Doubled Life Reduction, +1 to all Spirit skills
- Hector's Spear: Doubled all values except skills
- Alexander's Spear: Now does 50% more Bleeding Damage and over 3 seconds, doubled OA
- Ares' Wrath: Chance of +% Physical x3
+ Blood of Ouranos: Grants new skill that summons a Melia
- Achilles' Spear: Armor Reduction x3
- Kwan Yin's Final Mercy: Elemental Damage and Life Reduction x4, changed +% Physical to +% Total
- Reach of Helios: Chance of Fire Damage x3, Damage vs. Demons is now in %
- Soulflay Fork: Now always causes Disruption
- Phorkos' Trident: Also increases Frostburn Damage
+ The Last Emperor: Now grants level 5 War Wind
+ Spear of the Dryads: Does its Poison Damage over 3 seconds, +2 to all Nature skills


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