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Fafnir Farmed: data from 1000 Fafnir runs
« on: 03 September 2022, 06:16:16 »

As I reached the Legendary endgame with my casual character, I started meeting lots of bosses who dropped BiS or S-Tier loot for many characters. I was looking for 3 items in particular for the final gears for my deathless character: the Torc of the Ancestors, the Golden Agrius Helmet, and Freyja’s Boots, all of which were dropped by the Act 5 bosses, but with insanely low drop chances. I decided to keep the data of 1000 farm runs, partially to share with any who may be interested, and partially to keep me sane as I did the runs.

I didn’t want to do Surtr as the time of his fight takes a lot longer than I would ideally like to do, and for only a small increase in drop chance over the others, so narrowed it down to 2 contenders: Fafnir and the Golden Boar. I remember the Boar giving me a bit of trouble with its damage reflection in Epic, so decided to farm Fafnir instead. But without any further exposition, here is the data:


- Runs: 1000
- Average time per run: 1:13.67
- Levels gained: mid level 76-just shy of level 80
- Gold earned: 2.54b (spent 500m at the Gadir Orb Casino to bypass the 2b cash limit)
- Deaths: 0 (a refreshing change from being spanked by Dactyls every two runs at Hades)
- Potions used: 9
- Total legendaries found: 345
- Andvaranaut rings found: 98
- Unique legendaries found: 247
- Torc on run: 355, 994
- Freyja’s Boots on run: 935
- GA Helm on run: did not find
- Other S-Tier Loot found: Demonskin Walkers x3, Torso of Loki x3, Brisingamen x2, lots of Alexander’s gear, Figurehead of Naglfar, Blessing of the Moirae x6, Staff of the Covenant x2, Scepter of Thanatos x2, Touch of Nyx x2, Hugin and Muninn, Mjolnir x2, Crest of Hypnos x2, Coronal of the Abyss, Freyja’s Coronet, Sapros, Allfather’s gear,
- Completed Act V relics: 233
- Dragon Bloods: 41
- Pristine Plumages: 26
- Lupine Claws: 62
- Bat Fangs: 33


Fafnir is an incredibly easy boss - all of his more lethal attacks are only triggered when he cannot reach you with his melee auto attack, so he is completely tame if you just run up into his face. I did not die once, and was playing the game on Fast speed. I’d highly recommend anyone who needs to farm Act 5 bosses to do his run, it’s simple, safe, efficient, and you often get two majestic chests to loot from (another chest spawns in the back of his cave).

While I was disappointed I didn’t get the GA Helm, I did get a Crest of Hypnos and a Goldbristle Staff, which (I think) should cover the points I want to cover for my deathless char, as well as getting 2 Torc of the Ancestors (dropping at a depressing 0.14%). Now I can finally finish the rest of the Act, get the achievement for finishing Legendary, and then focus on my deathless character(s).
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