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Interesting experiment!

New Projects / Re: A Few Bug Fixes And Some More
« on: 23 October 2021, 16:33:20 »
A I was making my mod Itemization Quest, I found LOTS of bugs on monsters and monster skills. I made a complete inspection on all monsters and monster skills.

Let me know if you are interested in all this stuff, because I have several dozens of animation and skill fixes.

Some about skills:

The default passive skill for all monsters...

records\skills\monster skills\defense\armor_passive.dbr

supposedly covers 1000 levels, but only up to 650 are implemented.

Skill "Mantid Feast" as bleed max value but not min value, as a result there's no bleed damage, because there's no range in this type of damage only the min value works.

records\skills\monster skills\attack_melee\mantid_feast.dbr


As said before "Mantid calculated strike", used mainly by some crabs, will not work because of weapon requirements:

records\skills\monster skills\attack_melee\mantid_calculatedstrike.dbr


Tropical spider toxic bite will not work because has energy cost and spiders don't have energy.

records\skills\monster skills\attack_melee\spiderwidow_toxicbite.dbr


Another skill, "Monster charge" that won't work due to weapon requirements:

records\skills\monster skills\monster_charge.dbr


Some about animations:

Serpentoids, Enbalmed Priests, Coral Guardians not being able to use auras and buffs because wrong/useless animation:






Installation and Tools / Modding Tool - TQDataLoader
« on: 23 October 2021, 15:07:08 »

This is a tool I created for personal use, is great for updating the database in a clean way. You can build your changes into different database versions, and the way it is done, you can compare original dbr files with modded ones easily without the mess that Artmanager does if you edit files in there.

Maybe it's a bit complicated to setup if you are not used to this configuration/programming stuff.

I added my own mod, Itemization Quest, as example.

I uploaded the source code in github, with a readme explaining a bit how it works and how to configure:

And Here's the executable version:

Guys maybe someone can help. So I'm using the latest TQvault AE and I'm playing with soulvizier and used Itemus to get some legendary gear. The problem is that every time I move the mouse over any legendary piece item to copy them so I can transfer them to my main character using the vault, it doesn't matter what is it DLC or non DLC weapons or gear I get the long windows error message. The weird thing is I don't get that error message with anything else blue or green only with purple/legendary things. Any idea why? I tried every single legendary item in itemus and the vault gives that error message every single time. I can't copy any legendary items from custom map character to my main game character at all. any other non legendary items works fine. Thanks in advance   

Is more than possible this is a problem due to the Vault not able to read properly all the item attributes (happens with a few of the Atlantis broken items), as the item was generated with a mod, I guess.

I don't use this type of mods but you could try to configure the custom maps property on the vault configuration and add soulvizier.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 07 July 2021, 12:14:38 »
I deleted all my mods on Steam. I'm not sure if I'll ever return or upload anything there. Nexus might not be as popular, but its better for someone not very social like me. Less pressure and less negative comments of the type: "Is this mod abandoned?" I couldn't stand it anymore. As long as I am alive, NOTHING is abandoned. Projects might be "on hold" for long periods of time but that's not the same as "dead". They will be dead when i'm dead or my passion to mod is dead. If that happens, you will know, one way or another.

As another mod creator I feel you, but you're certainly over-reacting.

This is the internet, when you connect with so many people in any way, you will always face that 1% of players that don't care over-demanding, trolls, haters... You name it, you got it. Most people don't bother to leave a comment, the ones that make the effort are those bad actors and a few happy mod users that wanted to thank you.

Don't feel pressured: at the end, you are working out of passion on non-monetized endeavors, from time to time appear the jerk who complains about the mods not being finished, not doing exactly what he/she wants, again, this is the internet. Most people understand we do this just because we want to, we don't get paid, and are very very grateful for it.

The most usual complain I see in my mods is: "The mod crashes X feature" or "The mod makes X feature worse", and nearly all of the time are problems that came from other mods, mod load order, mod compatibility issues, or a pirated version of the game.

Legion of Champions AE / Re: LoC Ragnarok / Atlantis development
« on: 21 April 2021, 16:09:03 »
A few weeks ago, I was thinking about how to improve performance in Atlantis and from what people said, figured that I should add proper ragdolls for Atlantis monsters (starting with those infamous serpentoids) even if it meant reusing existing animations that don't perfectly suit those.
I experimented a bit, but as it appears you changed like the whole roster and it worked, I'd be interested to see which anm you picked or changed for that matter.
Is there any link for the mod ? (or could you share only the records/xpack3/creatures .dbr + modified .anm ?)

That information is actually great, thanks for sharing.

This game does not scale well on difficulty on replay runs (unlike DII). For normal or epic, things will get utterly boring on pre-orient maps.

Actually, totally agree.

Yeah, also, they removed a lot of unused assets that could be used by mods, they are aware, I hope they fix it.

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 08 April 2021, 10:03:24 »
About the development in general, its going very well, Iím currently looking and redone the content I add in very beginning as well adding more content as well!

Heh, this is a tricky one. It happened to me. I'm working on a Database mod (only number, 0 artistic), as I advance and gather more knowledge while editing, the past work that was on a passable spot, goes near to mediocre.

In my situation, I decided to keep going and don't redo past work at the moment. My goal is to finish everything I planned, then I'll go for a second pass and refine the changes.

Anyways keep up the good work, it's looking amazing.

Dual Wield early is a bit of a trap. DW truly shines when all DW skills are maxed, and some + skills. Really adds very little at the beginning.

There are two support skills especially effective to counter the squishiness of the assasin:

- Mandrake on the poison weapon line: That fumble really adds up to survability, monsters will miss so often, if not confused. Not some useful against bosses, Whirlwind is great to spread it on engage.

- Battle standard + Triumph, especially for those bosses and hard encounters. The damage absorption and phys reduction really is something.

Knifes + Traps is a completely different route.

Good one!

Nah, Brigand is just recommended because has the highest damage potential, people see big damage and go crazy. But other combinations usually are more solid. Brigand doesn't have much AoE, and is a bit squishy. Of course with enough gear, you can create a monster.

Yeah, Epic at the beginning I always have the feeling that the monsters have a bit too much health and little damage.

On Act 3 Epic is when the difficulty ramps up, and on Legendary monsters do quite a bit of damage and have lots of health.

If you're using hunting + nature, that's a great combination for beginners: Hunting is just OP, the most damage hands down with great support passives, nature adds that heart of the oak with the ele resists augment, that alone is amazing for support. Refresh help keep up wolves and call of the hunt up, so yeah, one of best classes to start with.

Take your time, as a reference if you clear everything you reach to Epic in about level 45, and Legendary in level 63.

Just upgrade the one you are currently using, is not a big upgrade (in each difficulty the special properties scale), with weapons you can get some extra damage easily. I recommend to not think too much about it.

+ Skills is stupid strong, more so in this game, where skills are more powerful and defining than gear. Unless is really a BIG difference in stats, + skills is the way to go. You will eventually get the feeling about when to move on.

Nah, forget about artifacts, whenever you need relics/charms to complete artifacts, you can go back to normal (a stronger char will do runs faster after all) and do some boss/monster runs.

No problem is just a recommendation based on my own experience :)

Assassin is also squishy, maybe a bit more if you dual wield. Also kills very fast. Don't worry, this game is not that hard, you will see with time.

Have fun with all those builds, you went all in!

Normally is recommended to level one int and one physical build in parallel for a better equipment spread.

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