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The DreamWorld SkyCity Mod AE 2.10
« on: 15 November 2023, 05:42:22 »
Greetings fellow titan questers,

     The DreamWorld SkyCity AE mod is made for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 2.10.  When I was posting the various versions of my Cities Mod in the World Modifications area I noticed that there was a child folder labeled Frozen World.  That made me think;  maybe I should make a mod designed for children.

     The usual game-play for fantasy role playing games is something like this;  Start with a dagger and little or no money or armor.  Kill some monsters, loot the bodies and take their money, weapons and armor.  Level-up.  Kill more monsters, loot the bodies and take their money, weapons and armor.  Level-up.  Much more of the same.  Kill the boss monster, and win the game.  Killing monsters and looting bodies is not what I would consider a suitable theme for children.

     I have a different concept for a more child-friendly game.  I call my map Dream World SkyCity.  The player starts in a large city.  There are NO monsters in the city.  Within the city the player gets experience by exploring.  At various locations in the city the player will find Explorer Chests.  In the chests the player might find magical potions that give Experience Points.  The chests are in different locations each time, and the chests contain different items each time they open.  The area within the city is large and it will take quite a while to explore it fully.  Not all locations in the city are easy to find.  There are hidden entrances to underground caves, crypts, and mazes.  I know where to go and what to do, and it takes me about four hours to explore SkyCity, and the cities connected to it, completely.

     One of the merchants in the city is the smith Teres, and he has the arcane formulas that the player needs to make the Dream World armor, weapons and jewelry.  The player will need to buy one of each type of formula.  Each formula needs three ingredients to complete the recipe.  All of the ingredients can be found within the four cities, but the player must search to find them.  When the player has found all of the ingredients for one of recipes then go the Enchanter, and he will make that item.  When the player has completed all of the arcane recipes and is fully equipped then the player is ready to venture past the city gate.

     So the first half of the game is just exploring and a big scavenger hunt for ingredients. After creating the complete Dream World armor, weapons and jewelry set the player has the option of going past the city gate and fighting the monsters.  The Dream World armor set gives the ability to summon fighters to protect the player.  So when the player leaves the city the player is part of a team of fighters.  The player has the option of fighting the monsters, or just searching for the Explorer Chests while the other figures do the fighting.  I know where to go and what to do, and it takes me about four hours to explore the area below the city completely.

     DreamWorld SkyCity AE is a single custom map, and the whole file is about 90 megabytes in size.  I put the mod in my Dropbox so that you can download it.

     The DreamWorld SkyCity AE mod was made for Titan Quest Anniversaery Edition 2.10.  For your information, my computer had a major meltdown recently.  When I got my computer  back I had to reinstall the program, and Steam gave me the newer Anniversary Edition 2.10.  I found that there were considerable incompatibilities with my old mods.  You would think that the programmers would make an effort to make the new stuff compatible with the older stuff.  After all they don't have to do anything to make the newer stuff compatible, they just need to make the new stuff not incompatible.  Oh well, live and learn.



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