Author Topic: What if Titan Quest was even more random?  (Read 1008 times)

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What if Titan Quest was even more random?
« on: 30 June 2022, 01:11:06 »
Would you say it will make the game better? Or more replayable? What if we had procedurally generated overworld areas and dungeons, much like in Diablo 2? What if there was more enemy variety, with each area having a randomized enemy table that rolls every time you re-enter, so you don't get the same predictable encounters in every area or act with just the hero spawns being unexpected?  Now that i think of it, there is some variety in enemy spawns in TQ, but most of the time it's one or two types of enemies per area, and they're always placed in the exact same spots. Even worse, that rule doesn't apply for all areas in the game, most will have only one option for an enemy spawn, that is also always placed very predictably.

These are all questions, that i'm very interested in discussing. I realize these things cannot be changed in TQ (at least most of them can't), but it won't hurt if we talk about it, a good discussion is a good discussion. This is all this  I haven't touched TQ in more than a year now (hence my absence from the forum), and i even haven't played the new expansion yet. I just don't have it in me, i'm terribly burnt out from the game. I've been trying to go back to it recently, but with no success... I started 3 new characters in the last 2 months and got bored by the middle of act 1. I'm not sure when i'll be able to go back to fully grind one or more characters, but if i am to guess, it's not going to be soon. So all that got me thinking and asking myself what would it be like if the game was more like D2, and then the questions above came to my mind. What do you think?

Me personally, i think it will make TQ more replayable, but not by much, because it is already a replayable game, just not endlessly replayable for someone like me. Maybe some areas will suffer visually if they were procedurally generated instead of the beautifully handcrafted world we have now, but that will also make the gameplay so much more unpredictable... especially if we have some variety in the spawns. By that i don't mean add more enemy types, no, we can have the same enemies per act, just remove some restrictions to where they can spawn. Also, the hero spawns are way too far and few in between and feel way too unrewarding... In Diablo 2 you get entire champion and unique enemy packs that have randomized abilities and auras and give 5 times the experience, and also have better loot drops. The singular hero spawns in TQ almost never feel rewarding, despite their better experience and drop chances. We don't have the randomized groups of special enemies that might catch you of guard here. Even the "yellow" spawns in TQ are singular or in pairs at most, so at the end of the day, you mostly kill trash mobs for 99.9% of the game, which makes the combat, the exploration and the overall gameplay monotonous, repetitive and predictable.

Another thing that throws me off for some time now is the lack of balance in the game, but i've already complained about that a lot, and it is worthy of another topic. For now, let's just stick with the points above  :D Tell me, what is your dream/fantasy version of Titan Quest that's never going to happen?
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Re: What if Titan Quest even more random?
« Reply #1 on: 30 June 2022, 06:47:59 »
Personally I don't get the attraction of randomised areas.  From the little I played D2 many years ago I don't even remember it having such things; the starting camp had entrances in a different place, but that's about it from what I remember.

I think it's more about individuals and how they play games than whether a game has randomisation of stuff or not.  Most people will just play through Normal difficulty, if that, and then move on.  Others like yourself will play until they burn out on a game; some can come back again after a break, others can't.  And then there are others like me who play a game for years and years and never get tired of it.

TQ as we know it will never get randomisation; it's far too late in its development lifetime for such things.  If THQN ever decide to make a TQ2 maybe they may consider something like that.  To mix things up for yourself you could try starting with an Accomplished Hero which means you start at Corinth in the Ragnarok expansion or you could even make a Legendary Hero to start on Legendary difficulty in the new Eternal Embers expansion since it's Legendary difficulty only.  Or try some of the mods for the game that are out there; Soulvizier, Legion of Champions, Titanomachy, etc.


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