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Ragnarok Side Quests Video Guide

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Hey guys,

Seeing as most players have trouble with the side quests I made a detailed video guide on how to complete all the side quests at Act 5.
I hope it helps..

And a video guide about Atlantis:

actually, the quest a northern contact is not automatically given to you.. after completing the sciron quest, you have to talk to Phaedrus and he will give you the quest.. iirc, if you don't talk to Phaedrus to trigger the quest, you only get the XP reward but not the lesser artifact.. but maybe it was changed in later patches

i think this particular quest guide has an appropriate section in the..... ah never mind :)  your vid is nice overall

Nice video, what tools do you use ?
One day i should learn how to make a video, that would be better than a wall text  ;)
I've tried yesterday playstv but it didn't work.

One note: for the sidequest Celtic Plaid, you said:

--- Quote ---If you started an Accomplished hero, you obviously can't complete this quest and need till Act3 in Epic
--- End quote ---
Actually, you can achieve this quest on normal with some runs to the mage shop in Corinth. It can take a while though, say 10 runs roughly.

Thank you guys. I didn't know the stuff you both mentioned. I know I may have missed to provide some further info but the Ragnarok is still fresh so I guess there are many things left to discover!

I use Sony Vegas. Quite a powerful editing software yet very easy to use.

Good work man!


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