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Pure pet/tank guardian
« on: 15 December 2021, 19:54:57 »
As @stormyboy gave me idea itself, I decided to try it. As always, it'll be hardcore/untwinked.

Well, sounds may be boring but it offers something different at least. Wolves will tear monsters apart while I just tank all type of shits. I am just there for tanking/buff/debuffing. So plague tree will be maxed, and rings and amulet will be pet-based as you can guess.

I may miss lots of things while thinking about this build because we'll always think that dmg/resist focused gear, so this one will be a bit different.

Ankh of isis, amun ra, maybe dionysos for some physical resist and viny growth are first things that came to my mind. Hp/regen is important I believe. I assume my resists are already max btw. I mean, after maxxing my elemental resists (and high pierce resist) what way I should go for? Hp/regen, highest armor, and I always spend my attributes depending on gear but I'll concentrate on dex rather than str.. dex is for high DA. Str just for gear.

And what type of weapon? Like resist reduce? Slower attack? Lots of things to think on.

And skills.. yes. No need of passive shields. I'm gonna take rally tree maxx, battle awareness tree maxx, quick recovery maxx, armor absorption maxx. No adrenaline tree? What about shield charge and batter? Will need colossus form and unyielding phalanx as well..

Any suggestions? This build needs different way of thinking!


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