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This tool was found by @soa , i post a link here so more people can know about it.

It allows you to edit the following in the .chr file:

1. Character name
2. Character level
3. Gold value
4. Available attribute points
5. Available skill points
6. Monster kill count
7. Number of deaths

Other Modifications / [MOD] 12 Olympians
« on: 08 October 2022, 14:42:52 »
~-~-~-~ Twelve Olympians Mod by nargil66 ~-~-~-~

This mod makes all 12 major gods from the Greek pantheon to appear on Olympus after defeating Typhon. The god models are customly made in Blender. The mod has no other purpose than bringing more immersion to Titan Quest. Feel free to merge with other mods if you want, just mention me in the credits.


The mod can be used both as a "soft" mod (loaded from custom quest) and as a "hard" mod (playing from the main game). It requires Ragnarok, Atlantis and Eternal Embers expansions. Use without the DLCs only on your own risk!

To make it a "soft" mod:

- Place folder "12olympians" in "My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest - Immortal Throne/CustomMaps" folder. Start the game and launch the mod from Custom Quest menu. The mod will "bounce" to the main game, where you can play with your normal characters. This work for Steam too, only the mod name will appear at the bottom of your list and show as white (below other Steam mods, which show gray).

To make it a "hard" mod:

- Take folders "Database", and "Resources" from the "12olympians" folder and place them in your main game's installation directory with replace. You may want to back up your original database.arz file first (located in "Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition/Database" folder). The current hard mod version is working with Eternal Embers Public Beta Update #6. I recommend you to use the soft version for future official patches, unless i update the mod (or unless you know how to merge them yourself).

---Known Issues---

- Some of the gods (at the upper left side of the arena map) will become temporarily invisible if you get too close to them. Don't ask me why, i don't know. If i ever find the reason, it will be fixed.
- Some god models will be getting minor or major reworks in the future to improve their looks. Not really an issue tho

Video preview:

Download Links:

If you notice a bug, let me know.


Texture & Skin Modding / [MOD] NewSkins II
« on: 27 September 2022, 03:44:40 »

NewSkins II is a collecton of skin packs for Titan Quest, an upgrade of my old NewSkins mod. This is the addon version, replacing files directly in the main game's Database folder. A full version as a normal loaded mod is planned for the future.

---Features and Info---

- Being an addon mod, this version of NewSkins II works directly from the main game, not from CustomMaps, and doesn't block achievements on Steam. The new skins will be visible only for you in multiplayer, unless the other player has the same addon and the same packs installed. The other advantage of addon mods is they can work along with many regular mods, both hard mods and soft mods.

- The base female character model (now called "Ariadne") has been gradually reshaped in Blender to be prettier and more natural looking. The new model is compatible with both skirtless and skirted skins.

- There are custom variants of the default model hair, located in "Items/EquipmentHair" folder, which you can change manually. This is my attempt to add some variety in character customization.

- Camera attach points are changed on both character models, to make them more centered on the screen on max camera zoom for better screenshots.

- Optional feature - Alt Menus: Added are 3 optional Menu screens (two of them replacing the original TQ menu and one replacing IT menu) - made by me (Egyptian), Wardust (Greek) and Munderbunny (Hades).

- Added are the souce files of the skins, if you want to make your own skins based on mine (you need Paint.Net image editor to open the PDN files)

- Added is a modified quest file (inside folder "Quests") that will make your new character to start with all Greek dyes at the beginning of the game. If you don't want this to happen, just remove or rename the folder.

- Added is my Alternative Music addon (Inside folders "Music" and "Xpack2/Music"). If you want to restore the default tracks, just remove or rename the folders.

- Added is Immersive NPC Markers addon (inside folders "Effects", "Xpack/Effects", "Xpack2/Effects" and "Xpack3/Effects")

---Installation and Usage---

1. Important: NewSkins II requires latest Titan Quest AE with all DLCs installed (Ragnarok, Atlantis and Eternal Embers). Some of the features won't work without the expansions. You can try without them only on your own risk!

2. After you unpack the archive, inside you will see a folder named "Database". Copy it and place it in your main game installation folder. Make sure to backup/remove previous addon mods first, if you have any.

3. To install a custom skin pack: After you do the steps above and the files are in your main game "Database", inside go to "Creatures/PC/Female" or "Creatures/PC/Male". You will see the skin packs there. Choose a skin pack, open it and copy all TEX files from it to its parent folder ("Male" or "Female"). When asked if you want to replace, choose Yes. Launch the game, go to a vendor and buy a normal Greek dye, as each skin pack replaces only Greek dyes.

4. To disable skirt/armors/helmet on the character: go to "Creatures/PC/Female/Ariadne-*ModelVersion*" or "Creatures/PC/Male/Perseus-*ModelVersion*". Inside there you will see several different variants of the character's mesh. Example with the female character:
"FemalePC01.MSH" - this is the character model that is actually used by the game (after AE). No matter what other female model replacement you want to use, you MUST copy it to main "female" folder and rename it to "FemalePC01.MSH" so the game can read it.
"FemalePC01_Skirted.MSH" - this is the main Ariadne model used by default in the mod. It shows all armors and helmet and works both with skirted and skirtless skins (for example it should work with the all female skins in AllSkins Mod except for the long dress ones).
"FemalePC01_Skirtless.MSH" - this mesh is the same as above but the skirt on it is made invisible (this fixes the issue with transparent skirt still showing in inventory as black or white on DX11). To use this mesh, copy it and rename it to "FemalePC01.MSH".
"FemalePC01_SkirtNew.MSH - this mesh is still experimental. It has a square UV coordinates on the skirt to make it easier to texture (similar to the male one). It is required for some of the skin packs (for example the Topless Greek pack). To use this mesh, copy it and rename it to "FemalePC01.MSH".
"FemalePC01_SkirtedNoHelmet.MSH" - this mesh makes your equipped headgear invisible, and instead always displays the default character hair (if you want to use a custom hair for example). To use this mesh, copy it and rename it to "FemalePC01.MSH".
"FemalePC01_SkirtedNoArmors.MSH - this mesh makes ALL equipped armors invisible (useful with nude skins for example). To use this mesh, copy it and rename it to "FemalePC01.MSH".
"FemalePC01_SkirtlessNoHelmet.MSH" - Self-explanatory, see above.
"FemalePC01_SkirtlessNoArmors.MSH" - Self-explanatory, see above.
"FemalePC01_SkirtNewNoHelmet.MSH" - Self-explanatory, see above.
"FemalePC01_SkirtNewNoArmors.MSH" - Self-explanatory, see above.

5. To install a hair replacement: go to either "Items/EquipmentHelm/HairsFemale" or "Items/EquipmentHelm/HairsMale" folder. Inside you will see different meshes named "FemalePC01HairHelmet_*HairName*.MSH" and "MalePC01HairHelmet_*HairName*.MSH". To replace the default character hair with one of them, copy it to main "equipmenthelm" folder and rename it to just "FemalePC01HairHelmet.MSH" or "MalePC01HairHelmet.MSH" respectively.

6. To install a custom TQ Menu: Inside the main Database folder, rename folder "Menu_X" to just Menu. Launch the game. The original TQ menu screen will be different.

7. To install a custom IT Menu: Go to Xpack folder and rename folder "Menu_X" to just Menu. Launch the game. The Immortal Throne menu screen will be different.

---Known Issues---

- Atlantis: DirectX11 causes deleted parts of textures to be visible in inventory window and compass portrait (looking black or white, for example the female character skirt on skirtless skins). This is a vanilla game bug and it's up to the devs to fix. If you want to avoid it, use a skirtless mesh or play the DirectX9 version.

Link to the Mega folder that will contain future NewSkins II versions:

Or download on Nexus Mods:

Made this small mod for better testing of game mechanics:

Link to the alpha version for those interested:

Place the mod in CustomMaps folder. After loading, it will bounce to the main game. After entering the game go to the potion chest in Helos, or type unlock code "trainingdummies01". An amulet will drop, that can summon the practice targets. I hope this can help someone to test their equips/builds.

Known issues: even with 1000% physical resistance, physical damage still shows on the practice target... as elemental, wtf (but its health bar doesn't move at all). I think this is an engine problem of the displayed numbers. Or if someone has explanation, please share it.

Credit to @icefreeze, the idea of making this mod came in a conversation with him. I may add some specific dummies in the future, but its not the most interesting task in the world, so i'll leave it alone for now.

Texture & Skin Modding / Basic tips in modeling
« on: 16 November 2021, 07:15:15 »
For those interested in making or editing TQ models, Here are a few tips. I had a question about my workflow in PM, ill post the response here as well. My knowledge is pretty basic, but it may help someone to start.
My workflow is the following - first i load an existing character MSH file to 3ds max 2012 using Tokloo's 3dsmax plugin (it works better than the official Max exporter imo).
If i want to just reshape the model in blender, i import without bones, and then export as OBJ file to Blender. Blender is 10 times more user friendly than Max when doing almost any manipulation. For reshaping in Blender i mostly use Elastic Deform. If i want to add some accessories to the model (e.g. horns) i download a model from free 3D site and convert it to OBJ (using Max or Blender depending on the case), then load it in the scene where the main TQ character model is. Most accessories doesnt fit, so i rescale them, adjust them and reshape them untill they do. Usually its best to enable X symmetry when in sculpt mode, so both sides of the model are affected simultaneously. Ok, now - say you wanted to reshape a bit the male character, add horns on his head and export back to the game. You export both models (male pc mesh and horns) separately as OBJ to 3ds Max. Sometimes its better to uncheck "Write Normals" when exporting, because they display incorrectly in Max (but not always the case). If a model is made from more than 1 part (male model has part of his arm and leg as different object from the rest) you export each part separately. So you have 3 objects to export in this case - horns, body part 1 and body part 2.
How to transfer animation/bone data after exporting from Blender:
First, you import the original male model to Max using Tokloo's plugin again, but this time with bones, hitboxes and optionally with attach points (whatever it has).
On top of that model you load the modified OBJ files you exported from Blender. Next, on the 2 body parts (not horns) you apply Skin Wrap modifier. For each part on the modifier's settings under "Deformation Engine" choose "Face Deformation" and set "Falloff" value to 0,001 (the lowest value). Then click on "Add" and pick a base part of the mesh you want to import Skin data from. In the given example with male model for the arm-leg part of the body (the smaller one) you "Add" the corresponding arm-leg part of the base mesh to import Skin data from; in the same way for the bigger part (rest of the body), you transfer from the bigger part of the original mesh.
After the Skin/bone data is transferred, lower in the Skin Wrap modifier settings you click on "Convert to Skin". This will disable Skin Wrap modifier and add a new Skin Modifier on top of it (the model is already connected to the skeleton).
For the horns - thats easier, since they are dependent on 1 bone only (Bone_Head) you can apply Skin Modifier directly and in the empty bone list click "Add" and then pick Bone_Head from the list. Now the horns will always move with character's head.
After you attach your model's parts to character bones, apply Edit Normals modifier to each separate part. Select all normals (Ctrl + A) untill they are all red and then in Edit normals settings tick "Use threshold", then change the value next to "Selected" to 0,0001 (this will set it to 0,0). Then click on "Selected" button. The normals should change their position. If black parts appear on the mesh using this method, click on Unify Normals instead. When you exit the modifier, the normals should be green or light blue now.
You are pretty much set up for export. How to Import/Export you probably already know (it's explained in Endymion's tutorial).
I usually do not export or import Attach Points to Max, instead i open the original mesh and the newly created mesh with MeshView and paste text data from one to the other. This does the trick.

Here is a small visual quide, only pictures:

Other Modifications / [MOD] Permadeath
« on: 24 October 2021, 00:44:27 »
Ever wanted a more "legit" hardcore mode in Titan Quest? Now it's possible! In this mod if your characters die, they will stay dead. You won't be able to sell or store your items after you die, but that's pretty logical, isn't it?
Many thanks to Endymion for giving me the quest modding directions and ideas to help me make this idea reality. He gets most of the credit actually.

1. Place the mod in your CustomMaps folder as you do with any loaded mod, then launch it from "Play Custom Quest" menu. This is not a bounce mod!
2. Watch over your skin! Your first death will also be your last  :P

1. The mod works only with the vanilla game for now. If you want to merge with Xmax or another mod, feel free to do it.
2. After you die (or if you enter the mod with a character that died in it), you won't be able to return to the main menu. Just hit Alt+F4 to close the game manually (if you play on fullscreen). Or play on windowed/borderless mode.
3. I'd appreciate if someone test and tell me if you encounter problems. The mod is still in early stage, so who knows...

Download Link:

In the following tutorials I'll show you some advanced methods with meshes, templates and animations and how to utilize them to achieve impressive results. Tutorials to come:

Tutorial I - In the first tutorial you will learn about "randomizer monsters", how to create invisible meshes, and how to make your character to spawn with random default hair.
Tutorial II - The second tutorial will teach you how to mimic Grim Dawn's transmogrify system in Titan Quest, giving random looks to equipment (which is controllable to some degree).
Tutorial III - The third tutorial will show how to make helmets with attached "illusions", changing a creature's looks to another similar creature.
Tutorial IV - The fourth tutorial is about hiding attached items via animations. It will show you how to make a flavor animation where the character plays lyre, while making the lyre itself invisible in all other animations.
Tutorial V - The fifth and final tutorial is about greater creature transformations. You will learn how to make a creature to transform into a completely different creature, using animations with attached props.

Without further delay, let's begin!



Tools and programs you will need for this tutorial:

Tamschi's ArcUnpack (to extract game resources):

Tamschi's MeshView (to edit meshes):

ArtManager (to build your mod)

Step 1 - Extracting Creatures.ARC
Assuming you already have the mentioned programs, the first thing you need to do is extract the game's Creatures.arc, where the meshes you need are located.
To do that, copy or drag Creatures.arc and place it/paste it over the ArcUnpack.exe. It will be extracted automatically in the same location you copied it from. OR, if you don't want to do this every time: right click on the ARC file > choose "Open with...", tick "Always open with this program", then browse to ArcUnpack.exe and click on it. From now on all .ARC files will unpack automatically when you double click on them. I personally prefer this method.

Step 2 - Extracting OBJ Data from Mesh
Now, in the extracted archive, browse to the following directory "Creatures/PC/Male". Inside you will see the male character mesh - "malepc02.msh". To open it with MeshView, right-click on it, and in the dropdown menu pick "Open With..." and in the window that opens tick "Always open with this program". Then browse to MeshView.exe and click on it. From now on all .MSH files will automatically open with MeshView.

Inside the opened mesh, go to "Mesh/Mesh(v11)" and click on "Save Partial Data (.OBJ)":

Then save the model as object file in a desired location, picking a name for it:

In this case I just made a folder named "TutorialMeshes" on my desktop and saved it there:

Why did we extracted the male mesh as OBJ? Because we will use it to "corrupt" the female mesh, making it invisible. You'll see how in the next step.

Step 3 - Creating an Invisible Mesh

Ok, now close the male mesh and in the extracted Creatures folder browse to directory "Creatures/PC/Female". Inside is located the female mesh - "femalepc01.msh". Open it, and again go to "Mesh/Mesh(v11)", only this time click on "Replace Data (.OBJ)":

In the pop-up window that appears, browse to the malepc.obj you saved before and click on it:

This will replace the female model geometry with male one (while preserving the female bones), but since the two models are too different, the female model will just become corrupted - no shaders or textures will ever show on it. Now all that remains is to save the new invisible mesh you created:

Pick a name and location (I used the same folder from before):

Gratz, you created your first invisible mesh. You can do many cool shenanigans with invisible meshes, and they will be essential in almost all of the following tutorials. For now this mesh is all we need to make our hair randomizer.

Before we continue, I want to give you a brief introduction of how this system works.
A randomizer is basically a monster with no animation, which is attached to an invisible piece of armor (best option is to use a helmet, because you can link that helmet in DefaultHeadPiece of the base creature).

Why using a monster as a randomizer you may ask... for several reasons. Monster template allows the attachment to spawn with random meshes and textures, to have its own sounds and effects (possibly even skills), and to equip a loot tables of items... the possibilities are endless.

In the given example it goes like this:

1. Pick a base creature, in this case the female character
2. That creature wears an invisible helmet, in this case we choose the default female hair
3. In the invisible helmet mesh attach a link to a monster (also invisible and with no animation, so it follows the base creature's bones)
4. That invisible monster can equip a loot table of different hairs (visible), so it appears that the base creature is wearing them.

I hope this explanation is clear enough for start (at least for modders). If not, just follow the tutorial to see it in action.

Step 4 - Setting up the mod

Now that you have the mesh, open ArtManager and create a new mod in "Mod > New..."

I named mine "_MeshTutorial1" (the "_" in front will send it in the end of your mod list, so it won't mess up with your other mods:

After creating the new mod, right-click on Source folder to create new directory:

I named mine same as the mod for consistency:

Now, in the new created folder (inside ArtManager) right-click on an empty space and choose "Import":

Then in the pop-up window, browse to the invisible female mesh you made before and click on it to import to this folder:

Ok, you are set up. For this tutorial you will need two separate instances of the invisible mesh for the randomizer. Right-click on the invisible mesh to copy it:

Then right-click again on an empty space to paste as a copy:

Now, rename one of the meshes to "helmet_femalepc01_invisible.msh", the other to "monster_femalepc01_invisible.msh", to tell which is which later:

Now, in ArtManager switch to Database section and click on "Database > Import Record...":

Then browse to the following DBR directory - "Records/Item/EquipmentHelm/Default/FemalePC01HairHelmet.DBR":

After that, open the folders on the left and browse to the DBR you've just imported:

Make a copy of it and rename the copy to "FemalePC01HairHelmet_Original.DBR". You will need that for later.

(To be continued)

Gaming / Awesome Amazon models in Total War: Troy
« on: 06 January 2021, 12:37:45 »

Modifications / A curious fact about game text files
« on: 31 October 2020, 04:13:25 »
For those who are making translations or text repacks for hard mods, there is a trick that can be useful to you:
The game text files with all the tags consist of almost 50 pieces (e.g. commonequipment.txt, dialog.txt, monsters.txt and so on) BUT all these files have a root file and that root is Dialog.txt. That means if you recompile all text files into 1 big text file and you name it dialog.txt, all tags will still display if you've kept the encoding intact.
As proof I give a link to the full Bulgarian translation recompiled in just Dialog.txt:
To test, make a Text_EN folder in your Database folder and put this file in.
Moreover, if the tags in dialog.txt are duplicates with tags from other text file, they will always overwrite them, even for Xpack2 and 3.

Other Modifications / [MOD] Multi-Class Mastery Mod
« on: 27 October 2020, 03:47:44 »
This small mod allows you to learn any skill from any Mastery without cheating. Requires Ragnarok, Atlantis and Eternal Embers - all 3 of them!

- Place folder "Multimaster" in "My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest - Immortal Throne/CustomMaps" as you do with any non-Steam mod.
- Launch the game and load the mod from Custom Quest menu.
- This method works for Steam as well.

Features and Info
- After you enter the mod and reach level 2, in the Mastery selection screen choose Rune Mastery.
- Put 2 points in the Mastery bar, which will unlock the skill "Multi-Master Level 1". This skill is required to unlock any tier 1 skill from any Mastery.
- At lvl 3 you will unlock your second Mastery. Put point(s) to a chosen tier 1 skill from a Mastery and press the "Undo Mastery Selection" button. This will return you back to the Mastery selection screen, but your new skill will be ready to use!
- To unlock all Multi-Master tiers and ultimately all skills, keep pumping the bar in Rune mastery untill it reaches lvl 80 (its level and stat bonuses are the average of two mastery bars)
- Enjoy your new build combos!

Spoiler for Hiden:

Version 2.0
- The mod now works with Eternal Embers and Neidan mastery
- Some tweaks on UI and text
- Added an alt version where the player gets 4 skill points per level (in the same archive)


Art Manager / [Tutorial] In-Game Guide to Skill Templates
« on: 22 October 2020, 21:25:30 »
For those who have problems figuring out what which templates to use for their skills, here are some directions. I'll try to keep things as simple as i can. There are only few template descriptions for the moment, but the tutorial will be expanded in future. Here we go:



Casts a debuff on a single target (always ignores radius of the linked skill). It can be linked to one of the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Contageous.tpl (e.g. Plague)
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)

Casts a debuff over a chosen area, affecting multiple targets in radius. It can be linked to one of the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Contageous.tpl (e.g. Plague)
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)

Similar to Skill_AttackBuff.tpl, but the spell is cast by one or more projectiles (so it can miss the target). Can be linked to one of the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Contageous.tpl (e.g. Plague)
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)


> SkillBuff_BuffImmobilize.tpl (e.g. Stone Form)
> SkillBuff_Passive.tpl (e.g. Call of the Hunt, Dark Covenant, Rally)

This type of skill can be linked to both buffs and debuffs, affecting the area around the caster (moving with him). It can be used with the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)
> SkillBuff_Passive.tpl (e.g. Call of the Hunt, Dark Covenant, Heat Shield, Herbal Remedy, Rally,)
> SkillBuff_PassiveDebuff.tpl (e.g. Triumph)


Summon one or several pets using projectile(s) (e.g. Sylvan Nymph summon projectile).Can be made to deal damage or cause status effects like Stun.

Currently not used by any skill in the game, but its pretty cool. In difference to other pet summoning skills it can be made a modifier to one of the following base skill templates:
> Skill_AttackRadius.tpl
> Skill_BuffRadius.tpl
This means you can add Ancestral Warriors directly to the base War Horn skill as a modifier, using SkillSecondary_PetSpawn.tpl. Or you can add wolves as secondary summons to Call of The Hunt... it opens some possibilities.


(e.g. Volcanic Orb, Thunderball) - Launches one or several damaging projectiles, which can have explosion radius or chance to pass through enemies. How the projectiles will behave depends on the projectile template linked to it.

(e.g. Eruption, Squall, Vision of Death)

(e.g. Throwing Knife, Ice Shard)

(e.g. Flame Surge) - Fires a number of projectiles in an arc in front of the caster.

(e. g. Liche King's Arcane Blast) - Fires a number of projectiles in circle around the caster, or if you decrease the rotation angle, in front of him (similar to AttackProjectileFan). Rotation angle of 0 can make a focused "stream" of projectiles if their number is set to more than one.

(e.g. War Horn)

(e.g. Lightning Bolt)

(e.g. Enslave Spirit)





Found only in a single monster skill (records/skills/monsterskills/attack_melee/bogdweller_bite.dbr). I'm not sure what is the difference from normal attack.

I couldnt make this template to work or find any other file that links to it.

Other Modifications / [MOD] Egyptian Chariot (Alpha)
« on: 28 February 2020, 13:59:49 »

After a long delay, i managed to bring the Charioteer mod to a relatively playable state. Features and info:
- Play as an Egyptian royalty, riding a chariot with two horses
- The Character can use only ranged weapons - bow, thrown, dual thrown, staff. Melee weapons will not work!
- No matter what dye you use, the character will stay the same look
- Helmets are made always invisible
- The mod is more for testing and fun than for actual playing, as the chariot is sometimes difficult to control.

Known Issues:
- Weapon Attack Speeds are displaying incorectly (much higher)
- The mod can conflict with existing characters. It's recommended to start with a new one.

Link to the alpha version:!cTw3FKwR!8yKY_b4--fS2KhnYOKJkGSDY4lrjmcOLK9DU6IjjI20

Texture & Skin Modding / (Tutorial) Making Animated Textures
« on: 05 February 2020, 01:28:18 »
Credit for this tutorial goes to Skylla from Grim Dawn forums:

The method explained here uses TextureCompiler found in your main game folder via Windows Command Line. Using it you will be able to combine multiple TGA textures into a single animated TEX file.  Here is an example of animated texture:

Part I - Initial Setup

Before you start making the textures you want to combine, there are few preparations that need to be done. Here are the steps for setting up:

1.   In Windows, go to Search Panel and in the empty field type: cmd

Spoiler for Hiden:

Right Click on command prompt and pin it to your taskbar for faster access later.

2.   Run it. You will see something like this:

Spoiler for Hiden:

In this case, my current location is C:\Users\User. Yours will probably be different.

3.   Now open Windows Explorer and go to that directory (whatever it is), and inside it create a new folder. Let’s name it “TQ” (this will be your working folder for animated textures).

Spoiler for Hiden:

4.   Next, go to your main Titan Quest installation folder. Copy the following files:

Then paste them in the “TQ” folder you crated:

Spoiler for Hiden:

5. You are set to go.

Part II – Making the textures

As in all animations, animated textures consist of separate parts or frames. For the above example with the rainbow glowing armbands I used 18 parts total. Here is how they look before combining:

Spoiler for Hiden:

The trick in most cases is to make the texture to “loop” - starting and ending with the same shape (or color in this case), while gradually changing in between, before it completes the animation circle. Example of looping animated sequence with changing shape:

Spoiler for Hiden:

You get the idea.

Part III – Combining the Textures into TEX

After you’re done with the different parts of the texture sequence, place them all inside the “TQ” folder you created before. It should look like this:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Its better if you use simple names or numbers (less writing after). I just named them from 1.tga to 18.tga
Now open the command prompt again, and in the empty field type: cd TQ

Spoiler for Hiden:

Press Enter. This will redirect you to the TQ subfolder in your User directory, where TexCompiler and your textures are located (“cd” stands for “change directory”):

Spoiler for Hiden:

You are ready to combine the TGAs.
A general example of a command is this:

“TextureCompiler filename1.tga filename2.tga filename3.tga -fps 15 -format dxt5 animatedtexture.tex”

“fps 15” stands for frames per second – of this number depends how fast your animated texture will change or loop. Higher number will make it fast, lower will slow it down.
“format dxt5” is the conversion method – I assume you can put dxt1 or dxt3 there at least.

In my case with 18 parts I used the following command:
TextureCompiler 1.tga 2.tga 3.tga 4.tga 5.tga 6.tga 7.tga 8.tga 9.tga 10.tga 11.tga 12.tga 13.tga 14.tga 15.tga 16.tga 17.tga 18.tga -fps 9 -format dxt5 rainbowarmbands.tex

Spoiler for Hiden:

Press Enter. If you did everything right, the animated TEX file should appear in your working “TQ” folder with the other files.

Spoiler for Hiden:

New Projects / TitanCraft Mod (WIP)
« on: 10 November 2019, 04:25:25 »
This is an old idea of mine - to turn Titan Quest into a crafting/survival RPG. Te mod is in a very early stage, there are lots of things planned... In any case, its better to show you than explain ;)

Bulgaria / Сказание за Троесвет
« on: 10 October 2019, 11:43:29 »
За феновете на фентъзи жанра, тук искам да споделя един мой опит за легенди, базирани на нашия си български, балкански и славянски фолклор. Писах ги преди години, просто за кеф, и макар да не съм писател, все пак си ги харесвам :). Надявам се да ви харесат и на вас.

Вдъхновявал съм се най-вече от Толкиновия "Силмарилион", както и от български и славянски и легенди за митологични същества - змейове, самодиви, великани и пр. Без повече приказки, нека ви представя легендите от света на Троесвет...

(Из Преданията на Валхун Мъдреца)

Тук е разказана историята на  Трите Земи, каквато е останала до днес в писанията на влъхви, сказатели и пророци. Помнете, люде, това сказание за богове и смъртни, за мрак и светлина, за радост и скръб. Предайте го и на своите потомци – та да знаят откъде са дошли – и  нека не потъват в забрава делата велики на предците ни.


Казано е, че преди раждането на Твореца да даде Начало на Епохите, нямало ни земя,  ни море, ни небе. Не било  ни  жарко, ни хладно; нямало добро и зло. Нощ безгранична се простирала из всемира - предвечна и несътворена; спяща, чакаща своето пробуждане; пуста, и  все пак Майка на всичко. А дълбоко в  диплите  на  Нощта  туптяло онова, що е нейно сърце – огненото Яйце на Сътворението.
Никой не знае колко дълго продължил сънят на Великата Нощ. И боговете не знаят – дори техните могъщи умове не могат да надзърнат в онази епоха на безвремието. Но когато най-сетне дошъл мигът на Пробудата, потръпнало Вселенското Яйце. Набъбнала  черупката  му  и се пропукала, а отвътре бликнала Светлина. Накрая Яйцето  се разчупило и се пръснало на безброй отломки.
С разчупването на Вселенското Яйце, от белтъците му произлезли първичните стихии. Те се разлетели из дълбините на Великата Нощ; и Нощта вече не била пуста. А от самото Яйце излетял Онзи, когото наричат Род Вседържеца, още Вестител на Зората и Син на Началото – и Той имал облика на исполински Орел с величави криле. Тъй било дадено Началото на всичко, що е било, е, и ще бъде, чак до края на времето и Великия Завършек.

* * *

Полетял Род-Орелът из пределите на Нощта; ала докъдето и да скитал, край не достигал. Съзнал Той, че е единствен в безкрайността и вечността, и самота дълбока налегнала сърцето му. Провикнал се тогава Род към Великата Нощ:
- Безименна Майко, ти, която обгръщаш  всичко  в  непрогледни пелени, чуй плача ми! Пребродих те надлъж и нашир, ала не намерих друг освен себе си. Нима съм се пробудил в теб, за  да  остана  сам навеки, без да срещна сродна душа? Такава ли съдба си ми отредила?
И казват, че Великата Нощ чула неговото ридание. Едва били заглъхнали думите Родови, когато от дълбините проехтял крясък на друга птица. Сетне от тъмнината изплувала сребриста Сова – това била Мокоша Орисницата, Вестителка на Нощта и Богиня на Съдбата.
- Не ще си сам, Сине на Началото! - изкряскала Совата. - Съдба повика ти и сама Съдбата ще бъде твоя спътница в Епохите, които има да дойдат!
Възрадвал се Род на нечаканата среща; и полетели заедно двете първи божества. Те станали неразделни, а не след дълго се свързали и в свещен съюз. От всички богове единствена Мокоша е равна на Род, защото е творение на самата Велика Нощ. Само тя знае що става в сърцето Родово и може да надзърне в дълбините на неговия промисъл. Казват, че никой освен самия Вседържец не може да промени каквото тя е предначертала.

* * *

След като двамата Вестители се венчали, Род решил да съгради свят, който да бъде техен дом. А суров и неоформен  бил  всемирът  – частици от началните стихии се носели безцелно из пределите му.
Огнени пламъци плували из безкрая и късове земя, вълма от вихър и мъглявини от водни пари. Само петата стихия - ефирът, била
Взел тогава Род поравно от всичките пет стихии и ги смесил в Кълбо, зареяно в безкрая. По волята му, различните стихии в Кълбото
започнали да се разделят, докато се подредили в пет Пояса, всеки във вътрешността на предишния. В сърцето на Кълбото бил Поясът на огнената стихия, във вид на топка от течен пламък; обгръщали го Пояси от земна твърд и водна шир, следвал въздушен океан, а най- отгоре бил Поясът на чистия ефир.
Така било създадено Кълбото на Мирозданието с неговите Пет Пояса, които свещените книги наричат още Петте Селения; всеки отделен Пояс щял да получи и много други имена. Именно от техните стихии черпят мощта си днешните вълшебници и алхимици;  те  са първоизвор на живота, люлка на боговете и основа на познатия ни свят.
Макар светът да бил вече сътворен, не бил привършил своя труд Вседържецът. Със свещената си мощ, Той притеглил огъня от най- долния Пояс на петте стихии. Избликнал нагоре огънят и надигнал
следващия Пояс – земната твърд. Тъй смесени, огън и земя израснали като необятен остров насред водите; горещ бил островът, та облаци изпарения се възнесли в небесата. По волята на Род, сред острова се издигнал белоснежен камък – това бил Алтир, Камъкът на Душите, с който е обвързана съдбата на целия свят. Оградил  Род  Камъка  с обръча на Непристъпните Планини, а сетне кацнал на него, за да си почине.

* * *

Заселили се двамата Богове-Вестители в новия свят; и ето че Мокоша дарила Род със синове. Те били двамина Богове-Соколи, първородни чеда на Вседържеца.
Първият Сокол бил цял окъпан в светлина. Това бил онзи, когото жреците наричат Световит, още Повелител на Светлината и Застъпник на Правдата.
Вторият Сокол бил целият изтъкан от тъмнина. Него смъртните наричат Чернобог, а още Господар на Мрака и Творец на Злото.
С появата на Световит и Чернобог се появило и раздвоение във Всемирния ред – вече нищо не можело да съществува без своята
противоположност. Защото как можем да разпознаем бялото, ако го няма черното?
Винаги е била непримирима враждата между Светлина и Мрак. Още щом се съзрели, Белият и Черният Сокол надали яростни писъци и се нахвърлили един срещу друг. С тътен страшен се сблъскали двамата, що разтърсил Мирозданието и пробудил яростта на стихиите.
Забушувал огненият Пояс, разтресъл се земният, развълнувало се вечното море. Дълго се борили Братята и изглеждало, че ту единият,  ту другият ще надвие; ала както денят надделява над нощта само за кратко, а после сменят местата си, тъй и никой от тях не успявал да вземе надмощие.
Прогърмял тогава гласът на Род:
– Спрете! Никой от двама ви не е  по-могъщ  или  по-достоен  в  очите ми! Всеки от вас носи половината ми сила; но поискам ли, мога да я отнема! Вместо да  мерите мощта  си  в  битка, използвайте я с  разум!  – а сетне продължил: – Чуйте сега моята воля! Островът, върху който проляхте кръвта си, ще бъде граница на  вашите  владения.  Никой  от вас не ще го притежава! Наместо това, нека под него и над него всеки съгради своя собствена земя, където да царува!

* * *

Усмирили се Световит и Чернобог, макар да не стихнала ненавистта помежду им; и всеки от двамата се захванал да извае своя свят. В Пояса на ефира Световит изградил Горната земя, наречена още Прав или Небесно царство. Само най-чистите духове отиват в онези блажени земи, където живеят сред самите Богове. Казват, че там всичко е изтъкано от сънища и блян; нищо не тлее и не увяхва, няма болка, ни старост, ни болест; а растенията са отрупани с плод, предостатъчен да нахрани всички, и още да остане.
Островът още не бил изстинал, когато Чернобог издълбал в недрата му необятна пещера. На дъното й устроил Долната земя, наричана още
Нав или Подземно царство. Тя била неприветлива и мрачна, а в днешни времена е земя на мъката и страданието. В нея отиват душите на онези смъртни, които приживе са загърбили правдата – докато се пречистят и въплътят отново по Закона на Кръговрата.
Самият свят-остров, на който живеем ние сега, бил наречен Яв, що
значи "зрим", а отпосле получил името Смъртни земи. Именно на този Среден свят било отредено да се превърне в поле  за  нестихващата битка между Светлина и Мрак, която продължава и до днес  –  а навярно ще трае чак до свършека на времето.
Докато Братята още съграждали своите светове, Род отишъл до камъка Алтир; и в подножието му посадил малка дъбова фиданка. Това била фиданката на Всемирното Дърво, което щяло да бъде крепител на света. Расло дръвцето не за дни, а за часове – на всеки час то утроявало размера си. Докато накрая се превърнало в исполински Дъб – тъй голям, че клоните му достигали Небесното царство, а корените се спускали до Долна Земя. Род нарекъл дъба Първораст, защото бил посаден пръв – той е безсмъртен като самите богове.
Когато всичко било готово, Род дал име на Кълбото с неговите Три Земи – Троесвет. Така го знаем до днес; и велико е това творение на Бога-Праотец.

* * *

Скоро след като Троесвет бил  поделен  между  двамата му  синове,  Род се сдобил и с две дъщери. Те били близначките Дива и Мора – повелителки на духовете в Зримия и Незримия свят. Още с раждането им, в подножието на Всемирния Дъб бликнали два извора - единият с жива, а другият с мъртва вода.
Дива, Покровителката на Живота, била прекрасна и нежна като ранна пролет, със зелени коси, цялата окъпана в златно сияние; и където минела, след нея избуявали уханни треви. Още щом я зърнал, възлюбил я Световит; захласнал се той по нея, та не можел да откъсне очи.
Мора, Властителката на Смъртта, била колкото красива, толкова и зловеща – с бледа снага и коси от непрогледна тъма; а минела ли по стъпките на сестра си Дива, под нозете й всичко вехнело и гинело.
Съгледал я Чернобог и закопнял по мрачната й хубост; че му била тъй сродна по природа.
И рекъл Род на синовете си:
– Нека сега всеки от вас  вземе за своя спътница онази, която е близка  на сърцето му.
Световит взел за невеста Дива; помежду им се зародила любов дълбока и чиста. Тяхно обиталище станало Небесното царство; ала в бъдни времена Покровителката често се спускала в Средния свят, където била по-близко до смъртните създания. Че милее тя за живите твари повече от всяко друго божество.
Чернобог се венчал за Мора; те съградили своите чертози в мрачните дълбини на Долна Земя. Най-вярна помощница в злините станала Мора на своя съпруг; а между тях имало както страст, така и непрестанни раздори.
Тъй били сключени двата съюза между Божествата-Сили, на които само Великият Дъб станал свидетел; и от тях произлязло ново поколение богове.

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