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This topic is great!  Thanks OP for making it and all of you veterans for taking the time to write up your posts.

I just started the game - with a ranger -  and am about to get the "Jade Figurine" for the wealthy collector quest in act 3.  I farmed the Minoan Labyrinth so much that my character level is 35 at the moment.  I will probably take Zardoz' advice on what to do once I reach Chang'an.  As far as items go - I have a better idea of what to look for from botebote77's suggestions for petmaster.

Great stuff here, really enjoying the game.  Cheers!

It's exactly why it'll not work, TQVault changed their files format from .vault to .json at last update.

Wow, what a relief.  Thank you for the information!  I thought I was doing something wrong. 

Ok, so I thought to move all vault files (not just where it saves TQVaultData) to the \Documents\My Games\Titan Quest folder.  Previously the vault files were being saved to a separate folder than where I had put the vault when I first installed it.  Now everything's in the same location, which is the default path TQCollector wants me to put the TQVaultData.

The first time I started the vault after moving it to that location I got this dialog box:
Spoiler for Hiden:

That is the SAME dialog box I got when originally installing the Vault.  Of course I do what it says and the vault works fine.  I just thought it had something to do with why TQCollector can't see the Vault files, even though I have them in the right place (where it says the default location is).

It is.  I've made sure to put the vault files where the program is telling me the default location is, and it still is highlighted red.  I click on This pc > Documents > My Games > Titan Quest > and this is where TQVaultData is.  I have TQVaultAE 4.0.0 saving the vault files to that location as well, and it works perfectly.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Hello, I just started playing the game and am having a great time with it!  I found TQVaultAE 4.0.0 and started using it too without any issues.

I found your program looking for a similar solution Grim Dawn has to highlight the rarity of the suffixes and affixes on the game items(So I can know an item has rare suffix/prefix the moment it drops), but wasn't able to find it.  I did find this, however.  I wanted to start a collection right away when I found it, naturally.

I ran into a bit of a problem getting it to see my vault files, and i'm wondering if anyone can help out.  Here's some images I hope might help to figure out what's going on.
Here's my vault files.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Here's the message I get when I click the executable.
Spoiler for Hiden:
When I try and use the Load Custom Directory button.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Could it be that because I haven't bought Eternal Embers it's not working? 

My thought was that because my "Vault" files are ".json" it's not working.  I didn't see a reference to this filetype in other posts.

I also originally disabled Steam Cloud because I was afraid it would interfere with TQVaultAE 4.0.0.  I re-enabled it thinking that maybe all the other users here probably use steam cloud.  It didn't fix the issue, as I expected.

Is there anything further I can provide to help get this cool tool working for me?  8)

Thanks for taking the time to read and give any advice!

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