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Have followed bote's build fairly well with little deviation in the beginning. Since I have destroyed most all my characters I had started , including my vault.
This is a start from scratch with a new vault start. Expect to buy buy thing along the way  to save for planned Avenger, Sage, and Brigand later.
Presently in Act 4 Normal at The Upper City of Lost souls. Way back in Act 1 I found staff of the Magi which I am still using. Hate to give up it is the only cool down I
have found so far and Eruption takes for ever to cool down.
One thing I found is Mubuti's Avocate, 3 of them all in the same area, also a Bramble Bow, which use to be good for Hunters.
My big problem at present is Charon's oar. A suggestion would be appreciated

Have been curious as to to what the average level is to complete each Act in the game. Is there a listing? Seem it can be any thing from 60 to high 70s for end game.  A big spread.
Just Normal would be a good start. Is it different between a Mage or Melee? In Grim Dawn, if you are around 5 levels more than the monsters, you are basically wasting your time.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Earth and VO
« on: 12 December 2018, 05:20:17 »
Does the Earth Enchant Fire damage being % get boosted by VO's flat fire damage Or visa versa?

General Discussion / Earth plus what
« on: 24 November 2018, 22:43:20 »
Looking for a mastery to go with Earth to provide defense. Went all the the way through Normal with just Earth. Was starting to really fail as I reach the end of it. Started dying too much.
This is when I wish I had the decoy.
Any thoughts? Must realize that I am slower than molasses anymore

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Gorgons Help
« on: 13 October 2018, 05:30:59 »
Need a little advice on the gorgon girls.
I'm at level 15 with a Pyro. Was moving right along till  I hit the gorgons. Up till now thing were going smoothly, one or two shots about ever thing. Bosses were no real problem. What I need to know is do they have life leach or blocking ability. While fighting, my health started going down, but health pots seem to have no affect raising it up'. Only have combine 72 armor. Have 19% in  elemental and 28% in poison resistance, damage is 153/sec. nothing in bleed, physical
Is there anything that can weaken them. I know I need to kill Euryale first, to prevent her healing the others. OA 157, DA 136 Cast speed 100% Movement 133% health 1,265 Intell 186.
There is some little thing I missing.
Perhaps the trouble is just me and not finding any super duper goodies Never had this much trouble before.

I have been going through a mess. Due to a problem had to reset my computer and lost everything, not just game. Then I started Nargill77 Enhanced game that works great. was moving right along and asked for a redheaded character. He had a red head mod that work fine, but dumb me, saw he was making better sharper females so I added a new redhead. worked ok for few levels, then she started disintegrating. so I'm back to square one with no characters and nothing saved
The only problem with the Enhanced Game is it storage areas are wider and longer than the Vault. so if you put items in certain areas, you lose them. Just don't put items in the last 3 rows on the right and last 6 row on the bottom and things are fine. After my sad tale, I looking for an easy character to rush up to Epic to farm to build up equipment and rebuild my Vault.
The Vault used in Steam is larger, I use GOG. I at present expect a Pyro would be faster and easier.
Any ideas would be appreciated

Guides AE / Custom Map
« on: 26 August 2018, 01:26:23 »
Since I started a new character, decide to use x2 for awhile. Expected to see 2 Sharmans  for first quest, was only one.
Had a character at level 10 imported to custom maps. it kept its equipment, but started out with the horse in the field. Is this  the way it's suppose to be?

As far as all games and most other thing don't work properly. It's no doubt a Microsoft problem. After shutting down Defender, removing all window updates still have the same error. Uninstalled Gog to reinstall, bad mistake. I can not download anything without getting the error. Checked everything I can possibly check, even dish partitions and boot. with no luck. May have to reload Windows 10. I have search for a possible replacement download, but haven't found any.
Will work on this until it is solved.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Throw weapons??
« on: 01 August 2018, 22:53:52 »
Does Rogue flurry of knives work with throw weapons?

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Earth and Rune
« on: 13 July 2018, 14:36:57 »
I usually play a avenger, ranger or sage. I started a Pyro when i noticed all the throw items After looking at mastery's decided on trying Rune since I never tried before . I'm at level 12 Normal. was using bow and staff. Dumped the bow for throw weapon and shield. Already see it will be interesting with the short range of the throw weapon. Years ago used knives with a rogue, and enjoyed.
I'm not thinking of playing beyond Epic I'm old and slow.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / New throwing items?
« on: 07 July 2018, 23:28:24 »
Has anybody built a toon around the new throwing weapons?
Also where is the data base located, if there is a new one?
Edit: Went through my old junk and found Database 1.0.1

New Members Introduction / New but old
« on: 20 November 2017, 06:02:53 »
Have been playing TQ/IM for eons but after the failure of the old site found this due to Medea in Grim Dawn.
My old user name was Old Bugger

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