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The Cities Mod Ragnarok version 7
« on: 19 January 2023, 03:37:09 »

Greetings fellow titan questers.

     I am here today to announce that version seven of The Cities Mod Ragnarok that I first posted about four years ago is now available for download.  Version seven has everything from the previous versions plus some new stuff, and numerous tweaks and fixes to the previous equipment.  For this version it is VERY important to read the Introduction text file.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

     For those of you who have not tried the older versions of this mod, let me explain why I posted my mod under World Modification.  The Cities Mod has all of the following...

     Twenty-six new maps worth over 15,000,000 experience points; enough to put a character at level 44.  A map that is the regular Titan Quest Anniversary Edition game, but with all the additions I made.  An inventory map that has all the items from the game plus everything that I added.

     Over twenty new armor sets.  Two super sets of armor; one with over twenty pieces, and another with over forty pieces.  Two super sets of equipment with over twenty pieces each.

     Over one hundred new formulae.  Seventy-two new rings.  Twenty-one new amulets.  Four new artifacts.  New relics, some of which have a large number of different completion bonuses.

     Many merchants have expanded inventories.  They might sell relics, charms, unique jewelry, and formulae.

     I added more skills to each mastery.  I added four more skills to each mastery; three skills at tier one and one skill at tier six.  I tried to make the new skills particularly useful to that mastery.

     There are over one hundred new skills, and variations of old skills, in armor and other items.

     When a beginning characters goes to the map for the first time he will not get a copper dagger, he will get an Adventurer's Ring.  The ring gives him the ability to summon an Adventurer's Kit.  The kit includes weapons, armor, rings, money and so on.  There are several kinds of Adventurer's Rings, but each character will get only one.

     In all, the mod is almost eight gigabytes in size.  I put the mod in my Dropbox so that you can download it.  There is a limit to the file size that Dropbox can handle.  I was forced to separate the mod into nine parts.  Just download all the parts into the same folder and the parts should auto-assemble into one big CustomMaps folder.  Again, please read the Introduction text file before you start playing.



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