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Problem in translating the game into an additional language
« on: 06 January 2022, 18:28:51 »
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Hi! This is my first post! It's nice to meet you all, guys, and introduce myself to the community :)! I'm a Spanish player, Laiesken :D.

I got a problem because I don't really know how to advance from the point I'm in.

The thing is, I'd like to translate the game into Catalan, but I'm struggling with the more "programming" stuff of the process XD.

First I'll explain what I did:

-I subscribed to the Turkish Translation mod in Steam Workshop and studied the folder structure in the steam folder in which TQ: AE is. Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/475150/1986857390/TqTurkce.

-I copied the whole TqTurkce folder and renamed it; also, in TqTurkce/resources/modinfo I changed the name to "Català", I also changed the encoding from UTF-8 to UTF-16 LE (which is the encoding used by the text files the game is written in, besides, apparently UTF-8 didn't show the à character in-game, while UTF-16 LE did).

-I decompressed the English text files from their .arc container, in a copy of the game folder I made. I changed menu.txt.

-Then did all the steps with ArtManager (added a "Catalan" folder to the other three folders in "Working/MyMod/source" and added all text files of the English version, including the translated menu.txt; then I created assets from every text file; after that I created a database (empty) .arz; and I finally hit "Build" and created the .arc file with all text files inside (I tried to do so with ARCEncryptor, but it put all text files in a folder it created, and that made the translation don't work in-game "tagMenu01" and such).

-After that I replicated the TqTurkce folders structure, substituting the .arz, .arc, .txt and assets .txt with the ones generated with Art Manager. I also changed modinfo contents to make the game read Catalan.arc.

-The thing is, some text appears in Catalan, but other text (like help pop-ups in the options menu) is still in English. I checked the files and even decompressed the .arc file again to check menu.txt and... surprise! It was all in Catalan.

-I was at a complete loss. So I repeated the process, to be sure I hadn't screwed up or something. The same result.

-Then I tried doing it basing the translation on the Spanish txt files but... well, same parts were translated to Catalan, but options help pop-ups appeared in Spansih, not Catalan, as in the .arc.

-I also thought it might be a problem with the string length. So I tried writing (in the version based off the English one) after tagGameplayDesc06 exactly sixty characters (sixty x's), which is the length of that string in the English version of the file. Still, the help pop-up appeared in English and not with the x's. It's like the original version of the files was overriding the modified version in some strings, even though the original version appeared nowhere on the modified workshop/GAMEID/MODID/MODNAME folder.

-So as you see I've tried lots of stuff to make everything appear translated, but with no success. I'm at a loss. The thing is, I think I did most of the process right because some strings do appear translated in-game, but I feel like I'm missing stuff I don't know about.

So after struggling like crazy to do it alone, I'm coming here to ask for your help.

Also, is there any other way to add a new language to the game? Besides the Workshop and all the .arc and assets stuff, I mean.

And it would be great if someone could shed some light on how to translate the game and make it appear in-game.

Any insight or comment will be really appreciated!

That said, happy 2022, and let's hope it goes better than the two last years >V<!

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Re: Problem in translating the game into an additional language
« Reply #1 on: 07 January 2022, 00:39:09 »
Happy New Year and welcome to the forum  ^-^
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