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Removing the randomness
« on: 01 January 2022, 21:50:54 »
How tedious/difficult is it to remove the randomness to stats on items, as far as the ranges the roll?  I.e. an item can spawn with, say, 5-10 Intelligence.  What needs to be done so everything spawns with max rolls?  I did a mod like this for D2R, just wondering if it's possible in this game.  I've upped the difficulty in my mod in such a way that every little bit will help keep me alive lol.

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Re: Removing the randomness
« Reply #1 on: 02 January 2022, 16:39:43 »
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What u need is to reduce the jitter to the least allowed for that stat attribute. There's a mod out there which ups it to 50% instead of usual 20% so if u r willing to spend eternity rolling for a good seed, u can theoretically get some stat upped +50%, same goes for lower range jitter too.

Also, not every stat/attribute on an item has same jitter range, e.g. look at a hallowed helm in vault, the +1 skill has NO jitter, the vitality res has a large jitter & health regen has only 2 available values, so u may want to move some or all values important to u into NO jitter array.
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