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Guides AE / Spirit Mastery Guide AER/A: the Necromancer’s Grimoire
« on: 22 September 2022, 15:10:00 »

Author’s note

I love Spirit. It’s a fantastic mastery and I find it hard to tear myself away from using it with every build. I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a guide written for it on the forums for the modern game, and would like to give it a shot. I’ll introduce the basics of the mastery, evaluate all the skills, and then discuss potential mastery pairings, and all in the voice of the insidious necromancer that every Spirit user should aspire to be. From here on out, I’m no longer Kalimon of the TQ forums, but Kalimon the Unliving, Master of Spirits and Shadow of the Old Ones, and I’ll be coming for your soul.

Also, it’s worth noting that I play mainly on mobile, so don’t have access to Eternal Embers and any update changes from there.


So, ye who would seek to learn the dark ways of magic have turned to this grimoire? Very well. Not since the days of Grandmaster Poinas has any mage of life and death attempted to inscribe the insidious ways of the mastery of Spirit into a single tome, but I, Kalimon the Unliving, shall undertake this most nefarious and essential of tasks.

Firstly, we shall introduce the aspiring mage to the basics of the school of Spirit.

Secondly, we shall evaluate the spells, hexes and curses on offer to masters of Spirit, and how they fare for the various types of arcane warrior who would seek to employ them. In following the structure of Sensei Botebote of the League of Rogues, I shall evaluate each of the spells from 1-5, 1 being unworthy of your talents, 5 being so deliciously evil that any self-respecting necrolord should aspire to learn their ways.

Finally, we shall inspect the various other mastery schools, and evaluate which would make the most effective servants to the Spirit school. There are many ways in which undeath can be served, and the true beauty of unlife is its freedom - enslave, torture and defile your foes in a myriad of ways, the choice is up to you, young aspirant.

Spirit: general

Spirit is the mastery of life and death. Proficient Theurgists excel at dealing massive Vitality damage, draining the essence of enemies, sapping their armour and defences to bleeding and vitality attacks, summoning ancient liches, augmenting their own powers by insidious gifts from the Nether Realm or by trading in their own blood, and even preventing Death.

Theurgists are unmatched at snuffing out the light of life from living opponents, but many of their attacks fail on other undead - thankfully, a powerful Spirit user will be skilled at banishing these pathetic excuses for liches. The only real challenge for a Theurgist is dealing with those who are neither living nor dead, who have no blood to siphon: Constructs. Theurgists may need to look elsewhere to deal with these pesky devices.

Spirit stat boosts at Level 40:
+ 800 health
+ 320 energy
+ 120 intelligence
+ 60 dexterity

Spirit: Skill evaluations

Life Drain
Leeches life from an enemy to replenish your own. Available at Mastery Level 1.

Skill level 1/12
6.0 seconds Recharge
54 Energy Cost
49 Vitality Damage
150% of Attack Damage converted to Health

Skill level 12/12
6.0 seconds recharge
106 Energy Cost
209 Vitality Damage
260% of Attack Damage converted to Health

Skill level 16/12
6.0 seconds recharge
124 Energy Cost
295 Vitality Damage
300% of Attack Damage converted to Health

The seed of the Intelligence Theurgist’s greatest weapon. Life Drain allows you to sacrifice a worthless thrall to replenish yourself. At level 1, it will obliterate many low level enemies in early Normal. As Vitality Damage now scales with Int, it is a viable hex for later difficulties, but its true power is revealed with the arrival of Soul Drain at mastery level 40.

Take one point to have access to a free damage/heal in the early game, but continue to develop your understanding of the Spirit mastery - greater gifts are to come to the studious Theurgist.

Causes Life Drain to blast through the primary target and hit multiple enemies. Available at Mastery Level 10.

Skill level 1/10
35 Vitality Damage
150% of Attack Damage converted to Health

Skill level 10/10
88 Vitality Damage
240% of Attack Damage converted to Health

Skill level 14/10
140 Vitality Damage
280% of Attack Damage converted to Health

The spell blossoms into a curse that can devour groups of enemies - how delightful. As well as the dissemination of your destruction, it also costs the caster no additional mana - most excellent. Once again, it is worth taking a point immediately, but continue to invest in the mastery - the true power of the Life Drain is almost upon ye.

Soul Drain
Cause Life Drain to explode outwards, causing harm to body and soul. Available at Mastery Level 40.

Skill level 1/6
8.0 meter radius
12% Reduction to Enemy Health
150 Vitality Damage
6% Energy Drain
2.0 Seconds of Sleep
+200% Damage to Ghosts

Skill level 6/6
8.0 meter radius
42% Reduction to Enemy Health
150 Vitality Damage
21% Energy Drain
2.0 Seconds of Sleep
+200% Damage to Ghosts

Skill level 10/6
8.0 meter radius
66% Reduction to Enemy Health
150 Vitality Damage
33% Energy Drain
2.0 Seconds of Sleep
+200% Damage to Ghosts

Behold, the majesty. The sheer, awesome destructive capability of Life Drain is unleashed by its final upgrade. Affecting the Soul causes several major new perks to the curse, as well as massively increasing the base power of Life Drain.

Firstly, it stuns. The sheer pain of the spell forces enemies into an uncomfortable nightmare, from which they cannot escape - for 2 seconds. Make of this new time what you will.

Secondly, it drains energy now too. With some Energy Cost Reduction, a clever mage can suck both life and more mana from their unfortunate foes.

I would urge Intelligent readers to max this skill as soon as possible, before then going back through Cascade and the base Life Drain to fully complete the spell to its ultimate potential. The extra damage to Ghosts is bizarre, as Ghosts are all Undead and therefore not affected by Vitality damage (which the spell is).

For the more aggressive Spirit users, 3 points (one in each spell) will still stun entire groups of enemies and heal you somewhat. Still worthwhile as a stun skill for Strength builds.

5/5 for Int-based characters (absolutely max it), 2/5 for melee characters (would still recommend 1/1/1).


Deathchill Aura
A deathly chill radiates from the character, slowing the attack and movement of enemies while it diminishes their life. Available at Mastery Level 1.

Skill level 1/6
4.0 seconds Recharge
2 Active Energy Cost per second
1 second duration (how often each hit will apply)
2.5 meter radius
1-3% Reduction to Enemy Health
-13% Total Speed

Skill level 6/6
4.0 seconds Recharge
2 Active Energy Cost per second
1 second duration
3.7 meter radius
3-9% Reduction to Enemy Health
-25% Total Speed

Skill level 10/6
4.0 seconds Recharge
2 Active Energy Cost per second
1.0 second duration
4.5 meter radius
3-15% Reduction to Enemy Health
-33% Total Speed

The air around the Theurgist is pungent and reeks of death, weakening the resolve of your foes and slowing their attacks. This is useful for any Theurgist, but particularly those who prefer fighting tooth and nail with their foes. In the very early game, however, the buffs are negligible, and I would recommend to avoid perking it immediately, and focus on developing the Mastery. However, end-game this tree is one of the best spells in the game.

Ravages of Time
A deathly chill radiates from the character, slowing the attack and movement of enemies while it diminishes their life. Available at Mastery Level 4.

Skill level 1/8
0.5 Active Energy Cost per second
10% Reduced incoming Damage
-11% Enemy Armour Absorption

Skill level 8/8
0.5 Active Energy Cost per second
36% Reduced incoming Damage
-36% Enemy Armour Absorption

Skill level 12/8
0.5 Active Energy Cost per second
45% Reduced incoming Damage
-45% Enemy Armour Absorption

If the base skill weakens the foes’ speed, this malevolent upgrade reduces damage output, while also protecting the caster from physical blows. This is a really, really good skill, and absolutely essential for any Theurgist who chooses sword, axe or mace over staff and spell.

Weakens the constitution of adjacent enemies, making them more susceptible to attacks that directly damage their life, such as Vitality damage and Life Leeching. Available at Mastery Level 16.

Skill level 1/8
0.5 Active Energy Cost per second
-23% Enemy Bleeding Resistance
-23% Enemy Vitality Resistance
-23% Enemy Life Leech Resistance

Skill level 8/8
0.5 Active Energy Cost per second
-81% Enemy Bleeding Resistance
-81% Enemy Vitality Resistance
-81% Enemy Life Leech Resistance

Skill level 12/8
0.5 Active Energy Cost per second
-119% Enemy Bleeding Resistance
-119% Enemy Vitality Resistance
-119% Enemy Life Leech Resistance

The final power of Deathchill is unlocked. On its own, Necrosis is one of the best resist reduction hexes in the game. For a warrior that specialises in bleed damage, this spell alone will more than double their bleeding damage. Even for casters and other Vitality Theurgists, one can double the damage of Life Drain by running into a mob of unfortunate foes before casting. Furthermore, the addition of the dark Soul Vortex spell at Level 40 further makes this skill essential, even for non-Int warriors, as it will double the life stolen from nearby enemies. There are very few Spirit users who should not invest in Deathchill.

5/5, almost every build can benefit enormously from this skill. Maybe the only class that doesn’t need Deathchill is a petmaster, as you should really never be within enemy vicinity, but even then, the base Deathchill and Ravages of Time will still protect you in the event that the enemies get through


Ternion Attack
This powerful wizard’s trick causes your staff to shoot three projectiles by channeling magical energy into it. Initially, each hit is not as powerful as a normal attack, but the effectiveness increases each level. Available at Mastery Level 4.

Skill level 1/12
Launches 3 projectiles
30 Energy Cost
-75% Total Damage

Skill level 12/12
Launches 3 projectiles
36 Energy Cost
-20% Total Damage

Skill level 16/12
38 Energy Cost
No damage reduction

Ahh, the old Ternion Trick, every self-respecting staff wizard should try at least once. Ternion turns a basic staff attack into a crowd control monster, spreading weapon effects across an area. Users on PC can also control the cone of the three projectiles - by holding Shift, you can make the cone wider by clicking closer to you, or tighter by clicking further away from you. Mobile and console users unfortunately don’t have such control, as far as I’m aware.

Ternion is good on its own, but really shines when spreading weapon malicious additional effects. Attack Damage to Health, Life/Energy Leech, confusing effects, resistance reduction etc is all spread over a wide area now, rather than a single target - obliterate groups rather than just a single foe. Staff Warlocks (Rogue/Spirit) can spread the effects of Mandrake/Nightshade with Ternion as well, which is one of the best uses for Ternion in the game.

However, Ternion is an energy-consuming beast, so is worth balancing with either massive Energy Cost Reduction or some form of Energy Leech to offset a cowardly dependence on potions.

Arcane Lore
The magic practitioners of elder civilisations devised many insidious techniques to bolster the destructive capabilities of their magical staves. Knowledge of these methods will unlock the true power of your staff attacks. Available at Mastery Level 16.

Skill level 1/6
4 Energy Cost
1 meter radius
+10% increase in Projectile Speed

Skill level 6/6
9 Energy Cost
1.9 meter radius
+50% increase in Projectile Speed

Skill level 10/6
13 Energy Cost
2.4 meter radius
+82% increase in Projectile Speed

Arcane Lore further expands Ternion’s crowd control capability by adding a small blast radius on impact of each hit. It also massively speeds up the travel time of the staff projectiles, helping you better target mobs before they move. Delightful.

Unfortunately, Ternion is not the monster it once was - when % Reduction to Enemy Health was gutted several patches ago, the apex predator staff build, that could kill even the Lernean Hydra in a matter of seconds, went with it. Ternion itself was also nerfed then. It is still good, but not as good, and only really useful on PC, where you can control the beam spread. With much gritted teeth, this author admits that Psionic Beam from the lame Dream School is probably the better staff skill now, although Ternion is still better for CC.

Ternion and its upgrade are all or nothing skills. 5/5 if you use a staff, 0/5 if you don’t



Farming Runs / Fafnir Farmed: data from 1000 Fafnir runs
« on: 03 September 2022, 06:16:16 »

As I reached the Legendary endgame with my casual character, I started meeting lots of bosses who dropped BiS or S-Tier loot for many characters. I was looking for 3 items in particular for the final gears for my deathless character: the Torc of the Ancestors, the Golden Agrius Helmet, and Freyja’s Boots, all of which were dropped by the Act 5 bosses, but with insanely low drop chances. I decided to keep the data of 1000 farm runs, partially to share with any who may be interested, and partially to keep me sane as I did the runs.

I didn’t want to do Surtr as the time of his fight takes a lot longer than I would ideally like to do, and for only a small increase in drop chance over the others, so narrowed it down to 2 contenders: Fafnir and the Golden Boar. I remember the Boar giving me a bit of trouble with its damage reflection in Epic, so decided to farm Fafnir instead. But without any further exposition, here is the data:


- Runs: 1000
- Average time per run: 1:13.67
- Levels gained: mid level 76-just shy of level 80
- Gold earned: 2.54b (spent 500m at the Gadir Orb Casino to bypass the 2b cash limit)
- Deaths: 0 (a refreshing change from being spanked by Dactyls every two runs at Hades)
- Potions used: 9
- Total legendaries found: 345
- Andvaranaut rings found: 98
- Unique legendaries found: 247
- Torc on run: 355, 994
- Freyja’s Boots on run: 935
- GA Helm on run: did not find
- Other S-Tier Loot found: Demonskin Walkers x3, Torso of Loki x3, Brisingamen x2, lots of Alexander’s gear, Figurehead of Naglfar, Blessing of the Moirae x6, Staff of the Covenant x2, Scepter of Thanatos x2, Touch of Nyx x2, Hugin and Muninn, Mjolnir x2, Crest of Hypnos x2, Coronal of the Abyss, Freyja’s Coronet, Sapros, Allfather’s gear,
- Completed Act V relics: 233
- Dragon Bloods: 41
- Pristine Plumages: 26
- Lupine Claws: 62
- Bat Fangs: 33


Fafnir is an incredibly easy boss - all of his more lethal attacks are only triggered when he cannot reach you with his melee auto attack, so he is completely tame if you just run up into his face. I did not die once, and was playing the game on Fast speed. I’d highly recommend anyone who needs to farm Act 5 bosses to do his run, it’s simple, safe, efficient, and you often get two majestic chests to loot from (another chest spawns in the back of his cave).

While I was disappointed I didn’t get the GA Helm, I did get a Crest of Hypnos and a Goldbristle Staff, which (I think) should cover the points I want to cover for my deathless char, as well as getting 2 Torc of the Ancestors (dropping at a depressing 0.14%). Now I can finally finish the rest of the Act, get the achievement for finishing Legendary, and then focus on my deathless character(s).

Atlantis / Shaman build help
« on: 16 July 2022, 06:16:20 »
Hi all

Came back to TQ after a long hiatus, playing on mobile for the time being. Iíd love to try a Shaman class, now that Spirit (my favourite mastery) is buffed again with the new perks from Atlantis, but canít seem to find any up to day guides on a good Shaman.

Have any of you who have played recently got any tips for me? The last iteration Iíve played the game was pre-Ragnarok, so Iím a little bit rusty, but really want to make the Shaman class work.


Android/Console / TQ on Console
« on: 11 May 2019, 03:31:23 »
Hi all

I have always played a ported version of Titan Quest on my Mac, meaning I could not get Ragnarok. Now that Atlantis has come out, I would love to get back in to it. Unfortunately, i can't afford a PC, but I do have a PS4, and have a few questions for you fine people:

1. is the console version fixed? i remember when I last looked, there were some really bad reviews for how badly it had been ported - loads of issues. have these been resolved?

2. is atlantis out on PS4?


Anniversary Edition - General discussion / What's the better armour?
« on: 03 September 2018, 18:34:17 »
Hi guys,

I'm up to Act IV Legendary, and I'm pretty happy with most of my gear except one. I'm currently using the Mantle of Sa'Jun because it has some delicious, delicious resistances, but have just found a green Honour Guard armour with double the armour rating. My resistances drop but I then have the space for a Relic or Charm, which one should I go for? - the Honour Guard outfit, the only major thing is that my Bleed Resistance is -5%. - with the Mantle.

Basically, should I stick to the Mantle for the resistance buffs or choose the Green outfit? I can keep twink shopping for a better one if that's the case.



New Members Introduction / after all these years...
« on: 28 August 2018, 05:34:26 »
Hi all,

I just got back into playing TQ after a hiatus of several years - the Anniversary Edition is excellent. A shame to see what happened to the old forums, but like a phoenix from the ashes, here we are!

I used to be pretty active on the old forums, wrote a side quest guide which was the proudest of all my gaming achievements as a 14 year old! Shout out to Medea Fleecestealer, I still remember your name after all these years from the help on writing the Side Quest guide.

I do have a couple of questions. I play on Mac, using PaulTheTall's port (brilliant, btw), and was wondering if there is any online multiplayer compatibility, and if there is any chance to get the Ragnarok DLC while playing on Mac?

Finally, is bleeding damage still rubbish on Legendary? I'm going to do a Warlock play through next and unsure about whether to incorporate Throwing Knives.

It's great to see some familiar usernames - I've been here 5 minutes and i've already seen botebote and some others I recognise from the old days. I'm looking forward to getting stuck back in.

Great to be back, all the best,


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