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I cannot find working links for any of these mods. I used to play them several years ago.
Legion of Champions

Also, I use Steam. If there is a place to download these mods outside of Steam, how do I get them to work in my Steam version?

Thank you.

I reinstalled TQIT Anniversary Edition from Steam . TQ Vault did not work. I then went to as recommended on the forum, and installed that version. It wouldn't work either. I get the following message when I try to start it:
“The vault path was not set.
Using the default setting.
Please verify the vault path with the configuration dialogue.”

I followed the instructions on the troubleshooting page to address this problem, but it still wouldn't work. So, I uninstalled the Steam TQIT Anniversary Edition, and installed the game from my original discs (Yes, I still have them!). But, the older version of TQVault I have on my computer is configured for the anniversary edition and it won't work either: “Index was outside the bounds of the array.”

So, what version of TQ Vault do I need and where can I get it?

Now, the TQIT Anniversary Edition is superior to the original TQIT in a number of ways, so other than problems with the vault why should I use it? The answer is I have a working version of The Defiler. And, I understand from browsing the forum that The Defiler is out of date and doesn't work with these newer versions of TQIT  Anniversary Edition. So, I am very happy to have the Defiler.

Inventory space
I seem to remember that here is a mod that increases inventory slots. What is it called and where can I get it? I particularly need it if I stick with the original version of QQIT (potions are limited to stacks of 5).

Where can I get downloads for TQIT such as Mastery Mods? The link for the forum labeled IT downloads does not work.

On a whole other note, do I remember correctly that for a pure caster it is ill advised to invest points in energy? Or am I mistaken about that.

Crate Entertainment / Grim Dawn
« on: 08 May 2018, 04:30:50 »
1. Is the DLC worth buying?

2. In the Grim Dawn Defiler,when I give a toon more iron bits and save it, the increase does not show up in the game. What am I doing wrong, or is that a bug or what?

In the last act when talking to the princess Ilva who was captured she talks about her father, king Gylfi, having been turned into stone.  When you go to his hall he is a stone statue.How do I bring him back to life?

Humor / Clean Jokes
« on: 17 January 2018, 05:35:17 »
Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Déja who?

Knock knock.

A guy walks into a bar and sees an attractive woman sitting alone.
He asks, "Outside? Under? Around? Over?
The woman gives him a cool look and asks, "Are you trying to preposition me?"

A man goes hiking and he sees a farmer with two cows, one is black and the other is white. The man walks up to the farmer and asks him "What do you feed the cows?"
The farmer asks "The black one or the white one?".
"The black one" says the man. "I feed it grass."
"What about the white one then?"
"I feed it grass too."
The man nods "And where do the usually sleep?"
"The black one or the white one?" the farmer asks.
"The black one"
"In the barn"
"What about the white one?"
"It sleeps in the barn too." Says the farmer.
The hiker starts getting frustrated, "And what do you use them for?" he asks.
The farmer asks again "The black one or the white one?".
"The black one" "Well I use it to get milk"
"And the white one?" "I use it to get milk too."
The hiker gets angry, and yells "What the hell is wrong with you? You keep asking me which cow I mean, then give me the same response for both!"
The farmer answers calmly "Well because the black cow is mine."
"Oh, and what about the white one?"
"It's mine too.."

Is Quick Recovery still useful for my Runesmith?
I have 4+ to skills (hallowed helm, Loratian greaves and epic sbc).
Absorb maxed gives me -67% to shield recovery time.
Focus maxed gives me +25% chance to block.
My unique shield, Rings of the Rhine has a 24% chance to block + an additional 49% chance to block.

Many of the side quests seriously need to be redone. Some are poorly worded and even misleading. In some cases quest items are very difficult to find. In other cases, there are quest items that you pick up and carry around without ever learning what to do with them. I have not been able to complete all of the quests, and one of them I was only able to complete after getting some helpful advice on the Steam forum.

While I am at it, I would also like to complain about the dialogues; some of the accents the NPCs use are terrible.

Well, here is a link to a video for some help on the Magic Cauldron quest. Warning: there are spoilers.

New Members Introduction / Hi everyone
« on: 04 December 2017, 19:15:57 »
Hi everyone! It's really nice to see a bunch of familiar names on the forum.
With the new expansion I have resumed playing the game.

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