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Played the original version a lot, even played it a lot when it come out on Steam.

Now this.
Seems the difficulty got a huge buff this time around because daaamn...

Tried a Conqueror and currently trying an Oracle, both get stuck at the beginning of Act IV
Starts out slow, gets easier and then the difficulty stops being a curve and turns into a wall when I hit Typhon.
I barely make it and then Act IV just destroys me. This is on normal by the way, not Epic or the next one over.

My only journey into epic difficulty in the original game was as a brigand and I simply dodged everything and shot every target full of arrows.
Same with Hades and Typhon. Let off an arrow, dodge projectile, let off an arrow, etc.
Doubt that would work now and it probably wasn't the best strat anyway.

I've played this game a hell of a lot but I wouldn't say I'm amazing or anything (far from it)

Anniverary Edition kicking my ass, unsure if I'll ever play the new dlc.
I'd rather not start a new character and jump straight to it either.

I do enjoy all the new stuff to the base game though like the hero monsters that are always in certain locations.
Just wish normal didn't feel like epic.

New Members Introduction / Hello
« on: 11 April 2018, 19:20:59 »
Returning from the old forums, it's been a while.
Didn't even know what happened to the old one until I decided to check it out again.

Glad there's a new one.
Probably nobody from the old forums remembers me, wasn't that active.

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