Author Topic: Back to TQ - advice and help needed to relearn the game  (Read 482 times)

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Back to TQ - advice and help needed to relearn the game
« on: 13 December 2022, 05:21:31 »
Been a few years since i played the game last (when ragnarok came out) and i'm wondering if you guys could provide me with some info, advice and/or opinions regarding a couple of things:

 - Can a elemental damage weapon build be any good without runemaster mastery? There are a few items that convert weapon dmg to elemental in at least ragnarok i seem to remember. So a lightning-based Bow Sage (Storm -Hunting), a fire-based Club Juggernaut (Earth + Defense) or even (probably very squishy) melee weapon Elementalist using all kinds of elemental base damage with only +% elemental damage to boost all the different kinds of damage, could they be very efficient?

 - If one was to go even one step further, not using items that convert weapon damage, but instead rely on elemental damage from weapons and gear like for example the lightning dmg on the Lykaion Malleus and on other gear, could that still be good if built and equipped properly?

 - Despite all the thousands of hours i've put into this game i haven't played elemental damage over time builds. Is burn, electrical burn and the cold DoT viable if using mainly those types of damage or are they best used as a supplement/bonus to fire/cold/lightning dmg, like poison or bleeding is with physical/pierce dmg?

 - I recall that the unintended consequences one got with particular combinations of classes and items, one could build, for instance, a Haruspex with so high defensive ability melee couldn't hit you and avoid projectiles at 100%, taking care of very nearly almost any other damage, rendering you virtually unkillable. Does anyone remember how they fixed that balance problem? What did they alter, did they introduce stat caps, diminishing returns, change calculations or what? I'd like to know because if i play a character that uses those defenses, what should i aim for and how high can i get DA, avoid projectiles and also dodge attacks for that matter?

 - There is a lot to relearn that i've forgotten over the years and there are stats and mechanics that i would like to read up on. Don't need a comprehensive answer to the things i want to find out about, but if someone could point me in the direction of info, articles, guides etc. that goes a bit in depth about the different stats that mitigate dmg that are not resistances (except physical resistance, curious about that one. never had a character that stacked phys res). Specifically i'm talking about all the different stats that prevents/reduces dmg: Armor, damage absorption, defensive ability, dodge attacks, avoid projectiles and physical resistance as mentioned, shield block (and as examples of the type of info i'm looking for, I remember playing several defense mastery variants (probably my favourite mastery) that relied primarily on a very good shield and keeping up quick recovery 100% of the time. Now tho i no longer remember how to best get to the best percentage of shield block and shield recovery, if there is a cap on either, and if so, what the max block and maximum number of hits per second that can be blocked is? And if it's possible for any other mastery than defense that can use shield to great effect), or any other kind of defense i haven't thought of, and how many of these defensive layers i need on a particular character to avoid hitting legendary difficulty with all the wrong gear and either a complete respec or even a combination of masteries that is sub-par and a real hassle to play, having to quench health pots one or more times for every group of monsters, or doesn't fit my playstyle.

 - With all the gear and changes that have come with ragnarok and subsequent DLCs, it looks like it it just may finally be viable to build a character using rapid health regen as a primary defense when paired with sufficient, but maybe not optimized defense, since health regen when viewed as a defensive stat protects against every single type of damage. One could optimize defenses in addition to health regen if the goal is to be as tanky as possible (grim dawn with all it's similarities to titan quest game mechanics can get insane amounts of regen), which is something i enjoy playing. So, is it viable, and if yes, what mastery combinations should i choose. I'm thinking Nature, Dream, Hunting and probably that new mastery i haven't played yet, Neidan, which has huge flat health regen when under the effects of potions (maybe there is an argument for Defense as well). Most of the regen, i guess, would come from equipment, so what are the key items for a health regen character. Would love some tips, advice and recommended or essential items or maybe a link to a build or guide or something.

That's it, would love some words on these things :D

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Re: Back to TQ - advice and help needed to relearn the game
« Reply #1 on: 14 December 2022, 04:19:35 »
Almost every class is viable, on all diff all the way to Legendary, even with hardcore.

The only time one starts to feel issues is when u set extra goals, here are few examples:

1. massbossex/Xmax 10
2. no potions.
3. all gear/relic etc self found.
4. no vault.

another point to note is that all avoidance/mitigation/res is now capped at 80, & even that is intentionally harder than before.

A nice mitigation build is new neidan+dream, damage absorption based. Add pets & u become untouchable, only time u'll find low DPS to be a problem is when facing more monster mod (massbosses/xmax 10) on weird areas like dragonians or Ragnarok magical monsters with reflect

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Re: Back to TQ - advice and help needed to relearn the game
« Reply #2 on: 27 December 2022, 00:25:23 »
Without going into too much detail, the answer to most of your questions is “Yes, and deliberately so.“

There are elemental conversion items, charms (Eitr) and even a new base game set as of late to allow such characters.
Regeneration was boosted to a level where it matters next to potions and can be built around. Even DoT leech and retaliation are worth another look since the A.E.
Atlantis received rings and necklaces, some of which specifically support element DoT builds and pets. (Generally look there for some stranger items).

Broken defenses were capped (though -90% shield recovery is still very powerful, also a skill for it in Rune) and DA benefits now diminish even before that.

OTOH Eternal Embers added a few rather overtuned items (especially phys res) so near immortality is back on the menu.

The good news is that if things feel too easy you can now add curses in Helos to increase your challenge, or test your character's mettle in the reworked depths of Tartaros, with a chance of finding Tinkerer MIs.


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