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Forum News and Info / Discord Problem May 2020
« on: 29 May 2020, 00:28:57 »
I won't open a thread for what follows.
So Efko you may want to put this malware alert for discord users, in another place.

Earlier this week, a threat actor released a modified AnarchyGrabber trojan that contains new and powerful features.

The malware is now called AnarchyGrabber3, and with this new variant, an attacker can also steal a victim's plain text password and command an infected client to spread malware to a victim's friends on Discord.

By stealing plain text passwords, the attackers can use them in credential stuffing attacks to compromise the victim's accounts at other sites.


Discord users should be careful until an updated version is available.

Gaming / A counter-intuitive finding from neurobiologists
« on: 30 May 2019, 19:13:44 »
Like most people i believed that playing video games was not the best way to train the brain.

It's time to resume training with Atlantis  ;D

Guides AE / DW Spellbreaker - Hardcore and Farming setups
« on: 24 February 2019, 02:21:15 »

This guide give some clues for building a dual-wield spellbreaker with permanent battle standard. It is intended for farming or hardcore playstyles.
The build relies on a balance between offensive power from warfare and defensive aura from spirit mastery.

dynamical playstyle that pushes forward
feeling of still gaining power after lvl 70
quick farmer when perma battle standard and ultimate core skill levels are achieved

DW tree takes time to shine, not before lvl40
lost of deathchill aura is one step towards death. It's wise to keep an eye on it (Mimer's maze, gilded mages)
gear intensive but not unachievable

Skills at lvl 80 - Warfare mastery

Core skill trees are Battle standard, Onslaught and  Dual-Wield.
Why no points in war horn tree ? it's a great skill when playing self-found but unnecessary with good gear. 1 pt can be handy for leveling though, depends mosty on gameplay style preferences.
Note that casting war horn is a waste of time when you can cast battle standard instead. Moreover, warwind strike is efficient if monsters are all around close to you, not scattered around by doom horn.

Spoiler for Hiden:
The value refers to max (respectively ultimate) level of the skill.
  • Weapon training: brings 222 (350) OA and 16% (25%) Attack speed.
  • Dual wield tree: allows 52% (75%) chances to hit with 2 weapons at once, AOE 2 to 3 targets and +50% physical damage sometimes.
  • Battle rage tree: triggered (8% chances) when hitted by ennemies with a cooldown of 12s for 10s. Gives a huge physical bonus and works as Ares' wrath, making this passive skill great for killing speed.
  • Battle standard tree: +88 (120) flat OA and +166 (274) physical damage per hit to any weapon, either low of very fast.
  • Onslaught tree: +52% (76%) physical dmg at full charge, and +16% (25%) Attacl speed if at least one charge is present.
  • War wind tree: +21% (49%) physical damage, AOE up to 7 (9) targets, and some bleeding damage.
  • Ancestral Horn: summons 5 ancestral warriors for a 24s duration. Each one deals 130 to 174 dmg (157 to 215).
  • Dodge Attacks: 21% (30%) chances to dodge attacks.
  • Battle standard tree: 36% (45%) damage absorption.
  • Onslaught tree: 15% (20%) physical and pierce resistances.
  • Battle standard tree: -40% (60%) damage,-40% (60%) physical resistance within 12m radius.
  • Onslaught tree: -28% (44%) DA, 56 (90) reduced armor and -35% (55%) mov speed, at full charge.

  • Battle standard tree: +1 to all skills, and -50% Energy cost.
  • Onslaught tree: +16% (25%) movement speed if at least one charge is present.
  • War wind tree: +300% movement speed.

Skills at lvl 80 - Spirit mastery

Core skill trees are Deathchill aura and Dark covenant. The aura allows the spellbreaker to make the best use of warfare offense without the need of a shield. The liche king, although cosmetic with few points, is handy for pulling from time to time, and for its soul blight ability.

Spoiler for Hiden:
  • Summon outsider/liche king: basic attack and 33% reduction to ennemy's health.
  • Dark covenant tree: +50% (75%) dmg for a 21s (30s) duration.
  • Spirit ward tree: +65% (119%) dmg to undead, + 46 (70) dmg to undead.
  • Spirit ward tree: 45% (62%) less dmg from undead within 6m radius.
  • Deatchill aura tree: -25% (33%) total speed, 36% (45%) reduced dmg, -36% (45%) armor absorption, -81% (119%) LL/bleeding/vitality resistances within 3.7m (4.5m) radius.
  • summon liche king: Soul blight ability allows -15% (30%) reduced resistances for 8s within 6m radius.
  • Death ward: activates when health drops below 15%. 680 (990) HP restored and 77% (94%) dmg absorption for 3s.
  • Dark covenant tree: +10% total speed, 21 (30) energy regeneration/s for a 21s (30s) duration.

The aim is to keep a balance between offensive power and means of protection. Although really tempting for AOE, leveling warwind early isn't a good idea.
WW energy requirements imply leveling dark covenant in parallel, and other priorities are better. Some AOE ability is allowed anyway with the DW tree. 
L 1 - 30: onslaught tree, Ravages of time
L30 - 50: DW tree, battle standard, weapon training
L50 - 70: Dark covenant + WW tree (energy), dodge attacks, deatchill aura, spirit ward tree
L70+: Ancestral horn, death ward (if hardcore), battle rage finally for big numbers in farming gear.

Hardcore setup
A permanent Battle standard is a game breaker, so all gear efforts have to focus on CDR. Talisman of the Jade emperor seems the best artifact with its -25% recharge. Actually hardcore mode is much more easier with 3 other artifacts: Sigil of the bast, silver heart and golden belt, depending on the zone. Finally, from skill analysis, it appears, like for most classes, that core skills benefit greatly from ultimate skill level. Battle standard brings +1 skill, so +3 have to be found on gear. Therefore hardcore gear setup has to be found under 3 constraints:
  • 80% CDR without Talisman of the Jade emperor
  • +3 skills on gear
  • all resistances positive, when possible >50%, in particular 80% stun resistance is required
It's like squarring the circle. Here is one setup, the 80% CDR come from Tracker's hood, Brinsingamen and Ring of the three:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Ritual cleaver x2: 40% physical dmg x2, adcth, elemental and vitaly dmg resistances, attack speed
Ring of the Three: -12% recharge, vitality dmg resistance
Star of Elysium: 700 health, 15% physical dmg, pierce and poison resistances
Brinsingamen: +2 to skills, -27% recharge, 10% physical resistance
Tracker's Hood: -42% recharge
Mantle of Sa'jun: low armor value but lots of resistances
Gauntlets of the Necrolord: +1 skills, 12% attack speed, lots of resistances
Trollwrestler Greaves: 23% strength, 37% mov speed, lots of resistances
Sigil of the Bast: 100 less dmg from beasts and beastmen
or Silver Heart: 100 less dmg from undead and demons
or Golden Belt: 80 less dmg from giants

Why 80% CDR and not 70%, wouldn't be easier ?
Because 70% means a battle standard each 18s whereas 80% reduces the cooldown to 12s. This is the difference between a jerky and a flowing style since in hardcore, the spellbreaker has to fight under the dmg absorption zone from battle standard.

Farming setup:
In that case, talisman of the jade emperor can be used, which simplifies gear requirements. Also, less constraints on resistances allow to wear good green weapons to improve dps. Note that a lot of tries are necessary to seek the best combination for its own playstyle and a good killing speed. Here is one setup among others:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Tyrant's Aesir War Club of Havoc socketed with Anubis' wrath: 43% physical dmg, 26% total dmg, 12% adcth, 35 attack speed
Blacksteel Executionner socketed with Anubis' wrath: 265 reduced armor, 25% chances of 37RR, 12% adcth, 35 attack speed
Mark of Ares: 10% chances of +497% physical dmg
Star of Elysium: 700 health, 15% physical dmg, pierce and poison resistances
Brinsingamen: +2 to skills, -27% recharge, 10% physical resistance
Tracker's Hood: -42% recharge
Mantle of Sa'jun: low armor value but lots of resistances
Gauntlets of the Necrolord: +1 skills, 12% attack speed, lots of resistances
Hervor's Fine Steel: 17% physical resistance, 235 DA, vitality dmg resistance, 20% less from undead
Talisman of the Jade Emperor: -25% recharge, 50% elemental resistance

Farming setup: Battle standard + Dark covenant boosts
At full charge, attack speed cap is nearly achieved.
Spoiler for Hiden:

In this video, the same farming gear is used, except for Hades and Loki encounters that require a fine tuning. Some of the items are taken from immunity thread.

Edit: a few corrections.

Runemaster AE / In the electric mist - Journal of a thunderer
« on: 16 February 2019, 01:57:24 »
A few months ago, i tried to build a thunderer but it appears soon to be so squishy that i stopped the char. Now with better gear, i make another try in Xmax.

The main objective is to push as far as possible the thunderer main skill: rune weapon. When fully charged at max level, rune weapon increases intelligence by 100%, and 140% at ultimate level, asides from raising elemental damages. Therefore skill rotation implies first rune weapon (with melee or ranged weapon) to gain charges and either a high damaging spell like ligthning bolt, either thunderstrike for discharge.

A high dps should be obtained if the maximum attribute points can be afforded in intelligence for a big boost and no points in strength. 

This tactics implies fighting at close or medium range with a char of terrible health pool. On the other hand, the thunderer has a few means of protection:
- squall
- menhir wall
- energy armor
- sacred rage
- energy shield

But it is unlikely sufficient in Xmax.

So, the first stage consists in leveling up to L55, fighting from afar with iceshards and wearing the best green armor possible.
At L55, the char will be able to wear one of the two sets for mages: Wodan or Freyja's set. Unfortunately Wodan's set is bugged.
At this level, it will be the time to engage with rune weapon skill as a booster for lightening bolt.

This journal will keep track of leveling, difficulties and progress. The char is not expected to survive along the whole journey.
But relative success will be achieved if at the end of legendary, the thunderer will not be a glass-canon mage.

Up to now Tokamak is a young thunderer level 10, ending its first encounter Nessus:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Some of us have reported bugs here and there. Since a new patch is under development, a thread gathering bug reports may be useful (with the hope that TQ devs read this forum).
I will update the list as soon as you feed it.

  • King Gylfi: the power of Nerthus relic is the same in normal/epic/legendary modes.
  • Giesel quest: before completing the quest, it says you get a relic reward. But when you complete you just get gold and exp
  • The burning sword (Mimer): reward blank message
  • After the fight against gods in Asgard, if you don’t speak immediately with Wodan (and prefer going to chests, or marchants, or other NPC…), Wodan and Loki disappear after a while.

  • Spirit mastery: Enslave spirit is unusable in legendary since Ragnarok expansion, monsters have more than 5 levels above the char.
  • Granted skills from ragnarok have no description.

  • Staff of the chosen: a normal version of the staff is dropped in legendary.
  • Wandsworth shield: has a grant skill according to the tooltip, but none is available.
  • Fafnir's teeth: bone splinters does nothing
  • Dvalinns simulacrum: teleport to town, then go back to it's corpse trick
  • MI Icescale armor: it doesn't drop in legendary
  • Boots of valkyrie: bonus of normal version is higher than legendary's
  • Sword in the stone and hati: still don't drop
  • incorrect icon for Staff of The Deep MI
  • Bear rider MIs: have no bonus whatsoever
  • Wild Hunt: has a blank Grants Skill.
  • Troll's Branch: missing from troll mages
  • MI Dvergr Runestones: missing from Skeletal Dvergr ~ Bolters
  • Wodan set: the bonus armor set is not taken into account into the combined armor value (pics).
  • Outrider’s Tunic and Skullcap (MI) have Str and Dex requirements on normal but Str only on epic and legendary.
  • Karra’s Stirrer and Staff of Njord (epic staves) grant skills don't work.
  • Einherjar's fate: Reckless offense doesn't proc

Design flaws
  • Shade set: the bonus set 6/7 is impossible to achieve (bow/shield/staff).
  • In Ragnarök, all "normal" (not MI nor uniques) melee armor items have nearly the same Str requirements and armor values, for the heavy ones and the light ones
  • Ragnarök MI shields have weapon affixes, not shield one
  • All MIs, epic and legendary Ragnarök shields deal  burn damage
  • Some rare affixes with OA bonuses still roll on ranged weapons (which is useless)
  • Corselet of Freyja (+100% DA) and Giant's Tooth (+80% str, +40% physical dmg), compared to other items of same level, are OP.

  • Invisible Blocked object in the road down from mountain( or up) like the road run to Surtr place
  • Feiyan's missing though she's shown on the min-map (pic)
  • Missing place name in mini map, after relog (pic)
  • Missing Temple near the actor in Delphi for non-ragnarok users
  • visual bug: Just ran into it again in the Catacombs (pic)
  • visual bug: video late act III
  • attacking through the wall: video late act III
  • There is a little glitch at the door between Gladsheim and Vallhöll, near the Asgard portal.

  • In the InitialEquipment\Misc section. The blooddragon charm seems to drop only the Legendary charm and not a loot table with all three difficulties.
  • The cold min value in the item base damage is entered in the "offensiveBaseColdChance" instead of the "offensiveBaseColdMin" slot.
  • some bosses essences are named as Mykical essence ? shouldnt be Mystical ?
  • Typos in french localization : the tooltips for Donar's might and Yen Lo Wang's relics says "enchante toutes les armures", which means "enhance all armor".
  • Items that don't drop properly (you can see them vibrating on the ground until you wait a minute and they finally settle).
  • Pets that can detect underground enemies, creating a problem with them attacking the above-ground enemies.
  • A complete look around on throw weapons drop rates would be good. The reason is, it drops aways to often, always the same weapons all over the place.


Farming Runs / Act V - 200 farming runs
« on: 29 January 2019, 21:46:25 »
After some farming runs on Typhon and TQ-Database inspection, it appears that high-end Ragnarok stuff is dropped only in act V, with the exception of throwing weapons.
As Botebote77 showed in this thread:, Surtr drop rate is rather low compared to Typhon.
Therefore, it is interesting to search for alternative runs.

Here is a compilation of notes taken over several weeks, about short farming sessions (30 to 45 mins per 20 runs) in act V made with a diviner.
Following Botebote77, all in Legenday with exit to desktop after each 10 runs.
(R) denotes Ragnarok items, F: a formula, and only legendary dragon blood charms are reported.

King Goldtooth

run  1 - one green
run  2 - Touch of Nyx (R)
run  3 - 0
run  4 - one green
run  5 - Archmage's Mantle, two greens
run  6 - two greens
run  7 - one green
run  8 - 0
run  9 - four greens
run 10 - one green
run 11 - 0
run 12 - Fingerbone of Boreas, F: Ethereal Veil
run 13 - two greens
run 14 - 0
run 15 - F: Apples of Idun (R), two greens
run 16 - Polydegmon
run 17 - three greens
run 18 - one green
run 19 - one green
run 20 - 0

Fafnir - Transformed Dvergr
run  1 - Andvaranaut (R), one green
run  2 - one green
run  3 - 0
run  4 - F: Gambanteinn (R), legendary Dragon Blood
run  5 - Helm of Darkness
run  6 - 0
run  7 - two greens
run  8 - 0
run  9 - 0
run 10 - Plouton's Cornucopia
run 11 - 0
run 12 - Wings of Carnus, one green
run 13 - one green, legendary Dragon Blood
run 14 - 0
run 15 - Fist of the Fiery Legion
run 16 - Gusir's Gifts (R), one green
run 17 - Hermes' Winged Helm
run 18 - one green
run 19 - 0
run 20 - one green

Hildisvini - Golden boar
run  1 - one green
run  2 - one green
run  3 - Nemesis' Recurve
run  4 - 0
run  5 - one green
run  6 - one green
run  7 - Mark of Ares
run  8 - F: Apples of Idun (R)
run  9 - 0
run 10 - 0
run 11 - Touch of Nyx (R)
run 12 - one green
run 13 - one green
run 14 - 0
run 15 - one green
run 16 - 0
run 17 - 0
run 18 - 0
run 19 - 0
run 20 - two greens

Austri and Nar - Dvergr Overlords
run  1 - three greens
run  2 - 0
run  3 - Band of Souls, MI Dvergr-Forged Edge Mace (R), two greens
run  4 - MI Dvergr-Forged Battle Axe (R), one green
run  5 - two greens
run  6 - one green
run  7 - MI Dvergr-Forged Battle Axe (R)
run  8 - Plouton's Crown, one green
run  9 - MI Prospector Rod (R), one green
run 10 - Hector's Shimmering Shield, two greens
run 11 - MI Prospector Rod (R)
run 12 - MI Dvergr-Forged Edge Mace (R), two greens
run 13 - two greens
run 14 - 0
run 15 - 0
run 16 - one green
run 17 - one green
run 18 - MI Prospector Rod (R), two greens
run 19 - F: Ikon of Zeus, MI Prospector Rod (R), MI Dvergr-Forged Edge Mace (R), one green
run 20 - MI Master Seer Robe (R), two greens

Thrym - King of Jotunheim
run  1 - F: Ikon of Zeus
run  2 - 0
run  3 - one green
run  4 - one green
run  5 - 0
run  6 - Wings of Carnus
run  7 - two greens
run  8 - 0
run  9 - Plouton's Bracelet
run 10 - 0
run 11 - one green
run 12 - The Glory of Belenus (R)
run 13 - The Earth-Shaker
run 14 - two greens
run 15 - Tracker's Leg Guard
run 16 - 0
run 17 - 0
run 18 - F: Marduk's Tablet of Destiny
run 19 - one green
run 20 - Drakaina, one green

Mimer - Keeper of Knowledge

run  1 - one green
run  2 - Plate of Toutatis (R)
run  3 - two greens
run  4 - 0
run  5 - 0
run  6 - 0
run  7 - one green
run  8 - two greens
run  9 - 0
run 10 - 0
run 11 - F: Gambanteinn (R), one green
run 12 - 0
run 13 - one green
run 14 - 0
run 15 - 0
run 16 - one green
run 17 - Night-terror Wraps, one green
run 18 - 0
run 19 - Eye of Reveries
run 20 - 0

Nidhoggr - Tormentor of the Dead

run  1 - Blessing of the Moirae (R)
run  2 - The Celtic Hounds (R)
run  3 - 0
run  4 - one green
run  5 - legendary Dragon Blood
run  6 - legendary Dragon Blood
run  7 - one green
run  8 - Tracker's Hood, one green
run  9 - 0
run 10 - 0
run 11 - 0
run 12 - Ancile
run 13 - legendary Dragon Blood
run 14 - Blessing of the Moirae (R), Hades' Aspis
run 15 - legendary Dragon Blood
run 16 - F: Eye of Ra
run 17 - two greens
run 18 - legendary Dragon Blood, one green
run 19 - one green
run 20 - Golden Shield of Pelaron, one green

When theorycrafting a build for a mage (ternion or caster), the 1st question to answer is:

Do I spend attribute points on strength and how much ?
  • Yes, this is an hybrid mage: a caster with a warrior armor ! 500+ strength is needed to wear high armor   
  • No, all the points in intelligence for a big pool ! Minimum points in str and dex to wear mage armor
Maybe there is a 3rd way, somewhat exotic...

This possibility arised in this thread initiated by @botebote77, with the existence of the MI master seer robe:

This high armor (int required) is dropped by the Overlords. It's an important piece of armor since 40% of the melee damage input is reduced by the value of amor on chest. Ideally, the best MI or green armor is veteran like: that is with physical resistance, %DA and %CTAP. But the veteran prefix is not allowed for a mage according to TQ-DB:

Actually the master seer is so weird that it seems to be a high-end warrior armor but with int requirement. This was confirmed by farming the overlords and checking the ground: one can find similar white and yellow dvergr robes ! here is a example of a green version: a resistant dvergr robe of the glade:

And finally, with a little more patient farming, this gives what was expected:

A veteran high armor for a mage, woooot   ;D

The ideal armor indeed would be a veteran master seer, it should be possible on the paper but i never seen any.

On the other hand this one (lvl 11) is handy for leveling early:

Loaded with some -%reduction requirements on gear, a toon could wear this armor as soon as lvl 20 i guess and this means an easy leveling up to legendary.

Finally, the same trick should be possible on the valkyrie boots (as noticed by @mammoth_hunter)

Note that this gear is not supposed to compete with Ragnarok high-end gear, but as far as i am concerned, my toons spend more time in leveling  ;)

Minolords are known to be toon killers in Xmax challenge. Their high attack speed and dps, added to their harmstring ability that breaks down your DA and their ability to slow down your movement speed make them a nightmare for any hardcore challenger in legendary.

Minolords are not known to be tankable for these reasons. Therefore, the usual way to handle with them is a cheesy way: get a pet (or a bow) and pull one Minolord while staying at the gate. In case of a bad pull, you only have to retreat and the doors are closed. If the pull is ok, cross the fingers and hope that you kill the minolord before he kills you.

Therefore, i created what i hoped the most tanky toon: a runesmith and searched a way to handle with them (and also with my nightmare Barmanu). The aim was to reduce their damage output so that the toon could kill the 3 in colossus form.

The first step was to check, without Xmax,  their damage output with the tip of floating numbers. In order to know this number, i took the shield 'Glory of Belenus' which gives 25% chances of 100% damage reflected. Therefore i could see, by the reflected number, the real damage number 1 time over 4. The damage output appeared to be around 1000 for a normal hit and 2000 for a critical hit (Actually the critical hit can raise up to 3000 when the 3 minolords are in the place...):
Spoiler for Hiden:

The gear setup at that moment was nearly good but there was still a damage input on the toon. Therefore i tested the artefact 'Sigil of bast' and was disbelieving with the result: the toon became immune to the minolord  :o

I then tested the whole gear setup in Xmax with the finger on keypad ready to call Colossus form (but never had to):

Spoiler for Hiden:

Yeahaaaah  >:D

So here is the gear setup:

- Odysseus ' armor: 35% less from beastmen
- 3 pieces of Veteran's armor socketed with Cernunmos' majesty (33% physical resistance and 45% less from beastmen)
- 2 rings of Gladiator's creed: 20% physical resistance
- Torc of the ancestors of the wilds: 11% physical resistance
- Sigil of Bast: -100 damage from beastmen

This gives 80% less from beastmen, 64% physical resistance and -100 less from bestmen.

Here is the calculation i made to understand how it can work, i may be wrong though:

The mean armor value for the runesmith, with armor protection) is 750 to be conservative with this setup and the amor absorption is 80% (66% 'x' 22%).
2000 on critical hit - 750 * 0.80 = 1400 from armor protection and absorption
1400 * ( 1-0.8 ) = 280 from %less to bestmen
280* ( 1-0.64 ) = 101 from physical resistance
101 - 100 (Sigil of bast)= Immune !

This gear setup although uncommon, is not rare. Any veteran that has finished legendary act 5 may have some veteran gear in his vault (no need here to have a very rare suffix on veteran prefix).

Can a mage toon be immune to minolords ? i guess yes. But he should  push on the physical resistance up to 80%  ;)

Edit: Spoilers added for fluidity

Farming Runs / [Merchant run] MI Shield of the restless king
« on: 23 November 2018, 23:17:48 »
Do you remember the side quest about the stubborn merchant brothers in Kaupangr ?

You made the right choice, sure ?
Spoiler for Hiden:
Because if you favored Tryggbord against Ulfgrim, you will be lucky, say one time over 3, with a MI shield of the restless king which is not bad at all.
A fontain is next the shop, so you can make quick runs and maybe find a MI-shield on sale with good perks:

With a turtle shell socketed, you can reach the 80% chances to block cap and the 90% recovery rate cap if you play a defender or a runemaster.
You may find a better shield indeed, but this one is effortless  ;)

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / The Chakram set
« on: 24 February 2018, 01:02:42 »

The set is composed of 2 throwing weapons:

Curiously , these chakrams are not referred in TQDB as parts of a set. The 2 weapons, individually, have already nice stats, and ingame the bonus set is a huge +40% Total damage.
One is designated towards earth , the other towards dream with +2 skills in each mastery. Indeed if you want to make the best of the set as an evoker (earth+dream), you can't equip the 2 weapons...

Therefore, either the set is badly designed (i don't want to believe it), either the designers are kidding with us  ::)

Since TQ-AE, there is much more items which give a granted skill, most of them i've seen are active skills (triggered on attack). So my question is: do you have ever seen an item that grants you a dual-wielding skill ? in that case the Chakram set could be fully used by an evoker.

If not, one mastery needs to be warfare or rune; what other mastery would you take for the best use of the set ?

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