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Eternal Embers / Re: Public beta 3 is out
« on: 20 May 2022, 06:44:30 »
Don't be, lots of people are making the same mistake.  It's a bit of a puzzle why the devs changed it, but it's simple enough to do once you know the entrance is around the other side.   :)

Eternal Embers / Re: Public beta 3 is out
« on: 16 May 2022, 20:04:07 »
This is now live. 

Yes, that's a good idea stormyboy.  :) Those players who want to make it even harder by getting curses should show that they've done so, so that we know. Gawd, yes, I need to add Embers to the list as well. 

Skeleton Gorgons, I like it.   ;D

My guess is yes, though it's just that - a guess.

Eternal Embers / Re: Public beta 3 is out
« on: 22 April 2022, 10:40:41 »
Just updated the latest patch. Here are the changes.

"Update 22nd April:
Fixed issue with: Changing HUD Style to Titan Quest will cause problems with the third tab and player won't be able to open it;
Added loot Orb to Feiyi
Fixed Global Multipliers to show for DOT damage types : Burn Damage, Frostburn Damage, Electrical Burn Damage
Fixed issue where Client was not able to purchase Orbs from Electrum Vendor
Made Two decimal long global multipliers
Fixed issue with: Player able to clip through the newly added stairs in Helos;
Fixed global multipliers on Life and Energy leech
Fixed issue with: When a player clicks on the scroll for the first time in Helos where the new shrines are it reads normally, but when clicking on it a second time it won’t appear normally. It disappears every time a player tries to read it;
Fixed: Spellbreaking enemies causing players to lose shrine debuffs/buffs;
Added a modified "trap resists" skill without Mana Drain Resistance. Replaced "trap resists" skill on any summoning Obelisks with this new skill. (The passive skill is just a modified copy of the "trap resists" skill. The one difference being that it no longer grants the Drain Resistance. Not a crucial change, but nice to give skills like Chi Realignment a bit more use. And these "traps" obviously use spirit magic rather than being mechanical, so the immunity is not justified.)
Tweaked obelisk summon skill mana costs. Tweaked obelisk mana pools & regeneration (Now also adjusted costs of summoning to always be above the regeneration rate * cooldown, so obelisks slowly run out of mana and (more importantly) slow down when mana drained. > Collecting enough mana for one summon (if not drained again) takes about 20s on all difficulties.)
Hero monsters receive 50/100 extra Defensive Ability in Epic/Legendary
Boss monsters receive 100/200 extra Defensive Ability in Epic/Legendary
Gave standard Undead resists to Elysian shades
Improved visual around city of Megara
Polished Athens city visual
Added missing vitality damage to Gates of Hell unique shield
Fixed: On the new 3rd UI tab “Attack Damage converted to Health” does not fit the window space
Fixed: When clicking on one of the three tabs in the character inventory menu it makes a sound. However our newly added third tab makes a different sound than the other two.
Changed The Army on the March sword to be of "Fast", not "Average" speed.
Changed Ahmoses Ceremonial Axe from “Average” to “Fast” speed.
Multiple small misspellings fixed;
Added +10% Total Damage stat to Chiyou’s Fall;
Fixed sarcophagi in Epic/Legendary Gadir Necropolis dropping normal items
Increased drop quality of the more rare Necropolis sarcophagus type
Increased item drop chances on Mudmen"

Eternal Embers / Re: Public beta 3 is out
« on: 12 April 2022, 21:19:54 »
Also if someone has a bug with the 3rd tab hitboxes and Electrum currency not visible.

Change the HUD style to default

Difficulty Mods / Re: TQIT PlayersX & PlayersX Soft Mods
« on: 04 April 2022, 20:07:48 »
That I don't know.  Can only suggest you try it and see if it does or not.

Trying to, but so many other things game-wise to do as well.  :o

Android/Console / Re: Titan quest eternal embers on mobile
« on: 31 March 2022, 17:32:15 »
Welcome to the forum and sorry for the latish reply, but I'm on holiday atm.

Answer is, we don't know yet.  So far Eternal Embers is only for the PC version of the game.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Mods
« on: 13 March 2022, 09:07:42 »

I've come here seeking help since I did not get help that would solve my problem from official support. I have a problem that none of the mods are working. I've downloaded them through Steam workshop (subscribed) and after I launch the game and start a custom game, select the mod I want, it says it will affect my game with a main character but nothing happens when I start the game with any of my chars (in particular I want to be able to add components and relics to epic or unique items but haven't been able to make a mod work which would allow that)

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


I'm glad to be here

Welcome to the forum.  Which mods are you trying to use?  From what you wrote it sounds like they're what we call "bounce mods" in that you can play them with your vanilla game characters.  These are mods like Xmax, M4ssboss3s, etc.  They increase mobs/heroes/bosses, but don't change the game in other ways. 

And just installing a mod isn't going to allow you to put relics/charms on uniques unless that mod particularly states that's one of its features.  Far as I know the only way that used to be done was by using the TQDefiler tool, it's not a mod, but that doesn't work with the AE version of the game; none of the TQDefiler options for changing things in the game are available with the AE version.

Gameplayer trailer on 28th February 2022!  Crate's youtube channel.

Downloads / Re: Early Alpha Testing ~ Go!
« on: 23 February 2022, 08:54:49 »
You still working on this Bumbleguppy?  Seems to be broken again with the new Eternal Embers expansion. 

Edit: Hm, maybe not.  Might just be because it was an older character before EE came out.  Will try with a new one and see how it goes.

Edit: Yep, it's partially broken at least.  While a new character seems to be fine for the pets side of things (old character lost all points I had in the wolves and melee nymphs), new areas seem to be missing.  I've just reached Cyclops and there's no additional cave system there now. 

Edit: Even more weird as the cave with the Ghost Spider Queen is still in and working.

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 16 February 2022, 06:31:23 »
Hello, this is my 1st post and just want to say that your work is absolutely amazing but unfortunately I have an issue, I've downloaded the mod above because I'm only interested in the skins but the mod is working just partially for me, all dyes/outfits works like a charm but the helm is still showing up on my char, I love the Asian/Assassin skins but it doesn't matter what I do I simply can't get rid of that awful Crest of Hypnos helm. I doubled checked and everything is installed correctly, so do you have any idea of what could be happening ? Any help to solve this issue would be very much appreciated.
Just tested that old addon and see no issues with it. You mean you want the character to always show her default hair instead of helm?

Well, I don't know what's going on then because the mod refuses to work for me, anyway, is that possible, to show the default hair instead of helms ? I mean, is it possible to disable helms for the default hair ?

Are you on the latest version of the game?  Playing the vanilla game or the latest publicbeta?

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