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General Discussion / Re: random thoughts
« on: 21 January 2023, 21:52:51 »
i don't know much about bows. but we used to play a lot with pellet guns back in high school. so much that we play war games hitting each other. yes they hurt lol. depending on the distance but usually it still takes me a few tries before i hit even a stationary target. i used to play with makeshift hand to hand weapons to and no way I'm missing even if my target tries to dodge  O0

edit: parry is different though. of course i miss when my opponent parries. but parry is blocking. in this game, you still miss even if the monster isn't wearing a shield or even weapon. you still miss even if they don't do anything

General Discussion / random thoughts
« on: 20 January 2023, 02:31:20 »
bows always hit. they don't rely on dexterity to hit. dexterity means hand-eye coordination. even if you have shitty dex (reduced requirements maybe), bows will always hit

meanwhile, close combat weapons need dexterity to hit. if you have shitty dex, you won't be able to hit in legendary

just what is harder to use in real life? lol. even if you don't have training, you'll still be able to hit what is right next to you with a sword or club. archery on the other hand needs serous training in order to hit your targets. yet in this game, this is the weapon that never misses

i know about crits. i was talking about real life comparisons rather than mechanics

there's a lot of things I've forgotten now but I'm pretty sure this used to be for shields only. having this socketable for torso armor too is big especially for self-found hunter archers. since on a self-found run, rigid carapace is one of the easiest ways to get huge pierce res. but archers don't have that luxury since bow is 2 handed. but now they do if they use it on torso


can now be socketed on torso armor too? not just shields? do you need embers for it?

i wrote this few days ago. just maybe it can serve as guide for some. i don't know. it's a Druid spellcaster

Modifications / Re: Grant skill Dual Wield to Rogue
« on: 20 January 2022, 12:08:08 »
just curious. is it possible to add a dual shield skill to defense? I'm having final fantasy 3 Viking flashbacks here

wtf it rubberbanded. against lamia beastmen in act 4 epic, it lagged it stopped moving for about 2-3 secs, then when it moved again, I'm already dead. TF? maybe it's because of my weak ass 4gb ram

i still think mage sage is a good viable build. now i don't know what i would do. i don't think I'm interested in EE. I'm weak sigh

Modifications / Re: Attempting to add Dual Wield to an ability
« on: 27 December 2021, 10:57:02 »
eh just for clarification

And many people do play a Slayer using dual throwing weapons since Marksmanship will work with those, though the rest of the skill line won't iirc since they affect arrows.

I'm sure you've read that from some comments, which they based on what they read at titanquest.fandom. but they do work with throwing weapons. puncture shot and scatter shot. it's easy to test

and i checked just now, they seemed to have corrected it, if you look at qualifying weapons... finally

it used to say there puncture shot and scatter shot don't work with thrown. they always worked with thrown. it was a mistake that took too long to get corrected.

Hardcore and untwinked mmhmm nomnomnom.. ice shards makes normal soo damn easy.
of course, right after i criticize your build for being too hard, you criticize mine for being too easy. gotcha  :))

sb cuffs farm, not in normal. that bracers' "of the gryphon" suffix

edit: but i see you're doing a guardian. that's doable for sure. but warning, warning, warning (especially for you): that build is so damn slooooow and boring early game

So i entered this in my forgotten untwinked hardcore challenge post, but i just keep forgetting taking screenshots. So i decided i'll just make a WIP thread. these are all the screenshots i managed to take the whole normal. it's just not enough

Spoiler for Hiden:

so i started with squall build. act 2, i merchant farmed for spellbound amulet (or maybe i just found one from random mobs, can't remember). i also got lucky i found touch of the fool. so with golden fleece relic, spellbound amulet, and touch of the fool, i took all my points from squall and switched to icesharder build. i wasn't able to find blue dragon scales though. early act 4, just before maenad archer areas, i got squall again. after finishing atlantis, i went back to act 3 babylonian 2nd portal just to farm for money. the goal was 10m to complete odor(?) key for primrose passage. there i farmed for blackbeards booties. this took 13 runs iirc. frost giants in act 5 i used a blue fire staff. ice shard don't work on them.

after beating Surtr, i still don't have a golden belt. but i thought maybe a crystal tear would be better. so i went back to Typhon to farm for a crystal tear artifact, and my 14th try, it finally dropped. note that i can easily take away Typhon's thorns because of spell breaker.

edit: i also farmed for exotic carapace. i found one with shitty affix +12 to dex. i tried to farm for a better one but after a little more than 100 runs, there's just not anything dropping. I'm planning on limiting my str to 208 end of epic just enough to equip neiths will. so that normal exotic carapace will likely stay the rest of the game. I'm thinking only equipping neiths will after i finish stygian lurker and lampidos potion. so touch of the fool will likely stay at least for the time being, just because i like reduced disruption protection

my character's name is anastasia. anybody who knows the same anastasia i have in mind, knows ice shard will be a core skill of this build  O0 . the build is simple: storm for offense, hunting for defense. that's it. i didn't think of any skill combinations/synergies

edit: i dont have EE DLC just yet.

hehe you're really obsessed with this ;D
it's not that i hate it, but the problem is

hardcore, untwinked.

you have 50% recharge in normal. but can you carry it over to epic, and then to legendary, without sacrificing resists? you don't have items and the fact that it's hardcore limits your farming options. if you're allowed to die a hundred times then it's no problem. but you're not allowed to die even 1 death. you can't farm Typhon however many times you want

but hey if you can do it, that would be amazing. but I'm just saying, if you ask me, get through it first with an easier build


@botebote77 i have that but with storm. Beam should have been a thing from the begining. An alternative to ternion. I love that skill sooo much. Now i am thinking of stealing your combo for an xmax challenge :-?. I think core shuld be enough to keep stuff at bay while i chew them with my staff. As powerful as my prophet is, i don't think it can survive the xmax hordes
thanks you're very welcome but it's not me you're stealing that from. there's been some builds on youtube and icefreeze too has a build like this. i only added tinkerer staff with prometheus + anubis

i added some edits. the cold staff secondary weapon is necessary i feel

boring. yep i understand that. when i first played conqueror, i couldn't continue because it was so boring. all you do is hit hit hit slash slash slash. then when my nephew made one himself, he also stopped because it was so boring.

although with Atlantis, it gives you an alternate build. but i shouldn't tell you that because you'll just make another post titled Pet Conqueror - Almost Permanent  Ancestral Warriors and Phalanx. this kind of build shouldn't be very weird but only if you are playing twinked and you have good items already. yeah but we don't want that

alright so psionic beam evoker. this one you can do self-found.

skills - just start with dream and put 1pt each on the first 2 psionic skills, 1 pt on nightmare and hypnotic gaze, 1pt each on lucid dream skills, 1pt each on distort. also 1pt on earth enchantment. but that's it for earth, so just 2pts on earth. the rest goes to dream mastery. when you reach 40pts dream, max the beam. after maxing beam, only then put points on earth. trance too, i don't think trance helps you much very early game, but around act 3 feels like the time to put 1pt. also the time to put 1pt on mastermind because theoretically, you'll have core dweller right around this time

items - just use the best fire staff you can find early. after beating Typhon and before starting act 4, farm the Gadir merchant again and again until you find a fire tinkerer staff. complete prometheus flame and anubis wrath on the item (not inventory), to get attack speed completion bonus. in act 5, i encourage you to farm for blackbeards booties in primrose. its full of resists and DA you can use it the rest of the game. then farm for primal magma that you will socket on SB cuffs. you might want a hallowed helm, but if you ask me, I'll go for 30% physical res. that would be sthenos wisdom + dionysus wineskin + heat shield.

I've had this rough plan before which i wasn't able to do because i died because I'm stupid:
tinkerer staff with prometheus flame + anubis wrath
sb cuffs with primal magma
sthenos wisdom with pristine plumage bleed
impenetrable armor with pristine plumage bleed
blackbeards booties
golden belt artifact
tinkerer ring with demons blood elem res + dionysus
tinkerer ring with demons blood vit res + monkey kings pierce res
divine/sacred amulet with monkey kings pierce res
(all farmable items, right?)

edit: i was planning to get resistant/insulated of the tinkerer jewelries just for some elem res. just from experience, they're not very hard to find in epic atlantis

note that the standard completion bonus for pristine plumage and monkey kings are bleed res and pierce res, respectively. so even if there's 2 of them each, you don't have to farm again and again to find the right completion bonus

resists will be low positive in legendary, but there's 20% absorption from trance. there's also 30% physical res and the ever reliable tank core dweller

edit: this needs a cold staff secondary weapon for late act 5. Surtr won't be very hard. I've experienced it

yeah. tbh, my impression of your characters... forgive me for criticizing your build ideas/choices, but i don't like them. and that's me trying to sound nice.

like your spirit/warfare almost permanent..... like what is that?  ;D

i understand its fun, but hold off on that. try playing basic builds first like conqueror or warden. i would add my earlier suggestion psionic beam earth with tinkerer staff prometheus flame + anubis wrath and sb cuffs with primal magma to those basic builds as well

if you manage to do it with a basic build, maybe then try your other stuff ideas

from the builds you mentioned, the only build i give a thumbs up to is runesmith. you said it's squishy. check your DA and resists. defense has a skill that raises DA, and rune has a skill that raises vit and bleed res

i had fun with this, from what i remember

oracle lightning dash + pets + spells

but i don't know if it was the most fun I've had

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